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Breathtaking travel photos of Dubai

Dubai Rolling Out Joi Pearson Photography -10

Imagine scrolling down your Instagram feed, coming across an image so breathtaking you want to book a flight now?  That is what this image of Dubai did for me. Dubai is the most populous of the seven emirates comprising United Arab Emirates. Many celebrities go there to vacation, like Will Smith and Maxwell whom were both recently there celebrating Tyrese’s birthday with him.

When in Dubai do as the Emiratis do.  Dubai enforces many rules that occasionally get western visitors, not familiar with the local customs or culture, into trouble. Homosexuality is illegal and kissing in public is also inappropriate. Additionally, visitors are also required to obey Muslim religious restrictions even if they are not Muslim. This includes no eating nor drinking in public places in the daytime during Ramadan fasting or consuming alcohol anywhere besides some licensed venues.

Also, wearing a bikini, swimming suit or swimming trunks are only permitted on beaches, and it is illegal to go topless or wear a thong. Wearing swimsuits away from the beach may get you arrested under public decency laws.

Check out more amazing photos of Dubai in the gallery. –Joi Pearson

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