Black Muslim celebrities who are observing the holy month of Ramadan

Muslims around the world are currently fasting from sunup to sundown in observance of Ramadan, which began Sunday, May 5, and continues through Tuesday, June 4. During daylight hours, Muslims will abstain from consuming food and drink, engaging in sexual activity, and all forms of immoral behavior, including impure or unkind thoughts. In honor of […]

Islam and country music are perfect match for musician Liz Toussaint

Liz Toussaint is an amazingly talented musician who is cut from a different cloth. At first glance, you may expect the vocals of your favorite R&B songstress to come from her. That is not the case. Toussaint has her own sound. She is heavily influenced by her upbringing and country music. We spoke with Toussaint about […]

Update: Racist who pointed gun at Black kids arrested

There is an update on the story of the group of Black teens who had a gun pulled on them by a racist man at McDonald’s. Last week, rolling out reported on the case of the teens who were trying to pay for their food at a McDonald’s franchise located near Minneapolis. An unidentified White […]

Racist pulls gun on Black teens for taking too long at McDonald’s (video)

A trip to McDonald’s for a group of Black teens almost resulted in a shooting by a White man spewing racist insults. It all happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when the group of teens were trying to pay for their food using the phone app Applepay. An unidentified White male became frustrated by the group for […]

Author Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins shares the Black Muslim experience

Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins, author, entrepreneur, muslim, change agent

Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins is an American author, speaker and business consultant who was voted to the Nur 25 list of Muslims who are breaking barriers by the Huffington Post. Although her professional experiences are heavily concentrated in the areas of branding, self-publishing, and marketing, Muhammad-Diggins is also helping families increase their active and passive income through […]

Marine Corps drill instructor convicted of hazing Muslim recruits

The indoctrination and training of Marine Corps recruits is legendary for its toughness and effectiveness in making the best. But what Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Felix did to three Muslim American recruits was sadistic and evil and now he will pay the price. Sgt. Felix was found guilty by a court-martial of hazing and maltreatment of […]

Blue Lives Matter doesn’t count if you’re a Muslim immigrant cop

The recent shooting of an unarmed White woman named Justine Damond by a Black cop and Somali immigrant, Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, has exposed the hypocrisy of the Blue Lives Matter movement. Noor and his partner were responding to a 911 call from Damond in which she heard a “woman having sex or getting […]

Ramadan and Black celebrities who follow Islam

Muslims around the world will fast from sunup to sundown every day for an entire month in observance of Ramadan. In honor of the Islamic month, we highlight several Black celebrities who practice the Muslim faith. Hit the flip for more.

Twitter reacts to Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad

Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial is an insult to anyone who’s been marching and fighting for injustice — mar (@poeticsNormani) April 5, 2017 A new Pepsi ad that premiered yesterday online has many people scratching their heads and others angry. The ad features Kendall Jenner, daughter of transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner, in the midst of […]

Was a promising Black Muslim teen lynched in Seattle?

By all accounts, Ben Keita, 18, had a bright future ahead of him and promises of college. That ended last November when he went missing and his semi-frozen body was later found hanging from a high tree branch in Seattle, Washington. His death was ruled a suicide but now has been changed to undetermined as […]

1st week of presidency may lead to impeachment for Trump

The frightening lessons being quickly learned during the first 10 days of Trump’s presidency continue unabated. There are numerous voices calling for his impeachment and online petitions are growing every day. However, hating his policies is not enough to get Trump removed from office he must be in violation of the Constitution of the United […]

Trump order on immigration suffers defeat in federal court  

President Donald Trump this week issued an unprecedented executive order on immigration that has had global impact. Trump’s order barred entry of all refugees to the United States for 120 days, barred Syrian refugees indefinitely, and blocked entry into the United States for 90 days for citizens of seven mostly Muslim countries. The countries affected […]

Details about Keith Ellison, congressman highly touted to be next DNC chairman

Vermont senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is campaigning for Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison to lead the Democratic National Committee. A new strategy for the Dems is greatly needed since the Republican Party swept the executive and legislative branches of government: White House, Senate and House of Representatives. Thus, the DNC chair will be […]

Update: Orlando gay nightclub mass shooting called ‘domestic terror’

The city of Orlando is in shock after what is being called the worst mass shooting in US history. Police stated today that around 2:00 a.m., Sunday morning a man walked into the Pulse Orlando gay night club armed with a handgun and assault rifle and opened fire on patrons. Witnesses reported a chaotic scene […]

Min. Farrakhan and Muhammad Ali’s brotherhood shows at final prayers

If you talk to older members of the Nation of Islam, you might hear them referring to the “First Resurrection.” This is the time period when Elijah Muhammad was alive and actively building the Nation of Islam in the United States. These were members of the Nation who personally knew and witnessed Muhammad and his teachings […]

Muhammad Ali paved the way for Black Muslims in sports

Muhammad Ali

As we all look back on the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali, it is easy to overlook the impact he had on sports and religion. Prior to Ali becoming the world heavyweight boxing champion after the defeat of Sonny Liston on Feb. 25, 1964, the vast majority of athletes identified with the Christian and […]

Muhammad Ali takes a swing at Donald Trump

The recent announcement by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump against Muslims entering the United States has caused one notable celebrity to speak out. Boxing legend and humanitarian Muhammad Ali has spoken out against Trump’s bigoted rhetoric. Ali became perhaps the most famous Muslim in America when he changed his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad […]

Watch: Donald Trump sounds like TV bigot Archie Bunker on gun control

[jwplatform Erf3MU54] In the 197’s, the TV show “All In the Family” was a national hit. It told the story of a working-class, lovable bigot named Archie Bunker, played by actor Carroll O’Connor. Bunker’s view on America, politics, gays, Hispanics, Blacks, Jews and life were laughable 44 years ago. But today it’s close to the same […]