Civil rights leader Tyrone Brooks sentenced to prison

Tyrone Brooks

Civil rights leader and former Georgia State Rep. Tyrone Brooks will have to serve time in prison. According to reports by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Brooks was sentenced after being found guilty of tax, mail and wire fraud. Brooks, 70, resigned from office after 35 years once it was discovered that he diverted close to $1 […]

Civil rights warrior Tyrone Brooks faces federal jail time

Tyrone Brooks

Former Georgia state Rep. Tyrone Brooks, 70, has been a stalwart warrior on the battlefield for civil rights since the early 1960s. He was a trusted youth leader and foot soldier for Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Brooks has received death threats from the Georgia KKK throughout his life because of his activities. Now Brooks […]

Moore’s Ford Bridge mass lynching was start of Civil Rights Movement

There are many counties and towns in Georgia that bear the name of former slave masters and hold horrific secrets of lynching. One such town is Monroe, Georgia, located in Walton County, only 60 miles from downtown Atlanta. This tiny town with a population of around 14,000 received national attention for a lynching of two black […]

Killer Mike explains failed campaign to win political seat

While it sounded good in theory, Atlanta based rapper Killer Mike’s (almost) bid for seat in the Georgia House of Representatives never quite got off the ground. A day after announcing via his Instagram account that he wanted voters to write-in his name on the ballot to replace the disgraced Tyrone Brooks as representative of Georgia’s […]

Killer Mike wants to serve in Georgia’s House of Representatives

Having long been one of the more conscious and politically aware emcees in the game, Killer Mike has decided to take his message a step further than the music he’s known for. On Monday, June 15, the rapping half of the heralded Run The Jewels duo announced via Instagram that he’s running as a write-in candidate for […]

Georgia state Rep. Tyrone Brooks resigns

Georgia state Rep. Tyrone Brooks was indicted by a grand jury for misappropriating $1 million in charitable funds. He’s scheduled to appear in federal court on Thursday, April 9 at 1:30 p.m. to enter a plea on federal charges of wire fraud, mail fraud, and filing false tax returns. In May 2013, Brooks pleaded not […]

Tyrone Brooks on why GABEO was founded and what it means to black people

State Rep. Tyrone Brooks D-Atlanta, loves to wax poetic about the founding of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials. Brooks is a lifetime activist in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the 20-year president of GABEO. “Founded in 1970 by Maynard Jackson, who was [then] vice mayor of Atlanta; there was also Julian Bond, […]

The worst comments about indicted Georgia state Rep. Tyrone Brooks

MARIETTA, Ga. – State Rep. Tyrone Brooks’s lawyer, former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes, vowed to amass a vigorous defense against a 30-count federal indictment that charges the beloved civil rights advocate of gouging his two charities of approximately $1 million over a 20-year span. Barnes told a room full of reporters at his suburban Atlanta […]

Tyrone Brooks’ indictment a witch hunt or revelation of a $1 million theft?

Georgia state Rep. Tyrone Brooks has been indicted by a grand jury for misappropriating $1 million in charitable funds. However, some believe that Brooks is being targeted because of his willingness to confront Georgia’s racist past. At a time Georgia’s state flag featured the Confederate battle symbol, Brooks, 67,  fought for years to have the symbol removed. […]