University of Oklahoma students use OU/TX weekend as Black homecoming

The African American student population at the University of Oklahoma is barely 5 percent. Not much has changed since I arrived as an eager freshman almost 20 years ago. Earlier this year social media brought attention to racist behavior by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity as members were caught on camera using the N-word during tour bus merriment. […]

White college students stumped on Jeopardy

Avoids African-American History to the very end Every year you can count on the TV game show Jeopardy having their College Championship series. This week during Black History month the TV show featured African-American History. The result is surprising and a testimony to how far America still has to learn about diversity. The three students, […]

Reported shooting at the University of Oklahoma a false alarm

University of Oklahoma shooting  A reported shooting at the University of Oklahoma has proven to be a false alarm. Reports surfaced Wednesday that a gunman was spotted on the campus of the Norman, Oklahoma school. “Avoid Gould Hall. Seek immediate shelter in place,” said the school on its official Twitter page and website. The school […]