Judge upholds White cop’s 20-year sentence for killing Black motorist Walter Scott

As the jury was deliberating the fate of Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, another former police officer was attempting to have his sentence reduced for killing another unarmed Black man. Federal Judge Richard Gergel upheld a 20-year prison sentence on Monday, April 19, 2021, for former police officer Michael Slager […]

White cop who killed an unarmed Walter Scott finally sentenced

White police officer Michael Slager shot and killed an unarmed Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina. In April 2015, Slager, 36, said he stopped Walter Scott for a broken brake light. At some point, Slager said that he feared for his life and shot and killed Scott. However, a cell phone video that was […]

Cop enters surprising plea in killing of Walter Scott

In April 2015 an unarmed Black man named Walter Scott was shot five times in the back by former North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer Michael Slager. Scott was stopped for a minor traffic violation but fearing arrest, he ran from Slager. In his initial report, Slager alleged he killed Scott over a struggle with his […]

Walter Scott mistrial reveals how systemic racism has destroyed America

America could really be a great country. The principles that the U.S. Constitution was founded upon states that every person be created equal. In theory, it’s a remarkable criteria for a country to stand on. But in practice, the principles of the U.S. Constitution is destroyed everyday mostly due to systematic racism. On Dec. 5, […]

‘It’s safe to murder Negroes.’ Civil rights leader’s words still true

Several years ago, actor James Earl Jones portrayed civil rights hero Rev. Vernon Johns. Johns was the pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, from 1947-1952 and preceded Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as pastor. Johns did not shy away from controversy and the plight of blacks in his city. After a […]

No surprise as killer cop walks free in Walter Scott shooting

Once again Black America is witness to the spectacle of a cop who killed an unarmed Black man walking free. The trial of North Charleston police officer Michael Slager has ended in a mistrial because of one holdout juror. The juror was apparently unflinching in his belief that Slager did nothing wrong in killing Scott […]

Arrest made in bathroom orgy case

The unsettling story of a teen girl who engaged in sex acts with a group of teen boys on her high school football team shines a disturbing light on teen sexual behavior. The unidentified 15-year-old was reportedly a victim of sex trafficking starting from the age of 13. She was assaulted by as many as 30 child molesters a […]

Racist barber threatens to shoot Black man because he wanted a haircut

Arthur Hill only wanted a haircut when he nearly lost his life for being a Black man. According to WCNC, the incident occurred in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Hill needed to get a shave before work and stopped at a nearby barbershop owned by Larry Thomas, 65. When Hill approached Thomas to see if he […]

Racist policeman who killed Walter Scott charged with civil rights violation

The racist police officer who shot Walter Scott in the back will now face federal charges. According to AP, former Charleston, South Carolina, police officer, Michael T. Slager, will face federal charges along with state charges. In April 2015, Slager, 34, said he stopped Walter Scott for a broken brake light. At some point, Slager […]

Why is America killing Americans?

Walter Scott was not murdered by ISIS overseas, he died in his neighborhood. Walter Scott was not murdered by foreign drug dealers trying to evade his Coast Guard detail. Walter Scott was not killed by a deranged student with an illegal gun. Walter Scott was murdered by an American police officer, who had sworn an […]

Walter Scott: What happens when there is no video?

I watched the video of Walter Scott being executed by a law enforcement officer. I didn’t want to watch it. First I read about it and posted a photo of the devil in human form standing over Scott, possibly dead at the time, handcuffed. From that, I decided not to watch the video. I knew the […]

Feidin Santana, hero who recorded South Carolina police shooting, breaks silence

Very few people wake up in the morning with the intention of being declared a hero. But Feidin Santana found himself thrust into this position by a simple act of recording a shooting in North Charleston, South Carolina, that has rocked the nation. Santana is the witness whose testimony may send a cop to death row […]

GoFundMe rejects campaign for killer cop

Lately, the Internet crowd-funding site GoFundMe has been the source of money for the killers of unarmed Black men. Notorious public killers such as George Zimmerman, the killer of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin; and Darren Wilson, the killer of unarmed teen Michael Brown benefited from GoFundMe campaigns. The latest attempt at a social media fundraising […]

‘8 Shots in the Back’: Artist Adrian Franks honors Walter Scott

The video capturing the brutal killing of Walter Scott has riveted the nation. Although this is not the first instance of an unarmed Black man being killed by a police officer, it is one of the first cases in which there is a real sense of hope that justice may be served. The recent release […]

Deadly police encounters caught on video

With the recent death of Walter Scott, an unarmed Black man who was shot in the back by now-former North Charleston, South Carolina, Officer Michael Thomas Slager, once again cellphone video has played a crucial role. Without the video of the deadly police encounter Scott would have been just another dead Black man running from […]

Cop charged with murder after shooting Black man in back

If you have not heard of Walter Scott, you soon will. Scott was gunned down Saturday morning by North Charleston, South Carolina, Officer Michael Thomas Slager. The officer pulled Scott over for a broken taillight. At some point, Scott exited the car and was standing in a vacant lot with Slager. For whatever reason, Scott […]

The Whispers to celebrate 50 years of music on Soul Train cruise

Harlem Arts Alliance Presents: On the “A” w/Souleo They may be called The Whispers, but quiet as it’s kept for the past 50 years this soul vocal group’s impact on the music industry has been more like a shout. For their 50th anniversary they are getting aboard this fall’s Soul Train Cruise. It’s a full […]