Arrest made in bathroom orgy case

William Scott, age 16 (Photo Credit: Lee County Jail)
William Scott, age 16 (Photo Credit: Lee County Jail)

The unsettling story of a teen girl who engaged in sex acts with a group of teen boys on her high school football team shines a disturbing light on teen sexual behavior. The unidentified 15-year-old was reportedly a victim of sex trafficking starting from the age of 13. She was assaulted by as many as 30 child molesters a day. But a school girl’s crush, teen sex and the posting of the video on the Snapchat phone app has now resulted in the arrest of the teen accused of taking the video.

William Scott, 16, was arrested by South Fort Meyers Police and charged with two felony charges of cruelty to a child for allowing a child to engage in a sex act and possession of obscene material. Scott is a junior at the school. He is and has been called one of the best school running backs in South Florida. Tragically, Scott’s father died of AIDS and it is reported the family looked to young Scott to help move them out of poverty.

Because the teen girl in the bathroom incident was below the age of consent, which is 16 in Florida, she is not considered a willing participant in the group sex act. Even though as many as 25 teens were in the room, it is being said only a handful engaged in sex while the others looked on.

The very description of the group sex act sounds like a line from some songs. The heinous nature of their action is on par with those students who filmed a girl beaten to death in a school fight.

Who is responsible for the treatment and healing of those abused? There is no word if the teen girl or teen boys used any type of protection while engaging in group sex. The girl, according to reports, was engaged in the illicit sex trade and had multiple unknown partners on a frequent basis. These kids have exposed themselves to multiple STDs, including HIV infection, because of mob sexual group think.

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician. He has been writing for Rolling Out since 2014. Whether it means walking through a bloody police shooting to help a family find justice or showing the multifaceted talent of the Black Diaspora I write the news.

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