Lazy Georgia nurses charged with murder of elderly vet (video)

Three former nurses have been charged in the neglectful death of a WWII vet in their care at a Woodstock, Georgia, nursing home. Back in February 2014, James Dempsey, 89, died at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center. According to the staff treating Dempsey at the time, he was in distress and they administered CPR […]

Dennis Greene of the band Sha Na Na dies at 66

Dennis Greene, an original member of the cover band Sha Na Na, died from esophageal cancer in a Dayton, Ohio hospital on Sept. 5. He was 66. Greene was one of the founders of Sha Na Na, a group formed in 1969 that performed doo-wop music from the 1950s. The band was originally a part […]

Folk singer Richie Havens dead at 72

Richie Havens, the man who personified the “pretty people” of the 1960s counterculture and “free love” movement who opened up at the immortal Woodstock mega-concert in 1969, died at age 72 from a heart attack. Haven, who cam to fame via a percussive guitar and a soulful sensibility to play his way into musical history […]

Trevor Lawrence, Howard Hewett and Others Play at the Historical Maverick’s Flat in L.A.

The saying that music is the  universal language that connects cultures and generations couldn’t ring truer than in the case of music producer and legendary saxophonist Trevor Lawrence who made his first stage appearance at Woodstock in 1969, the year segregation was declared illegal.Recently, Lawrence celebrated over 45 years in the music industry at the […]

Dead Musicians Fans Most Want to See as Holograms

In less than two weeks, Coachella has already become a permanent part of the American lexicon, much the way Woodstock did back in 1969, thanks to a brilliant idea unearthed by legendary rapper-producer Dr. Dre. With so much going down during the Coachella Music Festival, the only thing anyone can remember — far and away […]

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