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Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Staying fit has been upgraded. A healthy lifestyle coach and Hollywood
trainer, Jeanette Jenkins has captured her multidimensional approach to
staying healthy in her new book, 21 Days to Make Healthy Living a Lifetime Habit.
“[In the book], every day starts with a motivational quote and then
that quote turns into a personal affirmation. There’s a meal plan for
each day as well as a nutrition tip, a workout and a fitness tip to
[help] you acknowledge that you’re making the right choices so you can
live the best life that you can,” she explains.

Her book
focuses on the well-being of the entire body, not just physical health.
“If you go to a nutritionist, a nutritionist is just going to focus on
your nutrition plan and they’re not necessarily going to focus on your
mental and spiritual health. If you go to a physical trainer, they
might just focus on the exercises and the workout and not focus on your
nutrition. [I’m] a holistic lifestyle coach.

I focus on your
entire body,” the Canadian native proclaims. Jenkins believes that a
good start to developing a healthier America would be for people to get
rid of unhealthy eating habits.

“Always be aware of what you
put into your mouth. Never eat food if you don’t know the ingredients
or you’re not aware of what’s in it,” she shares. “[And learn to] put
parameters on your life when it comes to your mental and spiritual
health, so you can accept the fact that you can’t do everything.” – jamana jamison

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