bioncé foxx – queen of the midday

bioncé foxx – queen of the midday

photo by steed media service

Disc Jockey, WGCI 107.5 FM

If you’ve ever heard Bioncé Foxx speak, then chances are you were
enticed by her smooth voice. It was this special gift that introduced
her to the radio broadcasting profession in the first place. “I was
driving down the street, and I heard a radio station say that they were
looking for on-air radio personalities,” Foxx tells rolling out. “I
sent a tape in and was hired that same week. It was truly a blessing.”

Foxx is currently the host of the “Foxx on the Box” show, which airs
weekdays from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Chicago’s hip-hop radio station, WGCI
107.5 FM. She also hosts radio shows in Texas and Milwaukee. Radio
broadcasting takes a special talent, but Foxx believes that making it
in this industry is achievable if you’re self-motivated.

“If you have what it takes, which is personality, articulation,
knowledge of what’s going on in society, spunk, and that go-getter
attitude, then you can do what you want,” she reveals. “So if you have
what it takes, go for it.”

Perhaps the greatest part of Foxx’s job is the ever-changing nature of
the industry. “I love my job because every day is different,” she
shares. “We enter into the lives of thousands of people from all walks
of life, so you never know what you are going to get, what type of
phone call you are going to get from a listener, or what type of
celebrity is going to pop in and be on your show. So it’s really
exciting because no two days are ever alike.” –adrienne gadling

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