Foxy Brown’s Mooning Charges Dropped

Foxy Brown is free as a bird, all charges have been dropped, in her alleged, mooning incident.

Foxy was charged with violating an order of protection when Foxy’s neighbor, Arlene Raymond, complained that the 32-year-old rap diva flashed her naked behind in July 2010.

According to Raymond’s report Foxy said:
“B—-, what are you looking at? What the f— are you looking at?” And then Foxy lifted her skirt, according to the complaint.

Neighbor Raymond secured an order of protection after confronting Foxy about her loud rehearsals (Foxy is partially deaf), a few years ago. Foxy responded by beating Raymond with her Blackberry, and was convicted of the assault in 2007.

In the mooning trial that was scheduled to begin in a Brooklyn courtroom this week, complainant Arlene Raymond refused to take the stand to testify that Foxy Brown lifted her skirt and mooned her.

Assistant District Attorney Robert Isdith said Raymond told him late last week that she did not want to take the stand and Justice John Walsh dismissed the misdemeanor charge.

Sources say that despite Foxy’s penchant to be disruptive, this time she may have been set up. Raymond told authorities that she could see Foxy’s panties when the diva allegedly mooned her.

Brown’s lawyer Salvatore Strazzullo says that’s impossible because: “Our big ace in the hole is she (Brown) wasn’t wearing any underwear.”

Strazzullo added that Brown’s dress was too tight for her to wear underwear, and she would have testified as such. After the charges were dropped, the attorney added that he will sue the NYPD, the District Attorney’s office and the city, for malicious prosecution.

According to numerous sources, Raymond dropped the case because her lawyer advised that Foxy didn’t have any money.

Foxy Brown told reporters that Arlene Raymond is obsessed with her: “It’s a scary thing like borderline obsession,” she said. “Someone wants to be you and have the life I worked very hard for.”

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