‘Hustler Magazine’ Claims to Have a Rihanna, J. Cole Sex Tape

Saucy Bajan singer Rihanna has titillated fans with her displays of sexuality both on stage and on wax for years. But now, according to porn magazine Hustler, Rihanna may be baring it all as they claim to have a sex tape featuring the singer and rising rap star J. Cole.

According to MediaTakeOut, On Aug. 24, an anonymous source emailed the gossip site to make an offer to sell the sex tape. The source allegedly also sent in screen shots displaying a woman resembling Rihanna, with “FIERY RED HAIR” performing sexual acts on a man resembling J. Cole.

However, the gossip site admitted that they could not confirm that it was Rihanna and J. Cole in the screen shots.

Later in the day, though, RadarOnline claimed that Hustler sent them a statement claiming that they had acquired the sex tape featuring the two in action. Despite their announcement of its alleged existence, the porn magazine claims they’re still unsure of what they plan to do with the footage.

Hustler [is] in possession of the Rihanna and J-Cole tape,” said a rep for the company. “We have seen it and we do not know what we are going to do with it yet.”

Despite claims of the tape’s existence, a source close to Rihanna told the site that the singer is denying the sex tape rumors.

“Rihanna is surprised because there is no sex tape,” said the source.

J. Cole, who opened for Rihanna on her 2011 “Loud Tour,” recently spoke with VIBE about his friendship with his fellow Jay-Z mentee and his desire to one day work with her.

“I think if I did something in the pop world right now, it would be for Rihanna. I’d love to do something production wise for her,” said Cole. “… she’s cool as s–t. One of the biggest pop stars in the world and she never once made me or anyone else around feel like that. You would’ve thought she was an unsigned artist or something, she’s mad cool.”

Well, time (and Hustler) will reveal if the rumor is true. –nicholas robinson

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