Love and Hip-Hop: 5 Songs for the Lover in You

Uche Wogwugwu, co-founder of the blog Hip Hop is for Lovers, and DJ Tendaji Lathan

With mainstream images of misogyny, materialism and violence hip-hop isn’t synonymous with love songs that can ease heartache, create a romantic atmosphere or celebrate the beauty of love. Yet, there are many songs within hip-hop that can accomplish all of the aforementioned goals, albeit with a dose of profanity.

Rolling out reached out to celebrity DJ Tendaji Lathan and Uche Wogwugwu, co-founder of the blog, Hip Hop is for Lovers to prove just the latter.

Song: “I Need Love”

Artist: LL Cool

Before Drake, hip-hop wasn’t always a safe space where men could demonstrate their emotions. According to DJ Lathan, LL Cool J has the perfect song for men to get in touch with their sensitive side. “In hip-hop music, machismo is the rule of thumb but this track shows that you can be tough but still express love for your lady.”

Song: “Whatta Man”

Salt-N-Pepa featuring En Vogue

Saying, “I love you” isn’t always enough.  We all want to be admired and feel valued which is why DJ Lathan selected this song, which is full of compliments. “They are communicating to their mate which is a lot of times what couples don’t do which sours the relationship. We all need to hear that we are wanted and appreciated.”

Song: “The Panties”

Artist: Mos Def

Sometimes you don’t want to talk, you just want to get intimate. “Perfect hip-hop love songs have special elements that make them work like seduction. Between the music and Mos’ lyrics, you have the perfect segue in to a memorable love session with your significant other,” says Wogwugwu.

Song: “I Confess”

Artist: Bahamadia

One of the tricks to a long-lasting relationship is to keep it fresh so that it has all of the excitement of a crush, which is why Wogwugwu recommends “I Confess.”  “Bahamadia spits such sweet endearing lyrics of longing and love that we are positive it would make any suitor blush.”

Song: “Teenage Love”

Artist: Slick Rick

Even the most hopeful romantics can become jaded by the challenges of love.  For those who need inspiration not to give up the faith, DJ Lathan recommends a Slick Rick classic. “You get older and get set in your ways and forget how to love. This song reminds you of that giddy teenage style of love that we all aspire to.”



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