Soulja Boy Hit With Eviction Notice: 5 Other Celebs With Foreclosure Problems

Soulja Boy’s had some tough times over the past year, but every time he’s been in trouble, he’s been able to find his way back home. But unfortunately for the emcee, that may not be the case anymore. According to reports, Soulja was recently served with an eviction notice for his Atlanta home.

According to TMZ, Soulja Boy failed to pay his November rent, totaling $4,725, and was subsequently served with an eviction notice. The rapper has to pay the rent in full by Dec. 5 or he’ll end up homeless.

This isn’t the first time that Soulja Boy has faced a financial jam. Back in August, California filed a $26,805 lien against the rapper and it was also revealed that his McDonough, Ga., home was foreclosed on last year.

Hopefully, Soulja Boy can pull out a $5,000 check before the day’s end. If not, he’ll join these five other celebs who have faced foreclosure this year. –nicholas robinson

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