50 Cent Makes Risqué Bet on Super Bowl

We all know that 50 Cent is a rather cocky individual with a mouth as big as his pride. But now the boastful emcee is ready to put his *ahem* “cockiness” and nice chunk of his money up for a bet on this year’s Super Bowl. According to Fif, if his favorite team, the Giants, win against the Patriots, he’ll put a nude photo of himself on the Web and give fellow hip-hop mogul Birdman a million dollars.

50 Cent begin making his big bets on Jan. 22, after he began boasting that he was sure the Giants would win at the Super Bowl. However, one of 50’s followers decided to put his confidence to the test and proposed a risqué bet.

“Lets bet. If the Giants lose the Superbowl, u must post ur d–k on twitter. If they win, I’ll post my boobs & face on here. Bet?” tweeted his fan, @MyBestAssets

Apparently, the bet was too good to refuse and 50 quickly retweed her bet with the reply “ok.”

Feeling extra confident, 50 decided to up the ante just three days later, when he proposed a bet to Patriots’ fan, Birdman. The Cash Money CEO recently posted on Twitter that he’s willing to bet $5 million on a win for the Patriots against anyone who’s willing to take him up on the offer. And on Jan. 25, 50 decided to take Birdman up on his offer.

“I’m up 500,000 off the last one. … I’ll bet it back I’ll put 1,000,000 on my G MEN. STUNNER you got the # hit me if you want it,” challenged 50.

Well, come Super Bowl Sunday, fans are either going to see a lot of breasts or 50 Cent’s “cockiness” up close and personal. And one emcee is going with at least a quick milli. Stay tuned to find out who wins. In the meantime, check out some other celebs who’ve had some lewd pics — warning of slight-nudity here — of themselves leak online. –nicholas robinson

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