George Zimmerman, Son of a Retired Judge, Has 3 Closed Arrests


Did George Zimmerman have help from his father, a retired judge, in clearing his name in three separate arrests?

That’s the question that’s being asked now that more information on Trayvon Martin’s 28-year-old killer is being revealed. Robert Zimmerman, a former Orange County magistrate judge, recently wrote a letter to The Orlando Sentinel defending his son, who’s been dragged through the mud for shooting the unarmed 17-year-old last month. In the letter, the senior Zimmerman asks people not to jump to conclusions and insists that his son didn’t follow the young boy home as he walked through their gated community.

“He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever. The media portrayal of George as a racist could not be further from the truth. At no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin. When the true details of the event became public, and I hope that will be soon, everyone should be outraged by the treatment of George Zimmerman in the media,” wrote Robert Zimmerman.

Now more info is being dug up on his “victimized” son through public records and revealing his checkered past.

According to a records search on George, he was previously arrested for domestic violence, resisting an officer without violence and most shockingly, resisting an officer with violence — a  felony charge that surely could have landed him in prison.

All three of those arrests, however, were mysteriously closed with no semblance of charges for the Florida resident. So how was someone with a violent past including that of battery against an officer able to carry a 9 mm handgun? Maybe that’s a question Robert Zimmerman should answer …

Update: Lead investigator wanted to arrest Zimmerman the night of the incident.

Note: It has been brought to our attention that George Zimmerman has been arrested one time, not three, and that the charges against him were dropped after he completed a pre-trial diversion program. The additional two charges stem from the same incident on the same date.

  1. It’s all beginning to make sense. This could be a Law and Order SVU episode. If the younger Zimmerman isn’t receiving favoritism, then my understanding of the word is wrong. We heard the tape. He told the 911 dispatcher he was following the child. And he has a history of violence. Something is mentally wrong with Zimmerman and it must be nice to have protection as he does. It was only a matter of time, Zimmerman Snr., that your son would have made a fatal decision. He has shown poor judgement in his dealing with a 17-year-old, and he could be heading to serial killer status. Shame on you big daddy, shame on you.

      1. george Z stop following after the dispatcher told him not too GZ was on his way back too his truck when that S.O.B.punk
        decided too instead of just running home he circles around and attacks GZ

        1. what make him a SOB in your book? Because he was walking while black.IF you child for whatever reason made a shortcut in a black neighborhood do that mean a black man should follow then kill him? Why didn’t GZ call out to him and say im the neighborhood watch, do you live around here orvisiting someone instead of keep following him.Trayvon had the same stand your ground rule.and used it to ask why he was following him. For all he knew this man could have meant him bodily harm.oh wait he did and it take a punk ass like you to say some iish about a child and i don’t care if he was high or not he was minding his own business walking home.point, blank, period.

          1. minding his own business checking out the next house too rob
            he was no child
            just another thug
            oh wait a minute a dead thug

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          3. 1st bonniewheeler let me say i do not believe this is you profile either i think you’re hiding behind a old woman profile thinking no one will put you in your place. Now Patrick made a remark and i respond in i said he worth then the kkk hiding behind white sheets he is hiding behind blank profile pic. Have the balls to stand behind what you say and i do. As far as you stay in your lane this is not a debate it an opinion. He stated a bunch of bull iish an i gave it right back to him. Is he or you scared your neighbors will KNOW how racist you really are and choose to HIDE .just be real lane before you get ran the hell over.

          4. forgot to say thanks for the compliment. Most tell me that I look young for my age I will be 86 next week. I have been here long enough to know right from wrong I m so glad there were people from the jury who also knew they followed the rules and rendered the right verdict. being black does not give an individual the right to attack others despite what al and jesse say – they have to keep racism alive and well , if they did not keep racism alive their pockets would be empty. I am so glad that whites can think for themselves they don’t have others to tell them how to think

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          8. believe it or not their were alot of white slaves but then you wouldnt want too hear about that because your too busy feeling sorry for your self for something that happened over 200 years ago

          9. You put me in mind of Charlie Brown whomp,whomp. You REALLY NEED THIS FORUM.

          10. Wow both of you are Illiterate! Get the hell back in school. Holy for the love of your freaking Mother get in school! You have no Idea what you are even saying! It truly is all Crap, what you been writing!

            Blows my mind! Just wow!

          11. Sometimes instead of concentrating on ones grammatical errors, it’s better to focus more on the content of the message. I’ve read a myriad of literary perfected words with delusional messages. Maybe you should try that!

          12. Exactly…. In fact, Italians/Chinese and others were enslaved and servitude. But racist Blacks[and No I’m Not calling All Black people racists] don’t seem to want that Fact known. Other Races have Moved On Beyond their inequalities, why not Blacks?

          13. Your comment about moving on is deplorable to say the least but more importantly it depicts how insensitive you are. It’s easy for a race who has done most of the victimization, to move on. Also, To compare Italians/Chinese slavery to black slavery depicts a lack of knowledge on your part.?Slavery in itself is incredibly wrong however if we are going to compare the difference, you must be willing to look at all the facts. Black slavery in America lasted over 200 yrs. And I strongly put emphasis on “in America” because God only knows the first days of black slavery. In addition to experiencing slavery, when freed blacks were indentured servants and victims to racism, discrimination, and segregation. Keep in mind most victims of slavery/genocide received restitution where as African Americans did not. You live in a society where you never have to question who you

          14. The desire to move on is not born out of insensitivity. It is a Need for people to enjoy Peace. You can throw the race card and place blame on white America all you want. But the Past is gone and it is time to move on. There have been many people Not just blacks, whom have been slaughtered & enslaved throughout history Worldwide, Not just America. Jews/Catholics/Women/ Children/Priests/Monks/ Even Royalty, have been subject to Mans’ violent nature and ignorance. The Salem Witch Trials come to mind of how Blood Thirsty & Ignorant the Puritans were. Mankinds’ past has been one of violence and lack of knowledge/acceptance of other civilizations. Some of that ignorance remains today, and it is Not Just White America. Black America Shares Part of the responsibility for fanning the flames of racism, just as much as White Supremacist groups like the NNP and the KKK.
            There is nothing wrong in remembering the past, as long as one learns from it. Knowing where we all came from, is in exploring our pasts. But to keep finding a way to castigate people of today, for sins & transgressions Man engaged in of an era long gone by, is to keep re-opening the wounds so that they never will heal. It’s much like beating a dead horse….. It serves no purpose.

          15. Lea I 100% agree with progression and the need to heal but how do you move on if the ppl of today STILL engage in behavior from eras ago. You forget we are commenting on a post about an individual of TODAY being the victim of racism. You speak of the Past and I sincerely hate to rain on your parade but that past you speak of is non existent and that is why i have an issue with your “just move on” comment. To say, just move on is not as easy as you make it when ppl are still dealing with the behaviors of long ago. Lea, don’t get me wrong i want peace like the next but I can’t turn a blind eye and say racism is something of the past when ppl are experiencing it everyday…

          16. It is not that they keep reopening wounds or the past has long gone. The past you speak of is still here, but in a different way. In many times it is hidden and later found out about. Please read my post above. There are issues as of the recent 80s and this year. Universities teach this.

          17. Non sequitur but good advice

            TWO: Remember that we are all in the same boat!

            THREE: Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark .

            FOUR: Stay fit. When you’re 60 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.

            FIVE: Don’t listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.

            SIX: Build your future on high ground.

            SEVEN: For safety’s sake, travel in pairs.

            EIGHT: Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.

            NINE: When you’re stressed, float awhile.

            TEN: Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.

            ELEVEN: No matter the storm, when you are with God, there’s always a rainbow waiting.

          18. @Lea Harrelson your can’t move on in this country, there is still hate and so much racism, you have people like Bill Riley, Hanity, and Russ Limbaugh who let black people know everyday how worthless they are and aren’t appreciated in this country. Having a black President really pulled the cover off of a lot of racist they had to come out of the closet. So to say that blacks can’t move on is a stupid statement in itself.

          19. It took an awful lot of white people to elect a black president but that isn’t enough for some people. They want to keep racial tension alive and well. That’s how some black politicians line their pockets (Jackson & Sharpton)
            I would like to see Dr. Ben Carson or Allen West run for president. Tim Scott is also a good representative along with Graham from SC.


          21. He is a half-breed but he claims to be Black. He resents the White in him. Have you read his book? He also has always resented America. I believe he is now getting his revenge. He’s trying to destroy everything the nation was founded on. Like Hitler, he would change the Constitution if he could get away with it. We have enough true Americans to stop him from doing that But his race has nothing to do with my objections to his policies.

          22. Bonnie people tend to use the word half-breed when they describe breeding animals. Whenever you refer to another race calling them half-breed you are insulting them as a human being. I’m sorry that you can not see your out spoken, obvious to many racist, subconscious, superiority thoughts. Many people have experienced having these negative beliefs and this CAN HAPPEN to ANY RACE or CULTURE. I do not exclude myself from any possible racist thoughts. I do say that some language should not be used towards you, as I have seen above; But with many of your posts you really need to think about what your saying. In your simple typing out comes racism, but you can’t see it. I’m sorry if this makes you upset, but someone must tell you. There are MANY negative terms that you used towards a people in each one of your posts, but separating them as from others and making them not human beings and unworthy of human reference. For the record Obama should not even matter in this discussion. Whenever you need to bring in other black people you are automatically pointing to a race. Finally, Obama as you have mentioned, states his heritage as multicultural, but most times is referred to as black, because of his outward appearance. He is not only black and white, but of many races.

          23. I hear this from racists who accuse Fox and their commentators, rispis, but when I ask for proof of racism on the part of O’Reily and Hanity or even Rush, they can’t give one single statement that is racist. I listen to them all the time. FN has been voted the most trusted network for years now.

          24. This is what I want and this is what our Founders established this nation on.

            Bucket List for 2013
            HERE IS ALL I WANT… Obama: Gone!
            Put “GOD” back in America!!!
            Borders: Closed Congress: Obey its own laws
            Language: English only!
            Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of
            Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!
            NO freebies to Non-Citizens!

            Balance the budget. Stop giving away our money to foreign countries! We need it here! Charge them, not us for our help!
            Fix the TAX CODE! And most of all “RESPECT OUR MILITARY AND OUR FLAG!!!!! ”
            We the people are coming!

          25. hey – don’t knock Whites – Obama could never have won the presidency without them. However, the same people who voted for Obama are now against him. He is the first president in history who does not like America. Obama was against health care before he became president. That’s just one thing he lied about. And don’t call everyone who criticizes Obama a racist. If you really want to see what racism is, take a look at Al Sharpton.


          27. Sorry, I can’t make out what you are saying here. You were probably not born American so leave the politics to those who are American and understand the history of it.

          28. Your illiterate use of the English language, makes it difficult to follow your response, let alone, respect it….. You are in Dire Need of an Education. You have No Idea of how to speak Or Act respectably or Proper…… Sooooo, Suck On It Fool!

          29. No, the desire to move on is born out of the need for people such as yourself to avoid confronting the on going legacy of that institution.

            You and people like you are only interested in the “peace” afforded by ignoring the very real issues people of color have to deal with in a nation whom’s very foundation, both structurally and economically is built on the genocide and enslavement of people of color…many of which are still dealing the repercussions of such.

            Get over it? Move on? Tell me, would you be so eager to tell a Jewish person they should just “get over” the holocaust and just ignore anti-semitism? I doubt you would.

          30. Dang, (cont) look at Slavery in Europe today. Look at it hundreds of years ago… look at it before we even found Africa… They would enslave people of other countries over there without a second thought. Especially in the netherlands. It’s still a rather big epidemic as of a couple years ago but we don’t hear about white slavery in Europe do we? We, in America, are too busy worrying about other things to even acknowledge that slavery still exists. Black Slavery happened for a couple hundred years, yes… but in American it’s done and over with. However, in Europe, there’s still Slavery. It’s not as prominent as it was back in the 1800’s by any means but it is still there and no one seems to ever wanna bring it up. For all I know, my ancestors may have once been slaves in Europe (yes that’s much longer ago than any black American ancestors), and I’m as white as a slice of white bread. My son’s other half of the family, his dad’s half, is black and they told me all about their history… not a single one of their ancestors were slaves.

            Just saying, what happened in the past as far as who did what to who, isn’t going to help solve things in the future unless we can learn to coexist.

          31. the issue at this point is the continuation of the systems that continue to target, persecute and oppress certain groups and it goes without question (as all the statistics show) that African peoples have consistently been @ the center of that persecution target, be it POLITICAL: had to fight for the right to vote in the 60’s and are now dealing with the obstruction of voters rights in predominantly African American areas, which is a documented fact), MEDICAL: (for documented cases read MEDICAL APARTHEID), EDUCATIONAL:(had to fight to be allowed in certain all white schools. See: The little rock 9) and still do not receive the level of services given to schools in better neighborhoods with smaller classes), or LEGAL as in the TREYVON case. you would have to either be blind, racist or just plain ignorant to not acknowledge that anyone who has a father who is a judge, family in law enforcement would not receive prejudicial favors in a court of law. this reality is only compounded by the fact that the “The Dred Scott vs Sanford” verdict states that slaves or the decedants of slaves have no rights that a white man is obligated to recognize. I mention this to establish as a matter of U.S law that the effects of slavery still effect us to this day, a claim no other persecuted people in the u.s can make. ” in that same so called court of law ALL the statistics show that peoples of color are disproportionately arrested and incarcerated for the same crimes committed by their caucation counter parts which establishes the corruption of our court system, compound that with a prosecuter who never intended to thoroughly investigate or prosecute based on the shooters version of the events(which is unprecidented), compound that with a jury that is not of his peers who already has prejudicial views regarding black men in general young black men in particular then tell me how in the hell do you still believe that a TREYVON was gonna get a fair trial? if you can honestly look @ all those facts I’ve layed out and stil say “I think TREYVON and black in general get fair trials” you would have to be either racist, willfully ignorant or just firmly entrenched in a lifetime of white priviledge that you refuse to relinquish . And for any historically ignorant asshole out there who still keeps chirping about how slavery was in the past and doesn’t effect us today google the BLACK CODES and the King Alfred plan and Rex 84.

          32. I guess if I say you sound like you are just full of shit I would be a racist. you do know that hitler actually murderd millions of jews in a very short period of time, tried his best to wipe out the jewish race, did anyone do this to blacks? give it a rest, you break the law you go through the justice system, you don’t like it vote, you got the vote before women did, use it. you managed to get the dumbest sob ever born as president you should be able to change a few laws too, quit bitching and accusing and do something besides hold your hand out for free stuff.

          33. Groachyroan, the answer is yes many blacks died and some were put through torcher for many years. Millions of Indians were killed off and/or skinned, with many people tortured and raped. The Indian issue happened in more recent years. Asians and Mexicans here have undergone serious repercussions for being of a certain race, within the last 100 years as well. This is known and taught in Universities. The president does not need to be separated as only a black, because his recent heritage is many races. You separate him as black, because of his partial outward appearance, which shows how you feel and judge.

          34. yeah, and he uses his different race as it pleases and helps him, doesn’t matter to me if he is black, part black, or whatever color or race you can think of, he is just a hitler wanna be and has made the united states a laughing matter all over the world. I will be surprised if we survive his reign of stupidity and greed. and by the way, I have a lot more sympathy for the Indians than for the blacks, this was their country and did nothing to deserve their fate.

          35. If my son is wearing a hoodie, hopefully he will have enough sense not to attack someone. Zimmerman’s life was in danger. Self preservation s the first rule of law. I learned that in Elementary school

          36. If you learned that in school, you probably learned not to follow someone with a gun and then shoot them, GZ didn’t learn that. Luckily for GZ he was half white and his father was a judge, and he had a mostly white jury. GW is very good at self preservation, he knew just what story to make up to appear that Trayvon was at fault.

          37. Whether or not Zimmerman was suited to this job,, it was his job as neighborhood watch. One thing that you all are forgetting which is most important.. it was Trayvon who attacked Zimmerman. Had he not done so, he would have never been shot. Bottom line

          38. Bottom line, there is no real PROOF TRayvon attacked GZ, and if GZ hadn’t left his car, Trayvon would still be alive.

          39. Oh yes, there was proof according to reports from the courts. for one thing someone saw Trayvon on top and another was the position of the clothing Trayvon was wearing was taken into consideration. One other thing is Zimmerman was never a racist. Trayvon was –

          40. NO ONE saw the START of the confrontation! GZ could’ve pulled a gun on Trayvon when they were close and Trayvon could’ve tried to wrestle it away. It is entirely possible given GZs’ personal traits of poor self control, poor anger management and lying. GZ’s cousin called his family racists. He profiled black youths.

          41. that isn’t what the courts found, MD, they had the facts and they made the decision. Are you trying to say the courts are racist- again they had the last word. The courts examined ever iota of the incident and it coincides with what Zimmerman said.
            They have ways that they can tell what happened. One is how the clothes were positioned on the body.

          42. I am absolutely saying the courts are not objective. If there had been a mixed jury there would’ve been much less chance of racism occurring. I read all the evidence, there is no absolute evidence that points one way or the other. The decision was made by a group of whites, people like you who are biased yet pretend not to be. NO ONE can prove who started the confrontation, that is what is key. The position of the clothes can’t prove it and there were no witnesses to the WHOLE confrontation. GZ had a history of violence, took meds for mental illness, and was dishonest couple that with his connections and knowledge of the law and what he needed to do so that he wouldn’t be in trouble.

          43. And I’m saying racism was not a part of the decision here. They went by facts,. Even if there had been blacks on the jury who were fair minded the verdict would have been the same. The one who attacks is usually considered the one in the wrong – which is right. If it were not for your racism you would have seen it just as the jury saw it. Zimmerman is no angel but he didn’t attack Travon. Travon feeling like he was king of the hoods, attacked Zimmerman and the courts decided that Zimmerman had the right to defend himself. He had the marks on his body to prove his case. Many experts, since, have studied the case and came to the same conclusion – it was Trayvon who attacked first. your racism, however, will not allow you to judge by the facts.


          45. That was Zimmerman’s job. Anyhow – if Travon had not been so disobedient he would not have been where he was at the time of the shooting – He was hyped up on drugs and thought himself Charles Atlas or somebody similar

          46. Bonnie, I get it, you are a racist and obsessed with GZ. GZ reportedly took powerful drugs for mental illness and if he had stayed in the truck none of this would’ve happened. GZ was a wanna be cop who couldn’t make the grade, probably because of his mental health issues. He was almost twice Trayvons’ age, yet he was still a loser. And all you have to do now is look at all the problems he is still causing. He was found not guilty by a jury of people like you…racists. He’s as innocent as OJ.



          49. We are too concerned about arguing about Slavery over a couple hundred years ago, to acknowledge what happened only 20 years ago. We are too busy arguing about people of color getting over things to acknowledge Japanese being shot at and put into camps all over the U.S, less then a hundred years ago. Catalina island they were used as targets, before it was reopened to the public. A former Asian camp is only 5 minutes from my place and another is 15 mins away. Native Americans are suffering today, with Uranium water on Navajo reservations, due to greed. Some tribes are being pushed off land. Near 1/3 of the Native Community underwent issues regarding being forced to leave their homes in the last 50 years. This affected EVERYONE on the reservation. Natives died and suffered serious problems recently of abuse in forced boarding schools. These are people alive today. Many families are still suffering the repercussions today of losing everything. Very recently many Mexican Americans did not have the same educational rights, leading to a huge sit in and protest. Very recently blacks underwent and still, at times, under go many racist crimes. In Universities Sociology, Criminology, Ethnic Studies, History, Teaching, Psychology, etc classes teach about the problems people STILL experience today. That many schools can not be wrong, yet we like to listen to the under or uneducated for advice. We would rather hear movie stars, politicians, or the unexperienced and argue against those who claim something happened to them. This is a very sad thing. We are not together as a Nation. We can not be brothers and sisters, if we constantly point the finger at denying the pain that people go through. People still need healing, even for the recent events that happened. So stop requiring a dark person to be fully educated to even speak with you. Not everyone must be educated. I can assure you I am, but I am sticking up for those who are not. I can not post all the sites to educate. I am limited by this one, but below is one. I will post another, in another post. Thanks.



          50. Boo, Way in the past – all of us have been victimized at some point – some of us because of our religious beliefs, – Japan and Hitler captured and murdered my friends and relatives – I would call that victimization. Wouldn’t you? However the present generation had nothing to do with it. I got over it.

          51. Bonnie I am not debating who experienced slavery. We all know many ppl of different race and religions were slaves however what i am saying is racism exist today and ppl are experiencing it Today so to say to somebody just move on is insensitive. You may have been able to move on because your experience has been different. Black slavery and segregation may be different then Italian and Indian slavery/genocide.

          52. Slavery for everyone has happened in different ways, but Indian Slavery was recent and bad too. A lot of Americans don’t know because they don’t go on reservations.


          54. Of course it does and always will as long as 2 people are different. But, I do believe it is much better than it used to be when I was a kid…which was much better than when my dad was a kid. But, do you honestly believe whites haven’t been the victims of it too?! I don’t like being on the short end of that stick anymore than you do. Generally I think things get better by people getting to know each other over time. It’s slow but it eventually gets there. However, it is reversed by finger pointing and unfounded accusations. Even if GZ was white and he shot TM because he’s black – you can’t blame the entire white race for the actions of him…it’s the “content of our character’ thing that seems to be forgotten, I’m sure you wouldn’t want all blacks blamed for a black man committing a crime against a white guy – which happens about 40 times more per year

          55. Track I’m a tad bit confused about your response. Not sure what your referring to. I never blamed the entire white race for his actions. Maybe you missed the conversation entirely but like I stated before, moving on is hard to do when ppl are experiencing the same tragedy or similar tragedy over and over again. Never did I say the white race or any other race for that matter, have not experienced racism. I however do believe some ppl experience racism more than others. I’m sorry if you missed the conversation but I think you have misinterpreted what I stated.

          56. There is a difference in people saying they are experiencing the same and really experiencing it. Some are paranoid and imagining it. If it’s real, individuals can take it to court. Blacks are closer to other blacks and whites are closer to other whites. That’s nature not racist. We even allowed affirmative action which actually did more harm because it was just saying to blacks ‘you are not as smart as whites’ I thought it was unfair to both blacks and whites

          57. Zimmerman’s father was a white judge, GW was half white and his wife was white. What does his uncle have to do with anything. We all know he was half Hispanic but he was still half white.

          58. as in your other posts you are wrong here, I printed this for you from Wikipedia, if you are not intelligent enough to look something up you could go out in public and ask someone, maybe a black person if you live around any, and even though I don’t agree with the word Hispanic this is what most prefer today. what I think is that you are one of the millions that seem to live by the attitude, “please don’t confuse me with facts, I know what I think”.

            ^ a b Zimmerman’s father is white and his mother is a Hispanic from Peru. Zimmerman’s ancestry includes an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather

          59. So are you trying to tell me that GZ having ONE GREAT-GF half Afro makes him…what? One hundreeth black? Are you crazy? Seems so, just like the loon who said the slaves were well treated!

          60. i’m not trying to tell you anything, that was from Wikipedia, you keep calling him white and that was my answer, just kiss my ass and shut up, morons like you give me a real headache. as I said before , the world Is in the shape it’s in because of people like you that are so ignorant of life around them and think that only their opinions count. I attempted to have a discussion with you but as i’m sure others before me have found out that is impossible.

          61. You are an airhead, I said he is HALF white, and HALF Hispanic! That is what he is! HALF, HALF, HALF!!! He may have a tiny drop of something else, but amounts to almost nothing.

          62. Well, MD, I was just repeating what one of them had to say – Francis Bacon. Slave of Thomas Jefferson.
            Look him up.


          64. I’m beginning to wonder what planet some of you are from – Allen West and Dr. Ben Watson can answer any questions you might want to answer and they are both African/America. Dr. Watson’s even a brain surgeon. He didn’t grow up trying to play the race card and claim victimization however – instead he worked. You are definitely not American born. Don’t try to tell us what America is like – You’ve probably never opened and American history book in your entire life – not one that tells it like it really is – Your information sounds as if you got it off the streets. Get off drugs, go to work and make something of yourself no matter what you nationality is. It can be done in America unlike other nations – that’s why people are killing themselves trying to get here

          65. Boo, there is no more racism by whites than by blacks at this point in time. Actually I find more hate by blacks against whites. Treyvon’s remark “white cracker” shows racism. I don’t believe George Zimmerman ever possessed any racism, . All those are angry that the courts found him not guilty are the racists. The jury made their decision on facts not because they were racists. However, some feel that Zimmerman should have allowed treyvon, with his drug altered mind, to murder him to show that he wasn’t racist. Treyvon didn’t have one mark on him except the shot – Zimmerman did. One has to be beaten badly to have a broken nose and cuts in his head. The courts decided on the evidence. It was self defense. Looks as if Zimmerman is going to be able to get a lot of money from Fla. because they catered to a bunch of racists and had a trial when there should not have been one. I don’t blame him – Fla treated Zimmerman dirty by surrendering to a bunch of racists


          67. All I have to do is look at the comments in these threads. The negative things are by far coming from races other than African Americans. I am white, f

          68. Whoops. I am white, female, and from an upper middle class income level. I hear educated white people making derogatory remarks about blacks quite often. There are those that say they do it too, but look at our history. There has never been a time when blacks haven’t been discriminated against.

          69. You will have some whites saying things about blacks just as you have blacks saying things about Whites – One Black advocate killing all whites but so what! that just proves his insanity – it ain’t gonna happen. Trayvon, himself, hated “white crackers”
            Calling someone racist doesn’t make it true.
            As far as that goes I’ve heard black people use the “n” word, as well. The world will never be perfect and the government is least perfect. Especially with Obama in – He sided against law and order because the offender was black and then tried to make up for it. But trying to make up because of political purposes doesn’t do the job. He is racist just as some of you are He even hates the “White that is a part of him’

          70. Ms. Bonniewheeler: You feel Obama is racist, how could you even imagine this when the first members of his appointed staff were white. Most were misfits, for instance like his appointment of Rahm Emanuel who now acts as Mayor of Chicago.

          71. Obama had to appoint some Whites – how would it have looked had he not done so – he would never have been elected the second time. However, he knew his racism was showing when he blamed white policemen instead of the black professor who was displaying disorderly conduct – somebody gave him a talking to and he decided to throw a beer party for both sides of the aisle. Even it showed in the Treyvon incident. If Treyvon had been his son, he would have looked like him. Well he didn’t make much sense, however, he couldn’t keep out of it to save his life. He took sides.

          72. Well midwife, if you were around Blacks you would probably hear them making remarks about white people. You don’t have to be white or black to make derogatory remarks and that doesn’t mean that they are racist. that’s ‘just par for the course’

          73. The problem with White folks is they have the power in society and have always used it to keep African Americans down, naturally making AA resentful. You talk about Obama but you do know that Bush made racist jokes, right?

          74. Those who work hard and practice good morals, nothing can keep them down – just ask Tim Scott, Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Star Parker and Oprah Winfrey. As a matter of fact, affirmative action was given to help everyone but Whites although I believe it just says to Blacks and other groups ‘you are not as smart as whites’.
            The problem with some Blacks and Whites is that they start out behind the 8 ball by having out of wedlock children. This leads to poverty.

          75. Good morals also means no divorce and no adultery. That is also one of the leading causes of poverty in a child’s life just ask Newt about his wife, whom he abandoned and she had to get financial help from their church.

          76. midwife, we finally agree on something. Newt’s morals kept me from voting for him and I never will vote for him for anything

          77. PS Although he is one of the smartest guys in Washington when it comes to government. I will not vote for him

          78. The only people keeping blacks down are blacks. Why don’t you look at all these blacks doing these horrible crimes. You know why because you expect this from your people. That’s why the news don’t report these crimes because they just say that’s typical of these people.

          79. You are really ignorant…. what makes you think they are my people? I am white, college educated and a stay at home mom so I don’t really have a motive to defend anyone. I have no agenda and I try to look at things in their entirety and see things from both sides.

          80. AS usual your just another white liberal college educated idiot that hates this country and think that giving a pass to blacks for their behavior. Because of what 400 yrs. ago. You like the blacks should get over it.

          81. AS usual another gun totting redneck that thinks this country is only for people that feel exactly as they do. Go back to school and get an education.

          82. In other words one who supports the 2nd amendment is a redneck? Really? Where did you study history? Our Founders who wrote the amendments attended colleges such as Yale and Harvard and they composed the 2nd amendment which entitles the
            right to bear arms’ Why did they deem it necessary for Americans to have that right? So we would never have an incident like happened in Germany with Adolph Hitler. The first act Hitler passed when he was elected was to put restrictions on the right to bear arms.
            For someone who’s calling others rednecks, you seem a little lacking in knowledge of the history of your nation

          83. Really Bonnie! Are you that ignorant that you don’t know there are already some restrictions on arms? Can I personally own a nuke? O course not!!! Those were different times. You try so hard to be a know it all but you leave out common sense. Where did you study history Bonnie, you should realize that the times have changed, so you think any militia that citizens could muster could stand up to the U.S. military? You really scare me.

          84. Oh yes, I know there are some restrictions and if Obama could stay in long enough the 2nd amendment will be completely abolished

          85. Bonnie if you read up on Hitler you will learn that he based what he did on what Andrew Jackson did to the Indians. unfortunately much more people were killed in the Andrew Jackson incident. Also many school history books, do not have the correct 2nd amendment, in it’s exact wording. If you read the original it states something different then many school books. Unfortunatly for us all, it was left to the undereducated to educate the youth. Something the lobbyist voted on.

          86. Go back to school for what. So i can get brainwashed into thinking that America sucks. As usual that’s a liberals answer. But i only see dummies like you going through college. Tell me genius how many dummies in college can’t read and write.

          87. Your a typical liberal you are of the Jim Jones crew you definitely drank the cool aid. You as usual are the typical college graduate. Some idiot professor tells you something and you believe it. Think for yourself. By the way i’m from Brooklyn. So i grew up with common sense. You grew up with book sense you lose.One question are you part of the o.w.s.out of work schmucks.

          88. My apology now i understand you are a college educated woman with a degree. Now you have to stay home with your child. Because your liberal friends are destroying jobs in this Country. Believe me you have no common sense.

          89. Why is it then that the top 2% are doing well and the top 1% is raking in more money than ever? CEO salaries have exploded, yet the average workers’ salary has decreased. It’s thanks to morons like you who are too stupid to realize what Repubs are doing to working and middle class. You are just a peon and they like it that way. Common sense should tell you by looking at the salary numbers that it’s the Repubs that are destroying the middle and working class but you’re too ignorant to realize that. GW Bush tried to destroy the economy but thank God it’s finally coming back. I pity you, you’re too stupid to realize you’re being played by that 1%.

          90. You poor pathetic kool aid drinker please tell what has ever the liberals have done for the middle class ? The top 2 % also pay 70 % of the taxes. Hey if i’m working then i’m part of the 1 % because i’m paying taxes for the lazy and illegal aliens who don’t want to work. You hear you stupid president say i don’t want the middle class not to pay less than millionaires.Then fool why don’t they just cut the middle class taxes ? Who’s the moron now ?

          91. It is so weird that some people, like Richard Testaccio, dislike the opinions of the college educated. It’s people like him that point the finger at scientists and those educated calling them idiots or unknowledgeable of the issues. The college educated have spent days and hours researching these types of issues. This is what changes their minds.Midwife, because you’re white now he says your a liberal. LOL. WOW it’s crazy how far people will go to be racist and make stupid decisions. Wow people get so offended when people are educated. Let me guess he probably gets his advice from the undereducated. Maybe he thinks Dr. Phil is a smart Psychologist and Bush is smarter then NASA on global warming. lol. Oh boy! I can’t believe people say “Stupid Educated People!” What a weird Irony! LMAO
            He is one of those “I AM RIGHT DAMN IT!” Regardless of anything or any EDUCATED evidence. He is the smartest and always right. He is even smarter then Scientists, with the choice of idea’s he chose to argue for. LOL

          92. Learning from a book or
            a college professor who hates this country only proves you can’t think for yourself. You don’t examine the facts you take everyone’s opinion as fact. In other words you are a mindless fool. You are no better then the Jim Jones crew.

          93. Whites are genetically Neanderthals who had greater access to intellectual material forbidden to blacks for centuries. This planet was created for natural men and women who were to be tested and tempted by the beast and it’s off spring .The time of the beast is winding down ,case in point ,by 2040 the white race will be in full decline. OUR mother nature eliminates animal species in their due time MONKEY BOY

          94. CATCH THIS BONNIE , ben carson is a self hating racist who clings to blond hair blue eyed white jesus fairytales. FOLLOW the BLACK BOULE ,you’ll like them

          95. Well, change – you left out that he is a Brain Surgeon He doesn’t hate which, in your mind, doesn’t qualify him to be a normal Black.. In your opinion, Blacks are not normal. They are supposed to be filled with hate and are also supposed to be anti-God. You must be a miserable person. I feel sorry for you

          96. Hmmm, you made the same mistake that Grouchyroan did…calling me midwife. It is MDwife. As in physician’s wife. I think either the two of you are the same person or you know each other very well.

          97. I would never have caught that if you had not brought it to my attention – Could you be from Maryland?

          98. And you don’t say anything to them? I would if any of my friends did that. However, my friends are family do not do that. To them, people are just people.

          99. Liar, what do you say, most slaves were well taken care of. You lost any credibility with that remark. That is one I have regaled many people with and they are amazed you are so ignorant. You try so hard to sound intelligent but I have realized that you are very narrow minded and rather pathetic. You claim your friends and family see people as just people but reading your comments I know you are not telling the truth.

          100. Sneaky Bonnie. I think you are blogging as more than one person, is that why you hid your profile, or is it because you are afraid people will be able to go back to what you said.

          101. I’ve never hidden my profile – I’m White, 86 widowed and looking. I have 4 children, 8 grand children 4 1/2 great grands. Christian, one grandson who is youth pastor of 8,000 young people. 2 daughters and two grand daughters who are teachers. One grandson in law who is a coach at a high school. I live in SC – grew up and graduated in NC. I pull for Clemson every game because all graduated from there except one grand daughter and one daughter who graduated USC. They pull for Clemson because their children are Clemson graduates. And I’m shy (lol) anything else you would like to know

          102. MD, only the wealthiest people had slaves which amounted to about 4 percent of the people – this included whites and black slave owners. Those slave owners who cared dressed their slaves well and fed them well. Although holding anyone slave is not right however, it was a way of life – the entire world did it. Just think, how great it would have been for blacks had they all been returned to their homeland. There were some who did not want to go back, however.

          103. Bonnie, since you know your history, you know that out of the 4% there were very few black slave owners. Most of the black slave owners were actually freed slaves, or were trying to buy freedom for their family or friends. Then there were people like Ellison who were very greedy and didn’t care what they did to humans, he even sold one of his daughters. Even fewer of those slave owners fought.

          104. I did say that Ellison was a cruel slave owner. He took the name of his former slave owner who freed him. I think the average black slave owners amounted to about 200 to a state, I know there were 200 in SC. The Ellison’s moved to NC. There are doctors there now who descended from the Ellison family. I forgot the names but I did an op-ed column on them years ago. I did a lot of research but lost it due to a computer crash

          105. Hey Bonnie, your favorite “victim” is in the news again for allegedly assaulting his wife and her father. GZ is violent, has impulse control issues, is a liar who tried to hide his money and passport from the Court, has been accused of sexually assaulting his cousin, has a rap sheet that includes assaulting a police officer, the list goes on and on. I’m sure you’ll tell me all those people deserved it and enjoyed his abuse.

          106. yep, I saw that. I never said he didn’t have a temper. I said that in the case of Trayvon Martin, Trayvon attacked first. that’s why the jury acquitted Zimmerman – they had nothing to hold him on. I don’t know about the incident that is in the news today. Zimmerman had a gun on him today. The only time he has ever used it is when Trayvon attacked him. The courts had nothing to hold him on in that case. Let’s see how this one will turn out.

          107. Shellie is not pressing charges, she called her attorney and that is what they decided. She claimed on the 911 tapes GZ was threatning her and her father with the gun. My point is that he is violent and agressive, has anger management issues, and impulse control issues. That is a receipe for disaster. The night the Trayvon incident unfolded, he had an argument with his wife, and was probably seething with anger. He is a walking time bomb and his father will not be able to continue to bail him out, there is no proof Trayvon attacked him first, and with GZs’ behavior it is very likely GW attacked first.. The basically all white jury didn’t acquit because Trayvon attacked first, there was NO proof of that. No one saw Trayvon attack first they took GZ at his word. GZ who is a liar, has been charged with assaulting a police officer, had a restraining order against him, has been accused of sexual assault by his cousin, and is now behaving violently with his wife (according to her and her father). He makes Trayvon look like an angel.

          108. Nothing could make Trayvon with his record look like an angel – would you like me to lists his posts here. They are so vulgar that face book probably would not allow them. They tell me all I need to know about Trayvon. I think Zimmerman is volatile person with a temper. I also thing he’s immature but I believe Trayvon was high on drugs and he attacked him and that’s what the evidence showed.
            The posts by Trayvon makes Zimmerman look like an angel. Bottom line is the courts had all the facts and the acquitted Zimmerman.

          109. Really, well I think GZ molested his cousin and I believe her. You may think that’s ok but it is evil. GZ was also supposed to take drugs, but he wasn’t tested which should’ve been protocol.

          110. If he did that, it was wrong – I never said he was perfect – I just said that in this incident if Travon had not attacked him, Travon would be alive – Neither of them have a perfect past. Travon was on mind altering drugs and was carrying ingredients for another and Zimmerman is immature and has a temper

          111. It’s the temper that is dangerous, and I read somewhere GZ was on meds that could cause aggressiveness. As I have pointed out numerous times …NO ONE saw the start of the conflict or the whole conflict. It is idiocy to take the word of a man who has a violent history, who is dishonest, who knows about laws, as fact. The jury was basically white and some of jurors have said that 2 or 3 wanted to convict him right away without much debate. I read the evidence, there was no positive proof who started it.

          112. I didn’t say “friends Bonnie. I mean out and about. There are many unbelievable things people are saying about Blacks on this thread but I don’t see you saying anything to them.You are a hypocrit.

          113. I hear about as much from one as the other. I and in contact everyday with both. “White Cracker” is a racist term but I don’t hear anyone criticizing it. I hear black people calling other blacks the “N” word. It’s done in just and used by Blacks to describe other Blacks who do not live up to their expectations. And no, I do not say anything – I stay out of it. That isn’t “hypocritical” – it’s “common sense”

          114. I have never heard a Black call a white “White Cracker”, although I have heard the N word used in a joking way. You could certainly defend people on this discussion board but you choose not to because you are a racist and a hypocrite. Just admit it, you don’t like Blacks.

          115. When you say derogatory remarks, I don’t see that many. When you say there are more negative remarks by whites, have you considered Elnora Graham Bowden.

          116. mdwife, i’m not sure what you are implying but surely you are not ignorant enough to compare the holocaust with what happens to blacks in this country. if you are then it’s no wonder this country is in such bad shape.

          117. Are really that stupid? Bringing human beings over from another country to enslave them, torture, rape, tear apart families, and kill them, can be compared to the Holocaust. I have read your other comments and realize you are a racist.

          118. i’m far from stupid midwife and I don’t intend to justify my self to the likes of you, you are the problem in America, not blacks, you bleeding heart self righteous got plenty pure white with no problems . lot of us citizens were born poor and fought our way out of poverty by everyone in our families working their fingers to the bone and doing without to survive. I was born in the 40s in the Mississippi delta of Arkansas and blacks were called negro and Mexican workers were called wetbacks, that was the language taught us from birth, it took years and education to change the way we were taught but we did, I am not the racist midwife, you are. I don’t care if you are black or white you deserve what you deserve and what you strive for. white people in that part of the country were just as poor as the blacks and we worked side by side picking cotton and chopping cotton. now all you see is black people, and I grant you, lots of other races, with their hand out demanding they be taken care of. I believe in taking care of our poor, elderly, and handicapped, but if you are able to work then do it and leave me alone. I worked hard all my life, from quitting school at 15 and joining the military at 17 until I retired 2003 disabled. you don’t like me I rejoice, I don’e lilke people like you and fortunately we still have the right to differ. if this dictator wannabe has his way my rights of free speech and yours will be gone before he gets out of office, along with most of our other rights that are being taken away as we speak, so get your jabs and name calling while you can because you may not be able to soon, and I blame you and others like you for that.

          119. For someone who is “not going to justify myself”, you sure went to a lot of trouble. Language may be learned but so is racism, and you learned that well. You and your narrow mind can’t see anything objectively, you think your Repub. Presidents were so great? Bush lied and misled us into these terrible wars that we can’t get out of. He started a lot of those programs that you dislike so much. Anytime someone heckled him he had them thrown out, so much for free speech. Valerie Phlames’ husband disagreed with Bush and they outted her, that should’ve been treason. You’re such a hypocrite talking about name calling because I looked through your posts and you don’t skimp in that regard, typical of a neo-con.

          120. you need to check your history a little better and my posts, wars have been going on throughout this countrys history, and “started” by both parties. and the name calling, I never post anything with name calling except my response to the same, I realize I stoop to some peoples level and I regret it sometimes. and in my reply to you after you called me stupid I said I wasn’t going to justify that you called me stupid. but since you accuse me of that then read this, I will put my iq and my scholastic record up against yours anytime. I didn’t have the opportunity to be coddled and taken care of to attend good schools and have my clothes laid out for me like some of the more well to do citizens , I didn’t have meals prepared at given times and eat healthy every day, we ate what we could afford and my mom worked many hours a day washing our meager clothing so we would be clean for the school we attended. I quit school at 15 as I said after the 9th grade, I got my ged in 1959 and passed each subject easily and with as good or better scores than the others with me. at 65 years of age I passed the entrance exam at san Antonio college , I studied in 2007-2009, I have 17 hrs of credits and my GPA was 4.0 until one professor did not take a drop I put in as outlined in school policy, I was given an F instead of 0 and dropped to a 3.7. my iq was tested in 1971 and was 123 at the time. all these records are easily available if you care, but I am sure you don’t. my facebook page is under jimmie roan sr , I do not hide under any assumed user name, the name on here came from my email and is what is used on most of my post. in other words midwife I don’t think I am stupid, maybe you just meant ignorant of certain things, which I would readily admit to. and no where on any of my posts does it say I am a republican or that I liked bush, I will say that the old man was easier to take than the last one but I didn’t like either of them. my family has been democratic as far back as I can remember. this wannabe dictator the likes of you put in power is what made me question the party. if you have the intelligence to do research and care at all pull up some of hitlers speeches when he was trying to get in power, listen to them and obamas speeches and rhetoric and compare them, if you close your eyes you can almost see the smirking jackass standing there saluting his troops.
            and one footnote, I also have two presidents honor roll pins for the college along with two certificates showing that I was a member.

          121. George Bush was one of the best presidents we’ve ever had – I was raised a Democrat. I didn’t leave the party – they left me. There was once when both parties were on the same page, however, the desire for power became to important and candidates began promising the moon for votes. It’s so hypocritical. They don’t care about people – they only care about votes. With George Bush, what you saw was what you got. He was honest. None was better than Reagan, however. He warned us against allowing government to take over our health care.

          122. thanks for the reply bonnie, one of the things so great about this country is our choices to agree or disagree. I also thought Reagan was a great president, I have to admit 20 to 30 years ago I didn’t have time , or take time, to pay much attention. i very seldom knew who was democrat or republican, only if they were doing a good job. my son and i disagreed on bush and had loud discussions about it, but we never got angry about it just disagreed. i don’t think i would have liked him as a person but then we seldom get to see our leaders in that way. i do agree with you about his up front attitude though, we seldom had to guess what was coming next as we do today. most of us live in fear of tomorrow because of this administration.

          123. If Bush lied, so did the rest of the world.
            “We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction.” — Sen. Ted Kennedy (D, MA), Sept. 27, 2002

            “I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his [Sadaam] hands is e it is the best way to hold Saddam Hussein accountable.” —Sen. John F. Kerry (D, MA), Oct. 9,2002

            “He has systematically violated, over the course of the past 11 years, every significant UN resolution that has demanded that he disarm and destroy his chemical and biological weapons, and any nuclear capacity. This he has refused to do” — Rep. Henry Waxman (D, CA), Oct. 10, 2002
            “Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.” — President Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998″
            77% including Hillary Clinton declared WMDs existed. In addition Britain and most of the nations agreed. SO WHO LIED? EVERYBODY OR WAS IT JUST SADAAM TRYING TO MAKE EVERYONE BELIEVE HE HAD WMDS. HE ALSO LIED

          124. LOL, md, they all lied, then. Kerry, Clinton, Pelosi, PM of England, Argentina, everybody! Bush just followed their lead. I’m just giving you the facts – if you want to bury your head in the sand and stick with half-truths, that’s your prerogative.
            They all signed to go to war because of the WMDs,
            Bill Clinton said on national tv that he knew that Sadaam had WMDs when he left office – you want me to show you where to find that too?

          125. What would you have done MD, if the entire world was saying that Sadaam had WMDs. Allow him to keep them and end the world with them.

          126. Bush lied? Then so did Tony Snow and all other war leaders, including former president Bill Clinton. Bush didn’t start the WMD theory. He inherited it. Pelosi, Kerry, and all the Democrats in Washington said that the WMD. And Phalerie Plame and husband lied and they were exposed.

          127. What are you talking about? The inquiry was not into Valerie Plame. Washington got the WMD from Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. carried it on.

          128. Those responsible are no longer here. I know you are not comparing slavery to the holocaust. Slavery was a way of life for all nations – Blacks owned slaves as well as Whites. Some black slave owners fought on the side of the South. Many similar to William Ellison. He and his sons fought with the South.

          129. There were very few that fought for the South Bonnie, but just like some Jews turned people in during the Holocaust, there are traitors everywhere.

          130. and what about blacks pissing and moaning about wanting to be paid for their ancestors being slaves, just give us the money and make it right. do any of you ever think about the Indians that this country belonged to, what about them, are your thoughts ever with them or about them. I think not , I have never heard a black person even mention how the Indians were killed off and their land stolen. oh and by the way, I did not enslave anyone, I did not kill anyone, I didn’t have anything to do with all your ancestors or their problems, why should I pay for someone else’s sins. when does this stop, at some point someone is going to have to work and stop taking or their won’t be anything left to give. and if you want respect for your sons and daughters, tell them to pull up their pants learn to speak English instead of crap and go to school and get a job, then I will respect them.

          131. restitution for victims of slavery? Where are they? There are no slaves that I know of. It’s illegal so if you know someone who is holding slaves, it would behoove you to report it.

          132. Lea Harrelson, that is definitely not true. Many people are still feeling the racism today. THIS IS DEFINITLY TRUE and very sad. Google the shooting of Hispanic teens in Anaheim, CA. There has also been police brutality issues in LA. There was a recent issue with the forced Native American boarding schools that ended in the 80s. Natives societies have been ripped apart and hurting from that issue were children were taken, used for something similar to slavery, adopted out, and at times abused. There was a recent multicultural protest in LA, with many Filipinos and people of Caribbean descent, calling for the stop of racism. There was a New York article stating the racism statistics, in regards to arrest rates in NYC. There are Japanese Museums speaking of the harsh treatment of the concentration camps in the United States, to Japanese US citizens. There are many societies formed to speak of the suppression. There are Arab American people that feel that the they have been treated terribly since the recent issue, even though they have long been Americans. I am not black and I see a problem and I am speaking out.


          134. Lea the many other minority races have not moved beyond this, because issues are still happening. They are public and well known. If all other minorities have moved on then Universities would not have entire sit ins with hundreds of people of many races discussing, lecturing, teaching, and helping with the many issues in the local communities.

          135. aw man I was about to like that because of the relevancy of forgetting the white slaves. There were also other races, but you lost me when you said that she is feeling sorry for herself in the last 200 years. Aw man people really have to learn more about recent history. It surprises me that people don’t know about the 1800s or the 1950’s. What about the boarding schools of Indians stopping in 1980, where they sometimes used Native children as slaves (some Indians were black). There is SOOOO much more that happened recently. Oh man I’m so disappointed. What to do with this. People need to get educated.

          136. Where be me POT OF GOLD, lucky charms eating piece of sh(x)t!! Leprecaun bitch. Fuck the Irish! Sure and Begorrah…..


          138. Elnora, Maybe it would be better accepted, if you were to use softer language, instead of the caustic profane words you chose here in your posts.

          139. Let me softly say that it’s so funny how so many blank profile people want to tell me something about black America. Put you pic up and show the world how proud you are to stand behind what you say. Be it sweet or sour not scared to stand behind it. Seems to me your scared your friends and neighbours will ready know who you are and what you really stand for.

          140. I can tell about Black America as I have Friends And Neighbors whom Are Black. But they are Not Thugs or trash mouthed racist bigots. I don’t give a SH** What a persons’ Skin Colour Is, because That is Not the Measure of Any person. It is Their Actions and Their Character, that makes them Who They Are, be it Good, Bad, Rich, Poor,Educated or Not educated, Black, White, Green w/Purple Spots. I do not need to prove myself to you nor anyone else. Quite frankly, I didn’t know about picking a Picture, and even if I did post one, I somehow feel with a large amount of certainty, that You would find some reason to use it against me, continuing with your ignorant race baiting rants, that you appear to enjoy.

          141. Now which one of us is ranting now. Nor did you have to say a word to or about me if you didn’t want to.and you don’t have to count on finger and toes how many friends you have of different race.again very good. I said before and
            will say again I’ll stand by what i say and do and ALSO respect your right to say it. But when someone come crazy to me then they gonna get crazy.not trying to bait you nor going try to convince you about anything about me.but look you started the language with me ( like so many others then when i go off, then I’m the one in the wrong? I don’t think so.)and i said all this in my calm lady like voice. But yes we know i can get it to me like your talking to another HUMAN and I’ll do like wise,talk to me crazy get cursed out period.

          142. Nicely said…lol…look at LEA’s response after. It is so funny how people always have to say, “I have a friend or know someone who is black.” Come on. Lol

          143. Exactly, Bonnie and Patrick may be completely full of it and sound like racist morons, but Elnora certainly isn’t helping her case by coming off abrasive, crude and ignorant. It just makes her sound stupid.

          144. yea but the white slaves where free to move about the country .. and they weren’t slaves more like laborers ..they had a choice to stay in europe ..but this discussion is about the GOOD OLE USA.. LAND OF THE FREE? HOME OF THE BRAVE.. YOU FIGHT A REVOLUTIONARY WAR TO EMANCIPATE FROM THE BRITS ONLY TO TURN AN PRACTICE THE FORCED SEPERATION OF FAMILIES ,RAPING OF THE BLACK WOMEN.. JIM CROW LAWS..KKK TERRORISM. (WHITE MEN BLOWING UP CHURCHES KILLING LIL BLACK GIRLS)

          145. Bonnie, it’s hard for me to believe that people still point to the bad behavior of one group to excuse the bad behavior of another. Your insensitivity is astonishing. It’s hard to believe that there are still people with such brute mentality. Alas humanity!

          146. What was the bad behavior? Travon attacking Zimmerman and banging his head against the cement. Or shooting in self-defense. How much more banging could he have taken Should he have allowed Travon to murder him? I wouldn’t and neither would you. I’m pro-gun. This case proves that we should fight for our constitutional amendments All of them.

          147. I don’t accept bad behavior out of anyone and I do not accept racism either. Whether it’s from Blacks, Whites, Mexican, etc.

          148. There is NO proof zimmerman got his head repeatedly bashed, or even that his head got hit even once! He had a scrape on his head that got a band-aid, that’s IT!! The “bashing” story came from zimmerman, and gee, why would a guy following a kid around with a loaded gun lie after killing the kid? Surely everyone who murders someone will tell the truth.. You are an idiot.

          149. Rebecca, why would you even say that when it was all over the tv the wounds in Zimmerman’s head and face minutes after the shooting, his nose was broken and he was bleeding from his mouth and nose and his head was full of cuts – He took a beating. . You saw it. You had to. Why would you try to cover for Travon. That is not going to bring him back. You might even be doing harm to another young boy or girl by defending this sort of behavior.

          150. Looked up the pictures after you said that to see how they looked. I remember the news out here making an issue about him making it up after it first happened. To be honest his wounds aren’t that bad.

          151. Zimmerman had no wounds. Those little scratches he could have put on himself. It is often done in the case of murder when the suspect wants the public to have sympathy with him. It did not work and it will not work as far as I am concerned. Analyze the case thoroughly, and you too will see the truth.

          152. Trayvon was a violent drug using punk. That is what he was going for skittles and Watermelon drink to make a drug drink he drank FREQUENTLY. He beat the crap out of George Zimmerman and got what he had coming. I feel bad that Trayvon is dead for his parents, but not for him. Contrary to the LYING media and all the “”racist”” black leaders, George Zimmermans voice is the one crying for help as Trayvon beat him up. Trayvon said he would and he did.

          153. You talk like you knew Trayvon. How do you know he used drugs, and if he did, he is amongst over 3/4 of neighborhood kids like yourself and about 7/8 of the celebrities. That is neither here nor there.He did not have a weapon, you seem to be forgetting that. Zimmerman was told by the police to stop following Trayvon. Zimmerman took it upon himself to follow Trayvon which means he was the one asking for trouble. You don’t follow a person if you feel they are dangerous, especially when you called the police, do what they tell you to do. If Trayvon fought back, it was because he was being following by someone who had no business following him in the first place. No matter how you want to dress this up, the facts are clear. Zimmerman murdered Trayvon because of his personal feelings and his misuse of authority. Your brain will work if you let it.

          154. Yes there was proof – everyone saw it – it was proven in courts and although your racism will not let you say it, you know it too. the verdict was made by a mixed group. It was the right verdict

          155. Bonnie, look at the trial and you will see a doctor who examined GZ and said that the injuries to the back of his head is the result of tousling and not being banged against the concrete. She saids he was hit one time in the nose but never said any of Zimmerman’s DNA was found on Tryvon Martin. Its funny to me how people post comments on the verdict without knowing all the facts. If you google or youtube injuries from head being slammed against concrete, you will see the difference. A lot of times we tend to hear what we want to hear in order to justify our own beliefs.

          156. Kelly, I saw the wounds – So have you. How much more could his banging have taken. Travon didn’t stop banging until he was shot. You would have done the same thing if you had been in Zimmerman’s shoes. Ask yourself – who attacked first? Zimmerman didn’t touch Travon, He reported him and did exactly what the dispatcher told him to. And he was not on any mind altering drug that cause paranoia. Again I say – go after the supplier of drugs to our youth.

          157. I’m sorry bonnie, but you need to keep an open mind and look more closely into the story. Remember to think out of the box.

          158. OK I’ve kept an open mind and searched the caseand one important point, among others, is that “In yet another serious blow to the prosecutions case for second degree murder, forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent DiMaio testified on Tuesday that the evidence was “consistent” with George Zimmerman’s version of events that ended in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin”
            “The most important point is the nature of the defect in the clothing and the powder tattooing. That is, testified. “If, instead, you’re lying on your back and somebody shoots you, the clothing is going to be against your chest. So the fact that we know the clothing was two to four inches away is consistent with somebody leaning over the person doing the shooting and that the clothing is two to four inches away from the person firin’ if you lean over somebody, you would notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest,” Exactly the way Zimmerman said it happened

          159. Can you shut the fuck up! no one knows what happened that night and certainly not you! so you can’t say Trayvon did this and that! so shut the fuck up and leave it be!

          160. And by the same token, you were not there. I know what the courts decided and they had all the facts – It looks as if in addition to being acquitted, Zimmerman is going to get thousands of dollarsfrom the state, just as he should. They knew it was self-defense and yet allowed this trial to take place, just because of pressure. I am so tired of a weak government that will not stand up for what’s right just because of a little pressure and the fear of not being re-elected. But then your name sounds as if you might be the same kind of individual that Travon was. As sad as this may be for his parents, their son was far from being the child that most parents can be proud of.
            BTW – I will not type that nick that you are using. I would never want something like that on my computer. Your language also tells me a lot about the type of person you are. And you are probably one of the most racist people in America.

          161. Shove ( and I refuse to print the vulgarity you have chosen for your name) I responded earlier but apparently I did not respond correctly – The message was not displayed so here goes again,
            Zimmerman has never displayed racism nor was he on mind altering drugs The facts proved to the courts that he acted in self-defense. Travon has displayed racism and he was on mind altering drugs. The name you chose for your nick here and your language tells me a lot about the kind of ndividual you are

          162. Kelly, what makes common sense here? Zimmerman was just doing a neighborhood watch like a good citizen would. He’s not a punk, he was not on mind altering drugs, however, Travon was both. Travon’s drugs made him paranoid. Zimmerman was not on drugs and never had a bone to pick. Why do you think Zimmerman was found not guilty. There was not even enough evidence to go to trial. The trial never should have happened. During the trial things came out about Travon that could have been avoided. Travon was on pot. . People on pot or mind altering drugs are paranoid. Travon attacked Zimmermab, Travon was on top of Zimmerman. according to eye witness. That means he jumped Zimmerman That is why I say we must put a stop to drugs being given to our youth. Parents never want to admit to their children being in the wrong, however. They just can’t face it. Believe me, I know. There is not much about druggies that I don’t know. Now tell me who you think attacked first? Zimmerman made the phone call. He would never have made a phone call if he was in the wrong. Some neighborhoods have watches. That is what Zimmerman was doing which is legal. Travon was on pot and that is legal. he was carrying ingredients that could have been used to concoct even a worse drug. You and I both know that it was Zimmerman yelling for help – not Travon because he was the attacker and the bully and the one that was high on pot. He would never have hollered for help. His mind was too impaired from the pot. Now tell me who is the most likely to start a fight. Someone on drugs or someone sober and in their right mind. Just use your commons sense. You are right Kelly, some hear what they want to hear. Especially parents when it comes to their own children

          163. Sorry – I meant to say being on pot is illegal. I’m having a problem with my eyes right now and I am in the process of getting it fixed

          164. Not true he had a huge dosage of meds in him and that night he was not on watch he was supposed to be going to the store, and he should not have been driving with those meds in his system, the kid had skittles and a huge can of ice tea, did you ask yourself why he never used the ice tea as a weapon if he was such a thug?

          165. Diva, it has already been established that Trayvon was smoking pot. This conversation had better soon be over or things are going to come out about Trayvon that will devastate his family. Have you seen his facebook posts. Most horrible things I have ever seen written. I am shocked that facebook would allow those things to be written

          166. Yes he should have, you know its funny, I have yet to see one person comment about the fact that prior to this he wore an earring in his ear., if you look at his ear in close up pics you’ll see the hole, I see thugs and gang bangers wearing those, so if we were to judge by appearances for all intent and purposes, should he be labled a thug? This case was nothing but a live play, everyone had their roles to play and they did them transparently. from the murder scene and all, I think it was awful of CNN displaying Trayvons deceased body with his eyes open on the grass.

          167. While you are contemplating what else to say please read the article above about Zimmerman being abusive, resisting arrest, and attacking a police officer violently. Then his father being a former judge. Trayvons parents fearing the racism in the state of Florida, firsthand at the time of the incident. Look it up elsewhere. This is evidence that was not furthered for the court either. It was his word against Trayvon’s girlfriend or many other people who heard. Zimmerman had drugs on him, was said to be on meds (not supposed to drive) and was never drug tested after the murder. Only the victim was tested. Many neighbors were not called to court as witnesses. Some of the very important evidence was not discussed in court or even overlooked. I do think that Trayvon should have received help, but being high is not a reason to be followed and killed.

          168. Bonnie, I’m so happy you were able to explain everything that happen that night. Let me first say Zimmerman is the biggest punk of them all. Since you know so much about druggies I’m sure you must be aware that the trace amount of THC found in Trayvon’s system was at a level well below what medical studies show could cause performance impairment. As you know it gets trapped in the muscles of the body and can take as long as a month or two before it actually is no longer present in one’s system. Second, pot (as you call it) does not make one paranoid that’s why many states have past laws for it’s medicinal use. If anything it makes you more relaxed. Now GZ on the other hand, according to the paramedic reports, did show he had a drug with violent side effects in his system i.e., Temazepan. The drug is known to cause aggressiveness and hallucinations among other problematic symptoms. Patients after taking Temazepan should not be walking around and could have memory loss if they do not get sleep for 7-8 hours. So, if your question to me is who do I think was most likely to have started the fight. I would have to say the person who was doing the profiling, stalking, and had an agenda to ensure that the punks who always get away didn’t get away this time. I have no ideal who that was hollering for help and fell to see what part of that is a major factor in this case. But I am doubtful according to what GZ says he could have been hollering if TM had is hand over his mouth up until the gunshot was heard on tape. The problem with this case is GZ is a liar, and with George’s checkered backgound he is as much a criminal as TM is being accused of being. So I fail to understand how anyone can say with any amount certainity who attacked who first. At any rate an adult made some major mistakes that evening an a 17 year old young man lost his life and his family is being demonized because they are looking for the justice.

          169. I like how you keep supporting this woman beater you idiot! but i guess you didn’t know that Zimmerman was charged with that huh? stop acting like you know what happened asshole you weren’t even there and if you hadn’t noticed zimmerman’s story never made sense no did he stick to the same one! do better fucking research asshole!

          170. Z was not tested for drugs and I have heard he was on something. Z did have a bone to pick as he told the dispatcher “these ……. always get away. GZ was a punk, who had been arrested for assaulting a cop as well as other things, and was allowed to plead down. Z is a liar, he lied to the court about not having any money when he did have plenty. The witnesses weren’t reliable because some changed their story, it was dark out and none of them really saw the whole thing.

          171. According to what eye witnesses. You mean racists liars. Trayvon was not following Zimmerman. You seem to forget that. He was going on about his business when Zimmerman continued to pursue him after the 9ll call to police, when he was told to go back to his car and wait for the police. It seems to me, he wanted to kill this black youth, and I will never believe differently.. The facts are too obvious. Bringing up drugs does not reduce the facts. Many people smoke pot, use cocaine, and all of the other bad drugs that are put on the market. Myself I am very proud of the fact that I have never experienced any of them because I have a mind. I don’t need a drug to help me feel anything right or wrong. You can ignore the facts all you want to, but you can’t deny the main fact, and that is Zimmerman followed Trayvon and he had a gun. Trayvon was not following Zimmerman, and he had a bag of skittles and a drink. I’d like to see anyone kill someone with a bag of skittles.

          172. How ever Tayvon did it, Kelly, He is responsible for the cuts, broken nose, etc of Zimmerman and people who are on drugs will kill you – their mind is not right and they are stronger than someone who isn’t
            Anyway, the evidence proved self defense. nuff said

          173. not correct. The police and examining physician said the wounds were consistent with his head being banged repeatedly on concrete. But, if GZ was just stalking TM to shoot him why does he have any blood on him at all? It seems like he would have pulled the trigger before there was a chance of being hurt. Please don’t tell me GZ planned it that way to make a self def. claim. No way could he estimate how much of a beating he could get without getting incapacitated or able to use his gun. GZ didn’t appear that smart.
            How did this get racial anyway. Nobody involved was white

          174. Also if he was banging his head against a slap, you would have received considerable damage to the back of his head, definite concussion, he would not have been able to shoot anyone. Whereas Trayvon Martin’s lungs were punctured before he was shot, he was not in the position to do anything, which leads me to ask why are you ignoring these facts.
            Why are you ignoring the fact the Trayvon had a right to stand his ground.

          175. Wow his lungs punctured. I didn’t know that. Oh I just found that there is new evidence out that was never released on it.

          176. Apparaently, you are miserable because if you state that Trayvon banged Zimmerman’s head which he should have because Zimmerman was following him, but I don’t believe he got the chance to do anything because Zimmerman had a plan and Trayvon was part of it. What other reason did Zimmerman follow Trayvon if he did not want trouble? If someone is following you, wouldn’t you take steps to defend yourself? But first, you did not see Trayvon do anything to Zimmerman, and since Trayvon is dead and Zimmerman is very much alive, I have many questions and a lot of doubt. Zimmerman may have banged his own head. After all, he did not apply common sense because if an officer tells someone to stop following a person and he continues to do so; then he would definitely be considered the aggressor.

          177. Have you checked out the posts by Trayvon? horrible but it gives an insight into the kind of person he was. And it has been established, without doubt that he had drugs in his system.

          178. Bonnie, please, you are talking about a child.  He was a junior in high school, the same age as many of my own students.  A trace of drugs in his system does not give a thug the right to murder him.  I saw the family on television during the trial.  They seemed like good and respectable people.  You might look to Trayvon’s brother to get an idea of what Trayvon was like.  The idea that you can justify the murder of a child by denigrating his character is really reprehensible.  What kind of a human would do that??
            Carl Miller

          179. Bonnie, I notice you are not addressing any of the allegations against GW, just Trayvon. I wonder why? What do you think of GW’s violent history, the drugs GW took, his scuffle with a police officer, his attempt to hide money when he was in jail? His wife was just found guilty of perjury, GW is not an upstanding citizen and he knew ALOT about the stand your ground las, enough to know he would have to be injured to get away with it.

          180. I am aware that that Zimmerman had some problems but nothing was ever that serious and nothing was proved. I never said Zimmerman was not immature, I just said that he is not a murderer or drug addict and in this case, he did not attack Treyvon. It was the opposite. Trey attacked him much to his surprise and he reacted. The courts had the facts, however, and they decided.

          181. His father was a judge and he plead those charges down from more serious charges. The point I am trying to make is GZ is dishonest, as shown by his attemppting to hide money, aggressive as shown by his record, and he should’ve been tested for substances as well.The same can be said of Trayvon, his record was no worse than GZ. GZ refused to take the stand, he’s a ccoward. Even his wife is rethinking being married to him. The jury was WHITE and most are bigots like you. You can not prove beyond a doubt that Trayvon attacked him, that is yourr OPINION. You act as if you were there and you weren’t.

          182. All the evidence points to it. It was enough for the courts – You were not there either and since you were not, why don’t you check out the evidence. Trayvon was on top so he attacked George by surprise. Common sense says a lot and a witness said trayvon was on top. Heaven forbid that anyone who wants trayvon to not look like the punk he was to use common sense to figure anything out. Common sense would contradict what they would like to believe

          183. I did check out the evidence, none of the witnesses were reliable. Most could not be positive of what they saw and some changed their story. It was not proved that Trayvon was on top, go back and reread the evidence. It’s ironic that you talk about common sense when you are the one who said most slaves were treated well, I guess you were there too. Who wants to be beaten, raped and have their children sold.

          184. Assaulting a police officer is not serious? Lucky for GZ his father was a judge and he was allowed to plead down, most people who assault a cop aren’t allowed to.

          185. My husband was a policeman so I sympathize with officers. However, this is not about assaulting a police officer. It’s all about who attacked whom. The courts decided (on the facts) that Travon was the attacker

          186. GZ should’ve been tested for drugs as well, that’s why he refused medical help initially, if he was so badly injured like you claim, he would’ve gone in.

          187. your opinion – you could be right, however, he was the one on the telephone calling in the report. I really don’t think he would have gone on patrol under the influence – My puppy would have better sense and Zimmerman’s vocabulary leads me to believe he is not a dumb individual

          188. You should study yours. Take a criminology class and how slavery can still happen. Read the prison statistics and the crime that is actually committed. Read about who gets arrested and why. You can not assume that a cultural society hasn’t been suppressed, just because the intense racism happened to a mother or grandmother. You can’t assume that there are not family problems due to a great grandmother being in slavery or having to possibly work under certain conditions because those are the only jobs available in the 50s for blacks. There are still racial problems today and people like you try in everyway to deny it. This only hurts people, especially families for all races. Children learn from their elders and you are setting an example. If you are really in your 80s I am very happy you are that old, because change needs to happen soon with our new generations. Maybe you have been around a long time, but you have not admitted the terrible racism. If it didn’t exist then this discussion wouldn’t happen. Universities wouldn’t fund classes on it and the civil rights movement wouldn’t of happened. Obviously there is a problem.

          189. Oh my God! Are you really saying that slaves were treated well? You are totally crazy. How about you become my slave Bonnie?

          190. Midwife, Some were, some were not – I am saying that the slaves of Thomas Jefferson were treated well. I am also saying that Blacks owned slaves as well as whites. William Ellison was a black salve owner, however, he did not treat his slaves as well as regular white slave owners. Taking some one for a slave is wrong. Our Constitution does not allow it
            I’m saying also that John Adams defended a group of slaves who killed the owners of a slave ship and took it over and in trying to get back home, they ended up in New York. They were taken prisoners, John Adams represented them in court and they won and the would-be slaves returned to their homeland. You don’t read about that much. If you dig deep enough you can find out these things
            I am saying it is a crying shame that all slave were not sent back to where they came from. If that had been the case, it would have saved us all a lot of confusion. However, many did not want to return home. Slaves were taken by those of other nations and brought here and sold as slaves. I don’t understand why we are still discussing it. None of us have ever owned a slave or been a slave.

          191. whose pulling whose chain ? are you the mentally challenged racist that testified in the trial?
            contrary your statement, all who know me call me a lady of wisdom.. If I seem to be boasting it’s because I am , I’m very seldom wrong


          193. You really need to shut the hell up, and I don’t believe your 87, because if you were you would not talk the way you do. Elnora is so right when it comes to you. you need to just shut up and keep your fucking wisdom to yourself. I guess you will have to answer some ????? to God wont you?????

          194. Canada she’s never gonna see God she’s gonna bust Hell right open.she already got her foot in the grave and one on a banana peel lol.but that’s not an aging woman that someone hiding behind an old woman picture. Know any old woman that is that bigger Bitch ? Nope because when you get that age you’re trying to get your life right to meet your make.but as long as they think they get to you they will keep F-ing with you.there’s nothing they can say to me that i can give back ten fold. I had yrs of practice. I’ll knock them Bitches down like domino.

          195. Elnora – do you know or have you ever heard of Dr. Ben Carson? He has been giving good advice. Can’t accuse him of being dumb because he really is a Brain Surgeon. I’m hoping he will run for president next time Try to listen to him

          196. Elnora, I’m sure you are not my judge – You would have it just as wrong as the judgment you made on Zimmerman. the courts spoke – their decision is the only one that really counts.. They had all the facts

          197. Bonnie stop talking or thinking about you along time ago, you’re a loss cause.anytime someone disagree with you.then you think you know everything: on blacks,Jews,Hispanics, the law,drugs,Trayvon etc don’t know squat.and judge you, you do that your self there’s a special place in hell for people like you.God don’t want you and the devil don’t either so you’ll be thrown in the hell don’t know when TM last smoked a junt,what was found in his system could have been smoked 2wks before.and they Don’t make as you say mind altering drugs with tea and skitters repeat they do not make it with tea and skitters so please kill that now go back and Google what it’s made with then speak on it.

          198. If we don’t remember the past we are likely to repeat the mistakes we made back then. I have Trayvon’s post . The courts declared ‘not guilty’ for Zimmerman and they had all the facts. end of discussion the courts have spoken

          199. YOU HAVE TRAYVONS POST? Your lying is really getting out there. Have you taken your meds yet. Ms know it all strikes again.

          200. shut up old lady they just didnt have enough proof to say he was guilty! there is also no proof to say he was innocent so shut the fuck up you peice of shit if this was in canada this rotten peice of shit wouldve been in jail long time ago but then again no one wouldve been carrying a gun in canada!

          201. Ms know it all then stop posting to me. I care not one iota about what you’re talking about talk to the one that know my feeling toward you ain’t a damn thing changed.I know what it is you LIKE me go head admit it. Im like a pace maker, i keep your heart going don’t I.

          202. yes, we can tell – Elnora has excellent communication skills. She’s so right the courts don’t agree with her. I never said 87 – on July 24 I will be 86. I have never said slavery was right but blacks and whites owned slaves and there is nothing that we can do about it now. Slavery was all over the world at one time – Even the Bible speaks of slaves. That was a way of life. Whether. Even my ancestors may have been slaves, Who knows – That’s in the past as is many things that people did not unlike today, We consider it wrong but it was just par for the course back then It is not right for me to be paying for the illegitimate children of others when my faith tells me that adultery is sinful.

          203. You are WRONG this case. If you just go by what zimmerman said,you’d never make a good judge, , jury or detective.THERE are 2 sides to EVERY story. Did you ever put yourself in the teens shoes?, if some strange man was following you, not identifying himself,asking who you are and where you live?..i could see if martin was hanging out someones window, then zimmerman trying to wrestle him to the ground, but that was not the case..did you watch and read and hear the last call martin was on?..Zimmerman did not identify himself, and because martin was leary of a creepy man following him,he ran and zimm took tried to do a citizen arrest, martin only was fighting off a predator. GET REAL BIMBO.

          204. Christine you are entitled to your opinion but the courts settled it. They had all the facts. The death of anyone is a tragedy. However, Travon, I repeat, was the aggressor. The courts proved it. Nicole Simpson was white, she was killed by a Black guy for no reason at all except for jealousy. I didn’t see the outrage then. All I saw was Blacks dancing in the streets because he was found not guilty. Just goes to show how racist some of you can be. Nuff said – there is a lot of bias and hate by blacks against whites. Because of people like Jackson and Sharpton. The Ignorance of their followers is making them wealthy. I don’t blame them. It’s prosperous for them. I blame the poor ignorant people who are making them rich.
            . Travon was not fighting off a predator. Travon attacked. Zimmerman was fighting off an attacker. The facts proved it. The courts agreed..
            The president had no right to even speak on this subject. He was criticizing law and order. That just shows how racist he is. He sure had the people who elected him deceived. I looked into his past before I voted – therefore, I couldn’t vote for someone who hobnobbed with Communists and Socialist and leaned that way himself. My conscience would not let me.
            This was a clear case of self defense and there is nothing that can be done about that.

          205. Christine, we had a good jury – they had all the facts laid out for them. They decided. end of story

          206. ur clearly not and old lady! how would an old lady know about the slang word “boasting” ur just a racist white person whos probably middle aged!

          207. Iam so on your side and Iam white from Canada. I have children with Afro-American father’s. I can not believe they found him not quilty. I think the prosecution did not do a very good job. I now have to tell my son who just turned 15 and is special needs that he has to be careful because of his color. you know even in Canada we have the same promblems as the states with stuff like this. I remember being 17 with black men and the police pulled a gun on us for no reason, however they did get in trouble later for that. Iam so crushed that they found him not quilty

          208. Canada i pray your son in his generation do see unity and peace.i truly do speaking as someone who has a rainbow of niece and nephew who i will hurt someone over. My daughter who is 18 i want her to be able to love whom ever she want regardless of there race. She should be able to go where she want to minding her business and not worry that she going get shot for going to the store.but im sure you probably have just as much if not more of what we get but hold tight and pray for our beautiful children that a change gonna come.

          209. This is a first for me. Someone bragging about their promiscuity. However, as Christ said ” forgive them, they know not what they do:”

          210. To a ‘girl from Canada’ Your promiscuity amazes me. I have no response as I don’t have the experience that you have in having illegitimate children. However, it is your business as long as you and the father are supporting them and not shoving your responsibility onto the shoulders of others

          211. Bonnie, you are clearly an IMPOSTER. For one thing, troll, what 86 year old woman replies with (Nuff said?). I would say you are probably in your 30’s, if that. On the other hand, your posts are quite lengthy for a senior citizen. You just keep digging that hole deeper. Troll is as trolls do.

          212. Thanks – I’ve been told I have it together for 86 – I drive any place I want to go. I drove myself (alone) to the doctor in another town today. came home had all my prescriptions filled and then went to church tonight. I’m doing great.

          213. when things dont go the black peoples way their not happy.GZ was found not guilty in a court of law beyound a reasonable doubt but thats not good enough the black people are out rioting destroying property the white people were not happy with the O J simpson murder trial but their were no riots we had too live with it why cant you
            the news media started all of this and they wont be stopping any time soon they are happy GZ was found not guilty if he were found guilty the story would be over then they would have too find something else too fill their T V air time

          214. OJ was guilty in my view. You had your chance to speak out and didn’t… don’t blame black

          215. And their are no riots in this, however this was not a trial it was more like a play, the reason why there was no reaction with the verdict was because the outcome was already known., prosecution followed the leader and nothing more with just enough showmanship to make some think the man on trial laughing was really being tried but there is a higher court in which the judge cannot be paid through favors!

          216. I find it funny that you say that when it is all the brothers that are chasing white women. Just goes to show you what your own kind think of black women. Facts, Baby, facts!

          217. Each to his own Billy whatever floats your boat.I’m not mad which you.oh wait ……..that what you wanted was it to see if that statement would bother me. Next exit to the left please.

          218. I don’t care how old you are, you are a racist and Iam white with children of color. I can not believe there is so much racism in this world. You should just stay off the computer and go play BINGO with your friends. I can hardly wait for you to respond to me you racist BITCH.

          219. I just know right from wrong – the courts agree with me – not you. I’ve learned down through the years that if one does not have facts to support their statement, they always holler ‘racist’ People have gotten used to it now It’s lost any effect that it once had because people have used it out of context so much.

          220. You seem to be the racist here. The courts made the decision and you are angry because they didn’t convict a man who was not Black – not White either but nevertheless, the courts had the evidence and decided the case on the evidence and found Zimmerman ‘not guilty’ end of story. They agree with me

          221. +So you must be a Wigger cuz no whit man wants your skanky ass…I can just imagine how you look Wigger bitches all look the same

          222. I’ve said all I need to ‘gal’ My point has been made. The courts agreed with me. I’m not the one that’s racist and I believe you know it. You are the racist because you wanted a semi-white man to allow an individual to murder him just because that individual was black – In your eyes self defense against a black is racist. The word racist is always used by those who have not facts to back up their view

          223. Hey Bonnifwheeler, I see your point. Apparently, Elnora has taken your fact based opinions personally. There are those who learn from their mistakes and from their past. Others not so much. Have a Happy 86 next week!

          224. Bonnifwheeler, if you are 86 then you are racist! Especially since you have no remorse or feelings of sadness for a life. God said for the old to teach the young. You are just another old racist who will never change until you get to H***! You should have seen much jim Crow, Willie Lynch, four little girls in BHM stories to understand the TRUTH ABOUT AMERICA! If I were white I would be ashamed. I feel sorry for you since you have not changed yet! You are suppose to grow WISE but you just grew OLD.

          225. Karen, the word is always used by those who can’t come up with facts when trying to make a case – It’s used so much by people like you that it is no longer taken seriously. I’m making much more common sense here tan you are. The courts have all the facts and they agree with me – not you. That should tell you who really the racist here. You want a man punished for defending himself against getting killed just because he isn’t Black. And I’m the racist?

          226. Karen, I haven’t received a reply from you. Did you see my post. The courts agreed with me – not you.
            I know about racism. The white men that dragged the black man behind the truck was one of the worst things I have every heard of and I don’t know how anyone could be so cruel. I thought they should have been drug behind a truck and I said so. You seem to be racist Karen. You thought Zimmerman should have let an individual kill him just because that individual was black. The courts agree with me.

          227. Seriously, bonnie is the poster old fart calcified pineal Neanderthal child. She can’t help feeling the way she does ,it’s in her genes.

          228. Repent for what – I never have been a racist? maybe I need to repent for some other things that I did but it sure isn’t racism that I have to repent for. I think I’ll allow God to decide what I should repent for. You ain’t Him

          229. I am sure glad God didn’t put you in charge, Karen. You are judge, jury and punishment for us all, although you don’t know us. I’m not ashamed of being American and neither am I ashamed of being old and White. With age comes wisdom – and I don’t hold grudges for hundreds of years. I’m well pleased with the type of person that I have been and also how I reared my children. which was not to have one illegitimate child after another – that marriage was the only way to go. They have all done well.

          230. Wow, seriously? I would think an 86 yr. old woman COULD think for herself, but you obviously don’t. My 82 yr. old, white father sure can see the truth, but you? Well, I guess Elnora saw it as she seen it. And I guess she has pretty good eyes. She guessed you to be a racist long before I did.

          231. I am sorry Ms. Bonnifwheeler, I did not know you were on the scene when it happened. I would have told them to get you to be another eye witness that did not really see or her anything except what they imagined. Did you listen to the 911 tape when the officer told zimmerman to go back to his van and stop following Trayvon? Well, zimmerman did not listen, he went on to follow Travyon which means he was looking to do something wrong to Trayvon, because Trayvon did not have any weapons. He had a bag of skittles and a drink. I wonder what kind of trouble could have wanted to start with that. He was going another way and zimmerman followed him after being told not to. You analyze that and if you are a so-called Christian, which the Klan proclaimed Christianity and went out after church and burned the black churches and hung blacks for no reason at all. I respect old people, but not ones who still hold the beliefs of the Klan and the likes.

          232. Yep, you are right – there have been incidents like that. When my religious denomination was first established our ministers were beaten and churches suffered harassment. But that was a long time ago and the denomination has grown and expanded and is one of the largest in America. It is now accepted. Time changes some things and we cannot cling to the past..

          233. Ms. Bonnie Wheeler, people who are inward racists rarely will let this show publicly. Zimmerman is a sneaky character so that he can continue to do his dirty work and fool more people like you.

          234. think what you like – I must be right the courts agreed with me. I have never said that Zimmerman was perfect and he probably has a temper but he shot Trayvon in self-defense and just because travon was black doesn’t mean that one cannot uses self-defense against him or that Trayvon should be allowed to kill Zimmerman because Trayvon is black As I have said, those who sell these young people mind altering drugs should also be held accountable as well. However, I feel like in most cases if children are raised in a safe and moral environment they will be less likely to turn to drugs. Only the hoods are likely to become addicted.
            Nevertheless, the courts have decided and now it looks as if Florida will have to reimburse Zimmerman because they never should have brought charges in the first place so you taxpayers in Fla may as well open up your pocketbooks to paying more taxes – that is, the working people of Florida will have to pay.

          235. Just because the courts agree doesn’t make it right. They have been crooked since time began. Don’t you read the newspaper, or listen to the news, so don’t tell me about the courts. There is justice and then there is justice. Take your pick when it’s your son or a close member of your family. I am busy now, talking with a person like you is like talking to a large bee.

          236. I think about what if it is my son having his head being beaten down into the ground by a drug crazed racist. I would hope he would defend himself anyway he could. I would hope he would do exactly what Zimmerman did if there was no other way. Zimmerman was not perfect but neither was he taking illegal drugs. I repeat Trayvon jumped Zimmerman by surprise, therefore there was no way. The courts in this instance had all the facts and decided accordingly – there was no racism on their part and neither was there ever any racism on the part of Zimmerman in his lifetime. The only racist remark in this instance came from Trayvon. Again I say you all don’t care at all who is in the fault. You would like your race or your family to get off scot free no matter how guilty they are and only because its your race or your family or your friend. Where is the fairness here? If it’s my child, I don’t take up for him in the wrong neither do the people I associate with. A friend of mine, well respected and a Christian just had her’s put in jail because he was using drugs on the sly. Bet you wouldn’t

          237. lady, if you ran for governor, I’d vote for you. this country needs more women like you. your an American treasure. god bless you. because i don’t care what color you are or how old you are.

          238. Kelly do you notice if you come back at them, then you’re using the race card. I don’t know what cards they’re talking about since they’re all stacked in their favor. but if you take notice I never cussed any out until they started getting stupid with me, now they think that it cool if they call me niggers, black bunny and an animal but not 1 time have I called the honkey, Cracker, turkey, shit color, yes I cussed them out after they called me out my named and if they’re waiting for me to apology they will be waiting in the coldest part of hell. so now i’m crude and rude because I won’t bow down well I guess I am then. oh well it’s not like they’re sending me a check to pay my bills so [email protected]#$ em.

          239. Lets get back to the point here and think of some things logically for a moment. If you were planning on killing a 17 year old boy in cold blood, as it is suggested that GZ did, would your first plan of action be to call the police and alert them of your identity and location? Of course not. Both individuals had phones on them, we know that. Which one called the police?

          240. You are about as ignorant as that dumbazz they put on the stand that helped free George Zimmerman. Why don’t you focus on learning how to speak the English language rather than give your weak, simpleminded opinions that are about things you cannot even begin to comprehend.

          241. DASH dash your MFing behind on and play somewhere if you had anything to say you should have said it along time ago.I have no time for your bull shit. Go play this is Grown folk conversation.

          242. WOW,fuck Islam if i wanted your opinion i would have given it to you. In other words Fuck u. Like i said i don’t have a problem standing behind what i say versus the1’s hiding behind blank profiles or sheets. YOUR opinion is like an asshole EVERYBODY GOT 1 .

          243. Move you know your face look like your ass. Step to me mutha fucker get your ass brunt like toast. Keep telling your ass I’m not the one i don’t do “yes sir master”

          244. Elnora,
            Didn’t your Mother tell you LADIES do not use such vile language? My Grandma lived in Watts during the riots and it was HORRIBLE and frightening, as a child, to see what was happening to African-Americans; and seeing photos of them being blasted with water hose by the LAFD. and LAPD cops letting German Shepherds on men to tear at them, and I remember feeling shock that an Afro-American child around my own age– was lying there, wide-eyed and dead in the street, with blood pouring out of him. You are stuck in the Black Slavery Era, as if that was the the only time in US history that African-Americans were treated so unjustly and wickedly. 95% of the homeless in the streets in the downtown area of Skid Row, (my neighborhood) in Los Angeles are Afro-Americans. It’s going very bad again for many Afro-Americans (and other NON-fair skinned ethnic groups) , and cussing people out and using vile language isn’t helping to make your point, other than to anger people enough to resent and detest your vulgar mindset. Simple ignorant-minded Racists would LOVE to have an “EXCUSE” to believe that all minorities deserve whatever terrible things happen to them. Clean up your vile disrespectful language and PROVE THEM WRONG. To receive respect, you have to be willing to give respect to others, as well.
            Or didn’t you learn, “Love thy Neighbor as thyself” during Sunday sermons? Afro-Americans have a pretty good rep for having alot of faith in G-d…show us some of your faith, huh?

          245. I think you should scroll up a little farther and read a little long. 1st i’m a fully full grown woman and can say what I want. 2nd NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE is going to call me out my name and me not go off. NOW I start off trying to respect THEIR opinion then they come back disrespecting me instead of moving on. you came acting like you had some sense so you wont get cussed out but if you step to me wrong I’ll tell you where to get off at save your SERMON for some one else and if you state your opinion and I don’t agree cool move on but call me out my named will get you, them and anyone else that come at me. you tell me was you grandma seen No disrespect to you or your granny but Come back when you lived it, faced it, you kids hurt by it. unless youre Black, the child that’s black or mixed with black or married to a black you cant tell me anything.

          246. It seems you are unwilling to respond to kind words, or to ANYONE who treats you with dignity and respect…So how did I disrespect you and what did I say to put you on the defensive???
            I have been hurt by racism, I have been battered, hated, called terrible vile and hurtful things but you want to believe that ONLY African Americans have endured racism and discrimination; and nobody else can POSSIBLY understand what it feels like to endure racial hatred. My ancestors were almost decimated into extinction and now we are treated like strangers in our own land, The Americas, which we moved about freely, even before fair skinned IMMIGRANTS came, and you say I can’t understand prejudice, racism, or discrimination????
            You’re right, I can’t tell you anything because
            Your mind is closed. I am sincerely sorry I tried to reason with you. You just want to wallow in a soup of hatred and unforgiveness.
            Say what you want…I for one, have decided you desire neither kindness or understanding from ANYONE. I WON’T make any further attempt to reason with someone who refuses to be reasoned with. I always believed that a spoonful of honey works better than a vat of vinegar, but you have proven me wrong. Enjoy the vinegar.

          247. No you seem the one who wants to misunderstand .I asked you to scroll back to when i first ? Was what made Trayvon a punk to Patrick i believe and it when to them calling name.I don’t suffer fools gladly.and like i told them if they came at me crazy i would give it back ten folds .no blacks are not the only ones that suffer through racism and there’s good and bad in all race.but you judged me without knowing what all the conversation was. I strive each day to be more like God to let sometime go by me.BUT i not God and i do fall short o do not

          248. What a dope. Do you have ANY clue the history of the Black Americans? Do some reading and then try to say again what you said. Utter nonsense.

            And I’m white.

            Just not white like Patrick O’Brien

          249. I can very well understand bias – you haven’t walked in my shoes – That is the reason I know what I’m talking about now – I also understand law and order. Self defense is as it should be, the only reason to harm or kill someone else. This was a case of self-defense. Trayvon attacked first. You are criticizing Zimmerman so harshly should stop and think what you would do if someone on drugs and not in his right mind was bashing your head against the cement. The drugs had Trayvon paranoid. That means his mind was not working right.

          250. Yeah, Elnora but only you can look in the mirror and see an ***hole looking right back!

          251. im trying my best not to snap on your stated your if i agree or not it your right to it don’t keep my name in your mouth.or are you trying to push to see how far you can go before i cuss you out

          252. yea iam a white man from the top of my head too the tip of my toes except around my
            ASSHOLE and thats black like you
            jungle bunny

          253. No you can not be count as a man but you are a insult to ANY man. And was that jungle bunny bit supposed to hurt or insult me child please go back to the drawing board you didn’t get close.we already talked about the white man and his love of his pet.

          254. I’m do this one for D Negrete no matter what i do believe that D negrete want an end to hate and racism so im gonna show i can rise above you and meet your mess with silent. Last post that you will get from me no matter what you need the attention.listen……..silent

          255. Hey, Shamrock – go back to eating your Lucky Charms…..Sure and Begorrah!!!!!
            In other words, Irish – shut thee fuck up!!

          256. @Pat O’brien

            of all the ignorant assholes I’ve seen online, you are by far the worst. You’re an utter embarrassment to white people everywhere. Climb back into your hole and STFU!

            And if you want to post, like a badass, put your photo up so all these people you’re insutling can see who you are.

            Or do you have your hoodie up?

          257. Pat Rat needs to follow a black hooded dude down the street and see if he don’t get his ass whooped.

          258. hahahaha you’ve never handled a weapon in your life!
            you’re just a piece of shit, that get his jollies acting brave online. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          259. Yeah thats why you black bitches cant get any cocoa stick of your own… the white gals beat you everytime!

          260. Honey I’ve had my good good chocolate stick for over 30yr he a vet.and yeap my soldier STILL stay at attention Yesss. And for as a white woman or any woman getting him is slim to none.don’t fool your self all a black man want for you is you on your knees.all the while he has a sister in the wings that he’s taking shit from you to give to them. Do u think we mind. BITCH plz

          261. yea and no white man wants to be with a white girl that fucks black men. once you go black, YOU CAN’T GO BACK!!!!!!!

          262. African-Americans are not Niggers! What the heck is wrong with you???? That word is only used by ignorant hateful racists that teach their kids the rites of passage into adulthood is sporting white sheets and hating anyone who isn’t fair skinned.
            Don’t tell me you’re one of those cross burning Psychos from the deep south who kid themselves into believing they are: “G-d fearing Christians”!!!
            Some people just LOVE TO HATE….HOW PATHETIC IS THAT?

          263. Of course…you should see the postings on Rolling Stone on the topic of Zimmerman vs. Trayvon…the comments are far worse and more biased, but I still suspect that your attitude and graphic offensive language is probably egging these racist psychos on to escalate in their bad behavior as well….
            Goodnight. May there be Peace in your sleep and in your dreams,when it’s not possible during your waking hours.

          264. We going to agree to disagree.but worry yourself not with my sleeping habit(note) have not cursed you out once.but yes you was getting like i told them I’ll tell to have now put your two cents in,you’re all up in my kool aid and don’t even know the need not responded again mother Teresa i do not want to upset your delicate nature. Go with God my child.

          265. ELNORA,

            Mother Theresa is DEAD, I AM NOT EVEN A CATHOLIC!!!

          266. Stop posting to me bitch and get your can’t raise me and i don’t have to share your opinion you’re up and down this page back and forth giving EVERYBODY your opinion like its the gospel according to you like after you spank our hands we gonna stop and sing”we are the world” child please .now say nothing else to me nor about me and we will be cool.

          267. Did you call me a BITCH? Wow… did you have to look up how it’s spelled in the dictionary, before you typed it? Or did you hear that word all your life and you FINALLY memorized it?

            You wouldn’t know Jesus’ Gospel if Jesus HIMSELF preached it to you in person….
            And you’d probably curse at JESUS and spit out a string of profanities at him, if he even TRIED to talk with you… Cause you just CAN’T control that wicked tongue of yours, isn’t that right?

            Who says I’m trying to raise you? If your own parents couldn’t raise you right, then NOBODY CAN!!!!
            By the way, don’t be a such a hypocrite, I see you posted all over the place yourself, and far more often than I have. What a Nimrod…

          268. First you dam skimpy i call you Bitch with a Capital B and fyi i posted once and responded to the rest.don’t worry how i was raised or not raised.keep trying to talk shit to me and you gonna get it right back.if you don’t agree with me cool no problem but state it then keep it moving.don’t keep flapping your gums to me and think i will go in a corner and be good . It don’t work that way. Keep my name out your mouth and we can keep it moving right along. NEXT EXITS TO THE LEFT

          269. dam skimpy? did you just make that up? FIRST OF ALL I don’t talk &^%$, that seems to be YOUR talent. AND, FOR THE RECORD…your comments are going directly to my e-mail message box, so if you don’t want me to receive your asinine comments, then SIMPLY QUIT TYPING ME MESSAGES, BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY STOPPED POSTING ON THE “ROLLING OUT” WEBPAGE!!!! You Dufus!

          270. Like Your spelling of GOD as G-d? you started a convo with me not the other way around.and fool a Bitch is a female dog.i have turned both cheek the only ones left is in the back of me.puckered up

          271. I give you that 1.That’s the 1 line i will not cross and that on anyones religion.but we believe that there’s no greater name the JESUS or GOD so in this we are on the same page.can we agree to leave it there. If you don’t call my name or me out my name we can go our separate way agreeing to disagree. Only i can change me only God can judge me. Because everybody talking about heaven ain’t gonna make it in.

          272. That word came from the uneducated. If someone calls you niggardly, however, it means they are calling you stingy.

          273. Yes, I am aware that the noun niggardly means “stingy” but specifically because it sounds so much like the highly offensive “N” word, most genteel folk avoid using the word, even in a small group.
            I refuse to use that word in public conversation. Stingy or Selfish…even Penny pincher is a far better alternative.

          274. Good. Hope you are with them.would love to greet you anytime you ready come on down.look like you need a dirty south beat down and i need a work out.

          275. Arrogance at it’s finest! You guys sure can never break away from the Victim roll. It’s a shame. An said to read! Just to let you know, There are allot of black chicks that love white guys! What does it even matter! You are just showing how racist you are! But congrats on contradicting yourself. You are sure smart and sure showing him!!! lol.

            God the amount of morons in this country! Holy crap!

          276. Oh an by the way! There had to be some decent white people. I mean you guys did get your freedom. Pretty sure white people died with you on a battle field so you. Well not you, but possibly a ancestor of your could walk down the street and be free!

            Sooner or later you will have to open your eye’s and realize you are only part of the big problem in our Country. The fact that almost 60% of us have false entitlement! Proud on by some sort of cult. But ask yourself due the Majority of Americans. Not white nor black nor Hispanic sit around an think how bad my ancestor where treated and put to slavery!!!!?? I mean think with a little sanity.

            Just to let you know slavery started with white Europeans.. Then your own people started doing the same thing in Africa! With there own people. America just took part in the Business. Still going on in your Home land! Why, aren’t you out there giving back.. My WHITE MOTHER goes every year to give back to your own people killing each other! An your own people letting children starve!

            I’m not racist but I hate HATE dumb people like you!

          277. Ok here you go…….changed your name from Dash Riprock to Dash your ass somewhere and KICK rocks.why would i give your dumb ass a dictionary you can’t read anyway. If bother you MF that you can bother me save your drama. and stay on the subject which was GZ not you or your feeling.Dash on by little boy this grown folk lane

          278. NO ! stupid , It’s spoken like a true NAGA…You see , your rotten teeth no bath taking flea infested ancestors mispronounced it, and to this day
            as with everything else they Fd up the ROOT meaning holds the power.

          279. No one should bother communicating with you. You’re a lost cause. And you can’t spell….

          280. So very true. But sometimes it seems like the sins of the father is visited on the sons meaning it may happen to one of his family member.then i wonder if he will he think they deserved it or if they are punk asses then?. Mama always said when you dig a grave( wish harm on) for someone dig one for yourself. I’m a person that will give anyone ( especially a child) shelter from a storm. But i see Patrick and Bonniewheeler would rather kill mine because their skin color is different and in their mind is of no value

          281. I wish for you and every member of your family what happened to Trayvon. I wish it for you all!!!

          282. These posts have GPS capabilities – you all should calm down. Someone is going to get hurt.

          283. Don’t wish the drug use on my children and misbehavior and school problems such as attacking others on my children -nor the getting shot while attacking on my children – I have enough problems

          284. Ah SUCH class…JUSTIN BIEBER WOULD BE PROUD OF YOU, I hear the Bieber likes to pee in buckets and praise the Lord after.
            Gosh, your Mommy must be disgraced to have someone so ill-bred like you for a child.
            And I do mean “CHILD.”

          285. The fact of the matter is that no house was robbed…and the boy has no history of burglery. The only person who could be remotely called a thug is George Zimmerman…the guy who assaulted a cop and stalked a young girl. Maybe you should look up the definition for the word THUG. It fits Zimmerman to a Tee.
            Could it be that you call a victim a dead thug because you’re nothing but a racist? Just saying.

          286. Maybe GZ was looking for some ‘dark’ love that night. That might have been what TM say and then began to run.

          287. I dont know if he’s a thug or not but @ the same zimmerman is not a police or law court, y wld he take law into his own hand? moreover, anybody can be a victim of such act, in society like this, no 1 is safe.

          288. What was GZ doing waiting for the next child to molest or the next cop or woman to beat? You just as sick as GZ.

          289. One thing or should I say person that Trayvon didn’t have is a father for a judge that will get him out of his crimes instead of getting him some help. He won’t be able to cover all his crimes they will come to light and OMG is not the word.

          290. Really? You know he was suspended multiple times for offenses that would have been arrests if he was over 18. He got caught for classy things like selling drugs, but im sure u think he was a saint, because of his innocent looking 12 year picture the media crammed in your face.

          291. There is no reason that the murder victim should be on trial when he was followed by a KNOWN child molester, George Zimmerman is a coward plain and simple!!! There is not a single teenager in this country including you all at some point that did not smoke weed, trip on acid, or worse!!! Here is the valid question here you ppl that feel the desire to worship a murderer ( George Zimmerman) let me ask you a question WHAT THE HELL WAS A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH VOLUNTEER DOING WITH A GUN???? HE WAS NOT THE POLICE, A RENT A COP OR BY FEDERAL LAW ALLOWED TO EVEN HAVE THE DAMN THING!!!! TRAVON WAS A CHILD THAT 300 POUND MAN COULD HAVE DEFENDED HIMSELF WITHOUT A GUN!!!


          293. To Gal from Canada Wrong again: From the editor: It has been brought to our attention that George Zimmerman has been arrested one time, not three, and that the charges against him were dropped after he completed a pre-trial diversion program. The additional two charges stem from the same incident on the same date.Was this an oversight on your part or was it intentional?

          294. What kind of area did you come from. I have children who would never have dreamed of doing such in his teen age years. Trayvon was high on pot when he was killed. And Tammy guess what! the courts do not agree with you and they had all the facts

          295. With this, we tried something today to prove a point, we got a coconut (pretty hard) we hit it up against the sidewalk,after two hits it broke now is a head hard as a coconut, if it not zemmerman’s brains would have been on the side walk,

          296. You should look at some of the evidence better yet why weren’t you all on the jury ?

          297. There was no evidence that he robbed anybody stop making shit up…Trayvon does not have a record he wasn’t a saint but he had no record. GZ isn’t a saint also

          298. Zimmerman is the thug who’s father retired judge got him off on previous crimes he’s nothing more than a murdering psycho killer. Hopefully he will copy Ariel Castro and end it all.

          299. It must suck to be you. Narrow minded, racist asshole. I hope you have a child and they get killed by a fake Neighbor Watch predator. Fate will serve you something….

          300. I don’t know but i guess you and I are among them. And you array right whites are not the only people that’s hateful are hurt someone simply for the color of their skin, there are hate in whites , blacks ,latino etc,etc..but point me to the station, news report where a white child was staked and killed in a black neighborhood and then said it was self you know any? To me hate is hate be it by blacks or whites. Myself like a number other PEOPLE want to be judged by what we do as an individual not as a group. I will speak my mind and if someone come off crazy at me i will put them in their place. You gave an opinion and i give you mad respect because you didn’t have(in my opinion ) any racist behind you statement nor opinion. But if you don’t believe its still alive and well then you’re living in a fool paradise.yougot calm me because you didn’t hide behind blank profiles or profiles of little old ladies. I don’t have a problem if someone disagree with me just have the balls to stand behind what you say unless that person is portraying themself a whole different way publicly

          301. I deleted my one comment because I don’t want to be misunderstood as a racist. It is just sad that people have to hate. Wonder how the Lord feels when he sees all of this.

          302. Katie to me at less your comments didn’t come off as racist at all. I don’t care if i don’t like what someone say that their right as it’s mine to disagree. i hate when someone say crazy stuff.but back to your question ” wonder how the Lord feels when he sees all of this.” probably what he felt back then.he has given us time to get it right and we still can’t. I was brought up in a holiness church and taught to love everyBODY as God loves us. But they killed Jesus also and he NEVER did anything but loves us.
            So if we could go back and give me just 1 and only for a day a white person that would be willing to change skin with a black MAN and come back and tell me how was a day in the life of my Brother. My sisters are 10 & 12 yr apart from me and i still remember them telling me how they use to slide their food through a slot like they where dogs.and we still have that kind of hate today and some try to use the Bible to preach that hate. Until morrow see it there will always be closet bigots and that’s real talk.

          303. Katie, you seem much better than some of the people that have posted on here (such as F islam – that racist sob), but as Elnora said, I wish there were a way for someone to change skin color for one day – they’d realize how much racism there really is in this world. Anyone that thinks black people use the race card too much – have no clue what they go through in life. I was married to a black man and lived in Florida for a while and saw first hand how prejudice people truly are. Since they didn’t know I was married to a black man they treated me one way (great), but when they learned, I’d see an entirely different side of those people. Just as those I didn’t know who met me and my husband for the first time were unbelievably prejudice. He and I were both in the military and he got out before me. The agent at the unemployment office was very helpful in finding a job for him – as a janitor! I guess they don’t have any supply jobs available anywhere in Florida. When we looked for an apartment, the realtor steered us clear of “white” neighborhoods because we wouldn’t like living there, instead he tried to get us to move into a black neighborhood. I had that unique experience that Elnora wished people could experience, and I was embarrassed for my own race. When I see GZ I see those same faces of people who automatically write off a person (or in this case a kid) simply because of the color of their skin, and it makes me sick that people still hate for such a stupid reason. Enough said.

          304. At Redheama, I am very sorry that you and your husband went through this. I do believe prejudice is taught and it is up to us how we carry this. I am a firm believer in we shouldn’t judge a book or people by the color of their skin nor the cover to a book. I hope and pray that the people in our country will come together in unity.

          305. ,msanderson, people will judge other by the color of their skin as long as al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have anything to do with it. That’s how they line their pockets – keeping racism a live and weill

          306. I have been raised in Canada and I was raised not to be racist, I grew up with my friends who were black & white, so I ended up dating black men and I have been treated as if I was black. I also see how black men and white men are treated very different even here in Canada.

          307. Isn’t it curious God would have to resort to allowing his son (himself)
            to be killed, after all he is all powerful, one would think that god’s
            plan would be better than that of a goat herder’s mentality since he’s
            all knowing, right? Could he not think of a better way??

            He sentenced all mankind to be born into sin
            because Adam and Eve disobeyed him, yet they knew nothing of right or
            wrong prior to eating the fruit. He could have simply forgiven
            them, gave them a “time out”, but nothing of the sort and you see how that turned out.

            planted the tree of knowledge and let the evil snake loose in the
            garden with his ignorant children all the time knowing what would happen, after all, remember he is all knowing, right?

            He also requires you love and accept him or he’ll burn you alive in a pit of fire for all eternity, yes god reeks with LOVE does he not?

            It’s astounding how gullible and willfully ignorant the human mind can become in it’s effort to appease it’s fears. Its no wonder we live in a
            world of such hatred when there are so many self righteous.

            We are all brothers and sisters across this planet and should care and look at for one another, any evolved primate should understand this….it’s such a shame they don’t.

          308. I think i responded to someone on here about ppl who wanted to use or twist the Bible to suit them. So we’ll go no farther nor will i get into your love or hate for God.because you can’t make me turn from him.THE DEVIL IS A LIE. Satan you got to move.your opinion is your and in that i will respect…….but now to go get my oil and speak a word over myself. I may say what on my mind and will cuss you out if you step to me stupid but i don’t question God and his plans for us.

          309. AMEN, AMEN. We have to realize that racism is TAUGHT. People feed their children racism like they do food making sure they have it for breakfast. lunch and supper while giving them two snacks. This is how it is passed down from generation to generation. If we don’t feed it we won’t see it.
            We need to rise to the 21st century and stop the madness.

          310. I never see it anywhere but here/ My next door neighbors are Black and we get along fine. They are very nice church going people and so am I. I don’t have a problem with them and they don’t have a problem with me.

          311. Elnora…. Why do these angry people keep writing in response to y Lord question. Ridiculous. I love how these keyboard tough guys hide behind a computer screen, calling people names and just making hateful immature comments. Seriously they need to get a life. I keep getting emails in my yahoo account letting me know when an ass*ole writes another stupid comment. Whatever. At least you are cool, Elnora

          312. Katie how are you today?and yes girl my email be blowing up.they’re try to see how far they can push me before I snap but girl that’s therapy to me. See because i believe there’s good and bad in each race. And for a person with a rainbow family,black,Hispanics,Chinese,white they can’t make me mad but make me tell em to take a long walk off a short pier and laugh while they’re doing it.and i like you also you seems to be a great person and that’s all anyone can ask. Which is all we want is to be treated like a person that also love their family .Simple

          313. Good question Katie, Lets see…he sentenced all mankind to be born into sin because Adam and Eve disobeyed him, yet they knew nothing of right or wrong prior to eating the fruit. He could have simply forgiven them but you see how
            that turned out.

            We’ll ignore (because that’s what we do best) the fact that he purposely planted the tree of knowledge and let the evil snake loose in the same garden with his ignorant children all the time knowing what would happen, after all he is
            all powerful and all knowing is he not?

            He also requires you love and accept him or he’ll burn you alive in a pit of fire for all eternity.

            He also allows approx. 14 million innocent infants and children to die every year from terrible diseases and starvation across this planet.

            So I think it’s safe to say the answer to your question is pretty simple, he doesn’t give a crap.

          314. I think you should go read the bible a bit more and Jesus is the son of God. God did not kill himself!!!!! about children dying, well I had a daughter who was born with a 1 in a million thing were her abdomen was not totally developed, she had 6 surgeries, she never came home and every time she was getting ready to come home something would take her steps backwards. well she was tube fed, she was on a machine that tells her heart beat and oxygen levels. I caughter the nurses feeding her late and marking it down that it was on time, I told the DR. they got in trouble and 1 month later my daughter was dead at 8 months old. 3 children died in that room of 4 children in 1 month and 3 nurses quit, I found out they took my child off her heart machine because they were short moniters and they put it on a little girl who was dying and there was nothing they could do for her. I found out 2 years later that the nurses did over feed her and she drowned in her milk. I was mad at God but after years went on I forgave God and understood that he took her so she would not suffer the rest of her life. I MISS HER SO MUCH, SHE WOULD BE TURNING 33 IN AUGUST 21. WITH ALL THIS SAID. I WISH PEOPLE WOULD JUST START GETTING ALONG BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY THIS LIFE. now I have a 30 year old daughter who has a 2 year daughter of her own and I have a 15 year old son who is special needs. Yes all my children are of color.

          315. I have to say that He is the only JUDGE/JURY that counts and HE cannot be bought off, or RACIST. The Lord’s judgment is true and final. It may take a while but the TRUTH will prevail and I pray it will come before another tragedy like this happens.

          316. Kate just think how you would feel if you see your creation/children/child doing it? This should give you an idea of what He sees.

          317. He was not minding his own damn business the little punk was in a gated community that he did not live in! Stop trying to make this puke look like an an angel! Teens like Trayvon are whats wrong with America today ! And what the hell was he doing out walking the streets after being suspended from school, sounds like you should be blaming his death more on shitty parenting!!

          318. WOW…. Angela his mothers gated community you mean…. by that logic there are other kids that live in that community why was a child molester there???? Last I checked Trayvon did not pull out a gun your fucking hero child molester did!!!! That fat ass bastard could have defended himself or better yet called a real cop and waited…. He was a racist and so are you!!! You are a disgrace to the human race to wish death on a child!!!

          319. the charges were proven wrong – if he were a child a molester I guarantee his name would be on the list there. That list is made public and you can be sure that everyone on the list is a child molester – Zimmerman was not. I wouldn’t be accusing someone of that unless I could prove it if I were you. He might even see this and sue you – He is bringing charges and He will win but those who he is bringing charges against will most likely pay outside the court. One network has already made an apology to him. That ain’t gonna get them off the hook, however.

          320. Since you love him so much invite Zimmerman to live in your home or even neighborhood maybe he can kill one of your family members!!!

          321. Tommy, He would never have to use self defense against me if he lived in my home or in my neighborhood. I’m not on mind altering drugs therefor I wouldn’t attack him. It is a good thing Zimmerman had a gun or he would have been killed. Drugs make people insane and insane people are stronger.

          322. Bitch I’m not the 1 you what,Believe that okay .second move ole George in with you please and i hope your sterile because a bitch like you SHOULD NEVER reproduces.and if you do i wish the same far on the little bastard as you wished on trayvon.what go around will come right back on you and that’s KARMA.SO BITCH KICK ROCKS like i said move him in your family (DARE YOU) around YOUR punk ass kids.

          323. That the case i hope a lot of strange are following your or a brother or sister or maybe run bitch run. BANG

          324. I had someone follow me before. I stopped and asked “why are you following me?” And he said he was security for a complex. I told him who I was and what I was doing and he said Thank you and I was on my way. That’s what civilized people do.

          325. Which is my point.I fully understand concern about the break in they was having and if that child had been peeping in windows or even walking close up on home i could understand him following him. Now he suppose to be the neighborhood watch he said he came pass him while he was in the car and looked at him.WHY IN GODS NAME didn’t he said : hi my named George and im the neighbor watch can i ask it you’re visiting someone here? Then he would have found out the child was on the way to his future step mom home and this would not have happen. That all i’m saying.what it that was George following you then you run he follow then shot could have been a whole different story for you.

          326. Well there is Evidence he was showing a threat! An into criminal activity!

            Just get over it! You know how many black kids are dying in Africa right now!

            How about you stop trying to stand up for someone and go do something about it.

            Most of you just look for a time to be a Mortar! As soon as you get a chance. Next thing you know. You can’t even read blogs, Cause they are not even spelled in English! Some half ass slang.

            Give yourself some respect. If you really care. Go give back! That is if you really freaking care!
            But from the likes of your Edumication you probably just rant and rave.

            If you don’t like our Justice system or our country men. Then gtfo. We don’t need you! Chances are we are paying for you to live right now!

          327. I know you didn’t say Gtfo to me. That shit is laughable this country don’t belong to you or me. The whites STOLE it, then stole our ancestry to build it. But bitch i was Born here. My father, husband, niece, and nephew and brother in law served this country that you call YOURS if you so concerned with the children in Africa then be about it, don’t talk about it.I give RESPECT when RESPECT IS DUE. And none is owed to you. So find a short pier and take a long long walk. If i stepped on your toes just curl them up the next time and keep it moving because you don’t do shit for me i got my own.I don’t give a hot dam about the color of someone’s skin. Only the way they treat me if you get stupid with me that’s what you will get in return you nor anyone else is any better than i am. No matter your color speak to me like you’re speaking to a person, and i treat you the same but if you want to get me started F with me. #wrongbitchtofuckwithforreal.

          328. Elinora, you make my point exactly. Zimmerman, while perhaps not a racist, certainly jumped to conclusions based on a hoodie. He did not ID himself; he did not ask Trayvon what he was doing there. He was looking for trouble, and he found more than he anticipated. His actions, I believe, caused Trayvon to be frightened for his own safety, and he fought back. I believe the truth will come out eventually. And I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Zimmerman as far as breaking the law is concerned.

          329. if Trayvon had been frightened, he would not have attacked Zimmerman – This is the court’s opinion. If it was proved that Trayvon had not attacked, Zimmerman. Zimmerman would be in jail right now. The courts proved that he was only trying to defend himself – the courts, with all the facts, decided – end of story.

          330. What would make him a saint in your book – because he’s black – the courts had the facts and judged the case on those facts. nuff said

          331. What would make him a saint in your book – because he’s black – the courts had the facts and judged the case on those facts. nuff said

          332. stop trying to pull me in to your mess to keep your hate alive. I’ve said all I have to say to you do me a favor and get a life, or is spreading Hate your life? see by now EVERY body on this blog Now exactly what you are all to well and they know you’re not the old lady in the profile behind the post. you get a sick pleasure out of it. like I said I know where you stand and you know where I stand, waste your drama on a weak minded person that buy your bull point, blank and put a period at the end.

          333. Oh yeah he was just minding his own business like every two bit punk that he was. You people make me laugh the only time you care about blacks is when the happen to be killed by whites. But you don’t give two shits that you’re killing each other every day. So stop the bullshit.

          334. Lets forget that he pushed around a store keeper. Just before or he was carrying tools to break into houses. Lets forget the facts he wasn’t that innocent picture they kept showing. If you go out looking trouble sooner or later you’re going to find it. Let’s face sooner or later somebody would killed him or he would have killed someone. Born to go to jail.

        2. You’re a fkg ahole. That kid was a straight A student, he didn’t have a criminal record unlike Zimmerman. He was walking home minding his own business when that pervert followed him and murdered him. I hope the low life gets what he deserves. You people are hateful MFs and I hope your hate chokes you and kills you. You’re already withering away. FK U! #JUSTICEFORTRAYVON!

          1. He was racial profiling, bullying, stalking and killed when the Martin kid defended his ground. He disobeyed the order to stay in his car to allow the police to see if there was a problem. Zimmerman got away with murder and the prosecution was pathetic. The county’s lead prosecutor who didn’t even get involved in the courtroom seemed jubilant by the decision. Meanwhile not long ago she put a black woman away for 20 years who put a warning shot over her estranged husband’s head as he had threatened her. There was a restraining order against him. She got 20 years, and Zimmerman is looked upon as a hero by the racists such as yourself. Check out his prior offenses and the fact that his father was a judge who saved his ass a few times.

          2. Anybody that paranoid should not be watching they should be hiding. I guess since he has now been niggerized, he will have the rest of his life to see what it feels like.

        3. you most was right there.. your the sob.. dumbass.. someone lost a son cause of gz crazy ass… please wake the heck..i hope nothing like this happens in your family .. child of the devil

        4. How do any of you know Martin circled back. You’re hearing one side of the story. Martin’s dead and can’t defend himself. I believe GZ intiated the whole confrontation and got his ass kicked. When he realized that he couldn’t win the battle with his fists he pulled his gun and murdered Martin. Don’t give me that BS that Martin was big. There is a tagged pic of a rapper people are saying is Martin and its all a lie. Snope it.

        5. how dare you call Trayvon Martin S.O.B. punk, who are you to call anyone a name especially when you don’t know him, GZ did follow him, and Trayvon did run. You idot, I think your racist

          1. A seventeen year old 6ft child was killed because he attacked. this was a clear case of self-defense and the courts made the righty decision. Sure it was a tragedy brought on by the attack on Zimmerman.

        6. You need to read on a more analytical basis. Trayvon was not bothering Zimmerman at all. He was going his way, and Zimmer man got off the phone to create the serious violence he created. Anyone with a mind knows that Zimmerman is guilty, and I am going to Pray very hard that God will see to it that he gets the justice he deserves.

          1. God already answered your prayer – Zimmerman got the justice he deserved but let’s hope Trayvon gets better than he deserves. If he doesn’t, he’s in a whole bunch of trouble.

      2. he should of never got out of his car, and if some person that pull me down like that i would punch his lights. A skinny kid like on top of cop that cop should of knock him out. that cop should of know better, it sounds like he had in for that kid, not only that maybe the kid was looking for trouble, esp- when that kid saying u r going to die tonight. i would say get your ass of of me punk. John just made a horrible decision.
        Now he has to live with that forever.

      1. How come the media isn’t putting George on blast for being a stalker and invesigate his back ground like they so-called did Travon!!! I would care if Travon was 10 ft. tall and as big as Shack he sholud have had a background check after the dispatcher recogized his voice for the ump-teen time on other occausion not just this one. It was said that was not the first time he was harassing the police department with his paranoid anttics. So now what Mr. Fox,CBS,CNN,ABC HLN, which one of you have the ballas to cover the real story!!

          1.  Daryl my local fox affiliate did a long story on Zimmerman this morning talking about Zimmerman’s scrapes with the law and his father and possible favoritism.On my way home I listened to conservative talk radio and they were discussing Zimmerman’s sketchy past. I know it may come as some sort of shock to you but not all conservatives are racists. I thought Zimmerman should have been arrested from day one. The law is the law. Racism pervades the Democrat party too. IT is everywhere and it will be forever. Some people are just no good and they have children that are raised to be racists.  No president or anyone else can compensate for a poor upbringing. The sad thing is this should never have been a racial issue. A Hispanic human killed an African American human. It is a human issue. I am prejudice of criminals and I think the Hispanic human should pay for his crime.

          2. Please take a look at Eugenics and then tell me “it is a human issue”, There’s a nice clip on YOUTUBE; Scientific Racism.

          3. Some people do not like Fox because they give both sides of a story while others sometimes are biased

          4. LOL. Yes two sides: Fair and UN-balanced. Fox is considered, “FIX” News. Only those that believes that they are privileged to a certain kind of world, and that certain others are not, believe in watching the FIX News channel. If you do not see the obvious within the FIX News, you are brainwashed, simple as that. Many of the channels, including MSNBC favoriting liberally, as the FIX (fox) news channel favors supposedly conservatism aka “better than the rest of the world”, and if one does not see this, they are indeed brainwashed. If one thinks ANY news channel is balanced, you are clueless and probably brainwashed, it’s as simple as that. NO one, I mean NO one, should believe in a particular news channel or particular program, or a particular person ALL THE TIME. If you believe that these networks, or so-called famous people share your thoughts ALL THE TIME, that is the artwork of brainwashing. Yes, we all share views, but if you see that ALL YOUR VIEWS, is the exact same as a party (democrat, republican, liberitarian, FIX news, MSNBC, CBS, rush limbaugh, and others), you are brainwashed and don’t even realize it. Be an individual, do not look up for these so called others to get into your mind, learn to think and see the world with your own mind.

          5. Just because they give all the details does not make them biased. People now are so used to biasness by other news media they are accustomed to getting half the details of an incident and that’s all they want. Fox gives every little detail and BTW, they have held the title of being ‘Most Trusted” for a long time now
            However, If they don’t think like you, they just aren’t to be listened to – Right?

          6. Bonnie Wheeler; they don’t give ANY details! Just slander! That “Most trusted” is something they made up!

          7. Paul – This did not come from Fox – it was surveys that were done – 0ne being a Christian College

          8. Most trusted by the most stupid, which is a majority in the USA now. If you don’t check out a VARIETY of news outlets, you don’t have the data needed to judge FOX’s accuracy. You are just spoonfed by faith.

          9. MurrayPurkins, How about list the FN inaccuracy.. I have always told the Fox critics to do that but they have never been able to list one. I believe there has been one inaccuracy since I have been watching but Fox came back on and corrected it.

          10. I do that but I have to go back to Fox to get all the details – other networks were leaving out a lot. I’ll have to admit, they are doing better now after they were losing so many viewers. For once, they are giving full details on Obama’s mistakes. What a switch. I was surprised but due to their trying to cover Obama’s backside, they were losing viewers faster than they realized they would

          11. Bonnie Wheeler; Faux thanks for drinking more than your share of the Kool Aid. B’DOY!

          12. did you see where the charges were dropped? and don’t tell me it was his father who got them dropped. That wouldn’t happen. The law looked into it and had all the details that’s why Zimmerman was not charged. I ask you again. Did you see Zimmerman’s head? there was plenty there to support self defense. Treyvon did a lot of damage to Zimmerman before he was shot. Why doesn’t all the black killing blacks get this much attention?

          13. Yes, being the son of a judge can afford judicial favoritism. Zimmerman should have been in prison a long time ago for domestic violence and for attacking officers with & without a weapon.
            Zimmerman attacked an unarmed teenager and initially was losing the fight. That is the reason why he had a few bruises. Trayvon had to defend himself against this stranger (whom he mentioned to his friend via the phone). Wouldn’t you defend yourself from an attack while walking home from a store?
            Unfortunately, when Zimmerman saw that his accosting the teen was not working out and he was losing the fight, he used his weapon to ensure a win.
            I agree with another respondant who suggested that George Zimmerman is mentally ill. After all of his numerous calls to police departments concerning his eagerness to catch criminals and be an arresting official; being a participant in gunplay, and as an adult, all of his prior ‘hushed up’ violence ocurrences, Zimmerman should be examined for psychological issues. He has finally gotten his wish….too use his gun and kill someone. REMEMBER; after killing Trayvon, the only thing he asked the reporting sergeant to tell his wife was that he finally “shot someone”. He seemed proud of this fact, and did not seem phased at all about the fight, or that he had just taken someone’s life who was not a burgler or a thief; just a scared teenager walking home from the store… talking on the phone…..carrying skittles and iced tea.

          14. I am very much in AGREEMENT with your description of this issue…There is some reason for Zimmermans actions before & after killing Travon that just does not gel…I come from a family of law enforcers….NON… I repeat… NON… of them walked around w/ a gun on their hip unless on duty…I NEVER even saw my Dad…a retired NYS Trouper, Albany Police officer, and Retired Magistrate…with a gun on him…If anyone listens to all the 911 calls IN FULL…they will hear Zimmerman still running after Travon…after he answers OK to the operator…There-in lies(a pun intended)the issue of GZ CHASING TM down…pissed off because “another N#$!er is gonna get away”!!!!
            Zimmerman…in my opinion is a wan-a-be cop who could not make it as ONE…and used this Self described Community Watch Person as his way in…NEVER SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN OUT OF HIS VEHICLE AT ALLLLLL!!!! From there all went down hill fast…I pray that George Zimmerman…is found guilty of 1st (planned) degree murder and receives a sentence appropriate to his crime…

          15. Why doesn’t whites killing, raping, robbing whites get no attention. And don’t even THINK about denying it.
            Check out an old you tube video on how white privilege in reality screwed up white society. Case in point [White daddy] George Zimmerman.

          16. Trayvon has a right to protect himself against a fat ass bully like Zimmerman. Why would a so called wanna be cop, be profiling and stalking a yound black male? Why would a big ass man, follow someone, stalk someone, carrying a gun, shoot that person, then says, it was self defense. Do we need step by step guide on how someone is a predator? They see, they follow,the stalk, then they kill…. Zimmerman was the provoker, he provoked a fight, and killed out of hate, and then call it self defense? So stupid, if you think this makes any sense. How could a person carry a gun, against someone minding their own business, truly vulnerable, without a weapon, be the aggressor? You are a stupid human being quit posting ignorant, mindless material. If one is a racist, just say so, this is a free society, but do not side with wrong. Just say, “I believe that if a black person gets killed, for whatever reason, it is their own fault”. Some racist people are using websites and the media now, to ignite their racisms, by siding with obvious wrongness and injustice against black. This is modern day slave mentality, brought on by conditioning…..sadly, it will never change, until the world become beige, it which it will one day.

          17. blacks kiling blacks will never get any attention by blacks…they could give a damn…
            and the staggering number of black on White murders NEVER gets a single mention by the MSM..

          18. well Bonniewheeler, if you read about his charges which were domestic violence, resisted and officer and resisting an officer with violence. those charges did vanished and Yes his father had a lot to do with it. come on my father is retired from the police and I can say I have never been charged for anything in my 54 years of life but if I had police pull me over for a ticket for speeding, I have gotten away a few times because of my father. so they do favor people that have people in there family in the law. straight up. But you know what if I did something like GZ I would not expect to get off.

          19. You don’t have proof of his father getting him out of any kind trouble. That was speculation from the very beginning. The report that I posted was from the police records. There was only one charge against him. . Anything else fabrication.

          20. I don’t doubt that policemen are easy on the family of fellow policemen My husband was one as well. However, judges are not as well known but it really doesn’t matter. It was not policemen who found Zimmerman ‘not guilty’ It was jury who did not even know the family. They made their decision on the evidence. Zimmerman was not the attacker. Travon was and it was an unexpected attack or Zimmerman would have had an opportunity to fend him off. He didn’t have that opportunity. Had he not had a gun he would have been murdered

          21. “… I know it may come as some sort of shock to you but not all conservatives are racists”
            huh really? not all of them? say it isnt so.

          22. Of course msnbc and leftys are working on it. The racist imposter is working for them(AL). I quit watching them long ago when they were bowing to obama during his election bid. Made me sick. They are at it again.  

          23. Of course msnbc and leftys are working on it. The racist imposter is working for them(AL). I quit watching them long ago when they were bowing to obama during his election bid. Made me sick. They are at it again.  

          24. Sorry to tell you that ALL, including your FIX(fox) news channel shows favortism against one side of the other. Be your own person, don’t look up to these so called news channel and radio personalities to think for you. Don’t be so brainwashed, have your own mind and own thoughts. If you are siding with one side, either way, you are brainwashed; they are getting into your head, telling you what to think without you knowing it, or having your own thoughts.

          25. The networks were losing out to FN so they have became desperate and have begun talking about Obama’s failures, as well to try to build up their audience, however they started too late It’s still the same – FN is still the most trusted and the most popular.

          26. I do a lot of research before voting for anyone. The first think I do is check out his voting record. I noticed in Obama’s record there were lots of ‘no votes’ People who don’t do research on candidates should stay home on election day. otherwise they can get America into deep trouble

        1. ” Harrassing”?  He had called the NON EMERGENCY number 11 times in the past 13 months.  And considering there had been 402 police calls to the complex during that time, that’s not a lot.  The real story is that Treyvon was a pot smoking AND dealing, purple drank drinking, thug with a history of violence.  He had jsut received his THIRD suspension of the school year, but his dad let him go out to pick up the ingredients for purple drank.  There’s your real story.  Martin wouldn’t have even been in Sanford if he hadn’t been suspended AGAIN.

          1. YOu are really in denial or something!! If Trevon is or was a pot smoker, tell me the percentage of any kids who don’t smoke pot in including you!! So get honest Purple blue green or urple it don’t MATTER!!!! He could have been drinking piss you jerk!! This is a FREE COUNTRY or are you blind to that too? Being suspended from school doesn’t make you a target for some ego maniac with an enferriority complex the RIGHT THE RIGHT to KILL an inocent kid!! If that were the case then that means that every parent who’s kid has been suspended better has them on house arrest for fear of people like you and that Z guy who make up the law as they kill! Oh by the way, the dispatcher told him demanded him not to pursue Trevon!!! Have a good day after you let this marinade thru you brain!

          2. Really? Now Trayvon was attempting to make a street drug ? Thanks Commonsense for clarifying that false information .

          3. mitz if you are seeing this much pot smoking and criminal activity – get outta that neighborhood. It isn’t popular to do those things at any age

          4. you are a vile and disgusting racist and there is not one fact in your comment. the only people who believe that bs are the white supremacists who have been financing GZ’s defense and smearing Trayvon’s memory since he was killed. shame on you.

          5. so all non violent things… while all of Zimmerman’s crimes are violent…. hmmm seems that Zimmerman is the one who is dangerous…

          6. You fools that think Zimmerman should be acquitted and who villainize Treyvon because he dared to walk his black body through a white neighborhood are morons. Treyvon was innocent, the real villain was Zimmerman but since you’re prejudice you can’t see that. He’s been in trouble several times and two of them for aggressive behavior – if that had been Treyvon that had been arrested several times and he was the neighborhood watch guy then you’d be on the other side and calling for his head, but you people are most likely just prejudice good for nothing fools who can’t see right from wrong because you can’t see past the color of his skin. I’m white but I see people for what’s inside of them rather than for the color of their skin. Treyvon did NOTHING wrong and Zimmerman was prejudice and tried to be a hero so he could make his way into law enforcement, this was nothing about what Treyvon did, it was all about the color of his skin and Zimmerman wanting to play cop. Stop making him into a hero, he’s scum and deserves to rot in prison. His defense attorneys know how bad he is so they fatten him up and clean shave him to make him look innocent when really he was a thug.

          7. A little over cautious perhaps but Zimmerman was the type that didn’t let anything not normal get by him. And most importantly Trayvon attacked first.

          8. Very wrong. He stalks then approached an unarmed teen after being told by the real police to back off. From then on he was at fault.
            “Anything not normal” is code for black. Have you realised that yet.

        1. All of you are ignorant! thank you for adding to the racism, bigotry and hatred that has forever plagued this country. Understand that aforementioned behaviors are learned. With that being said, I hope everyone here takes personal accountability of their circle of influence and ensure that these learned behaviors are no longer taught to our innocent children, Remember the children are inheriting this world for us and we, as a whole, have done an awesome job of leaving them a real mess!!! God will judge all of us for our actions. THANK YOU ALL for putting all of you ignorance out there for the whole world to see and also for contributing to the individual growth of the racism, bigotry and hatred in this country.

    1. What you called a ‘child’ was 17 years old, over 6 feet tall and 180 pounds with a muscular build. Now, if someone like that was sitting on your chest, turning your face into hamburger and slamming your head into the concrete, wouldn’t you be trying to find a way to make him stop? Being overpowered and feeling helpless ( he DID call for help) he chose to shoot the attacker. 99.9% of men (white, black or whatever color) would do the same. Women, too, if the truth were known. Zimmerman was not the attacker here, Martin was.

      1. maybe you shouldn’t confront someone that intimidating in the first place? if you get out of your car to persue/confront someone who isnt breaking any laws at all, aren’t YOU the agressor and does martin have the right to “stand his ground”? if you start a fight and get your butt kicked, oh well. better luck next time. you dont pull a gun and kill a person YOU chased down.

        1.  confront him? He should’nt have even been stalking him (particularly after the police told him not to)… which is exactly what he was doing, with a weapon. What I’d like to know is, why is it “stand your ground” for Zimmerman, who stalked and confronted him, but the same law doesn’t stand for Martin, who knew he was being stalked AND DECIDED TO STAND HIS GROUND?

          1. No weapon was found and there were aledgedly were witnesses, but mark my word, they will find a gun in the bushes or somewhere it could not be seen at the time.  Stand his ground, come on, that is the way you perceive it to be even though you know better.

          2. I hope you haven’t passed on that dim wit to future progeny. It’s been over a month. Where do you figure this gun is, anyway? chilling on the edge of the fountain of youth?

          3. Hello he admitted to shooting Trayvon Martin I cannot stand stupid idiots who thinks it is ok to gun down a unarmed 17 year old…and zimmerman was 100 pounds more than Trayvon Martin..and how you know these facts are true this is his gated community…So STFU….

          4.  AZ Watermelon Juice and Skittles, ingredients in the narcotic “purple drank”.  He walked a mile from the 7-11 and didn’t open the the Skittles or the Watermelon Juice?  Who does that?

          5. It was’nt Watermelon Juice. That shows how much you are reading. He had Arizona Iced tea. REad, Read, Read the truth not what your mind says.

          6. why the hell would Trayvon have a weapon of some kind? He didn’t. He was the VICTIM. He did absolutely nothing wrong…

          7. Diana, sometimes people hope for there to be a gun hidden some where so they feel better for the killing.

          8. Why would anyone hope for a gun on someone as hot tempered as Travon. He had just tried to buy one a day earlier and was turned down. He was a very dangerous young man and if he had a gun, instead of attacking Zimmerman, which he did, he would have shot him. Zimmerman’s head tells the entire story. I don’t know how anyone could define this any other way but self-defense.

          9. Would you mind substantiating that with evidence? How come this is the first time I hear about this?

          10. I don’t know where you get off judging Trayvon, when first of all you did not know this young man, and he can not speak for himself because he is DEAD. YOU ARE NOT GOD, SO STOP JUDGING ANYONE BUT YOURSELF. If he was trying to buy a gun, at least he was not getting a stolen one and that is because he was a good young man and no one is perfect, NOT EVEN YOU..If Trayvon did have a gun and he shot GZ he would probably get the death penalty or life. JUST STOP BEING SO RACIST.

          11. To ‘FROM CANADA: Where do get off judging Zimmerman when he shot in self-defense? You are not God so stop judging Zimmerman. The courts judged him and found him ‘not guilty’ They agreed with me He was not old enough to be buying a gun. If I caught mine even thinking of buying a gun at that age, He wouldn’t be able to sit for a month. Why would a seventeen year old be buying a gun. He knew it was illegal to do so but then he knew that post was illegal as well. MOs seventeen year olds don’t go around committing crimes like smoking pot and buying guns. You walked right into that one did you not!

          12. when your on top of some one beating the hell out of him
            your fists become weapons

          13. Zimmerman is a frustrated white boy wannabe who tried to do a John Wayne and got his a## kicked.

          14. change
            Even frustrated white boys have the right to self defense – one could however argue the point that Trayvon was a frustrated Black boy who was always going too far trying to prove to the world that he was not a coward. Many young people have lost their lives that way

          15. Yeah , your a FOX retard. Try something new, it’s called logical humane thinking. What part of Trayvon walking home from 711 shows frustration? Now Zimmerman on the other hand , saw a BLACK as your type like to express it, Immediately ASSumed he was guilty of SOMETHING like you do. PENIS envy stirred in his belly and his heart ,causing him to hunt that kid down and kill him. Now THAT’S FRUSTRATION

          16. You are right, up until the derp set in. Penis envy? Duh, Zimmerman is a psychopath wannabe authoritarian, except he’s too dumb to be a cop, which says something. That seems to be what is looked for in hiring officers these days but he was too much of a liability.

          17. 9 out of every 10 murders of black men and boys starting in africa when europeans would line the roads with decapitated young men and boys heads on poles 10 to 12 feet apart stretcing for miles through out the land with the other side of the road lined with poles holding their manhood (penis) , And this sick practise continued here with the great american pastime lynchings where the CLIMAX was the castration, They even held raffles to see who got to take body parts home. THIS is the reality of their obsesion

          18. if I hated America, I would take the first plane or ship out. I would never live in a country that I hated. I don’t know of any specific cases where crime was committed against blacks. I’m sure there were some there are also crimes committed by blacks against whites but what is more prevalent here that there are many more crimes committed against blacks by blacks than whites on blacks. Why do we label black or white anymore. Why do we not just say Americans. I don’t get it. Oh I forgot we have racists as leaders of Blacks. Jesse but Sharpton leads to pack. Can’t blame them though. They line their pockets off the backs of the Blacks

          19. bonnie you seem like you do care. So if you dare, Take the RED pill. YouTube this video ,BLACK DEATH IN THE CONGO. And here in USA there were over 15,000 (documented) white on black lynchings, the last one occurred in the 90’s check out WITHOUT SANTUARY on You Tube to understand. Most black on black crime is drug or gang related but white on white murder has us beat with the serial killings, bombings of innocents ,wife murders ,husband murders ,own children murders, school shooting murders, missing children murders, all majority white on white victims and additional black murders by flooding our neighborhoods with last hired first fired victims surrounded by drugs we can’t and don’t ship from over seas and across the border that are dangled in the faces of 16% unemployed sub standard schooled youth.

          20. I really don’t think Zimmerman had much choice as to where to shoot – he was getting the daylights beaten out of him. I believe if he could have a choice he would have chosen to shoot him in the leg or arm.

          21. LOL John. Did you see Zimmerman’s face and head? What a comment. No one who sees your comment will ever take you seriously again.

          22. They would’ve found it by now Diana or simply…it didn’t exist.  Why fabricate something that’s not true?

          23. I dont think you can hurt someone with ice tea and skittles,, is that the weapon your talking about??? how stupid can you be??

          24. Why even respond to this person? Its obvious he or she messed up the the head like Zimmerman is, you know it just might be contagious. That whole family needs to be Quarantine from society for living in denial and getting on live TV lying, for their relative Zimmerman.

          25. lady, you are stupid. If he had a weapon, why hasn’t it been found? Why didn’t George zimmerman report that specific detail to the police when they first arrived on the scene? the presence of a weapon that could be proven to be Trayvon Martin’s would have meant that NONE OF THIS outrage would have been justified. If that child was armed, why didn’t his murderer say so as soon as the cops got there? do you think they would have shrugged their shoulders and not searched for it? I cannot believe that you would actually posit something so utterly nonsensical.

          26. OH RIGHT I FORGOT



          27. Hoe do you figure Diana?  Zimmerman did not mention that Trayvon had a weapon and if he did why wouldn’t he have used it on his assailant to begin with.  Why do you assume he had a weapon?


          29. diana assume that cause the color of her skina
             and her age!!! all old white folks feel that way about that youg=ng black child!!! you have to pray for people like that!!!

          30. I just want to say that I am an old(not as old as I hope to get;) white person who doesn’t feel that way about young black kids. Diana does seem to be pretty fearful, which I think is the root cause of racism.

          31. EXACTLY! Thank Goodness, someone finally gets. For generations it has been taught to white children that they are  better than every other race, especially the one thy were enslaving. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your people, but don’t let that make you prejudice. We all bleed the same color.

          32. that kid was standing his ground and his murderer was trespassing even after the police ordered him to not chase . stand your ground is not a contest where he who is armed is the winner unless he who is not armed is the prick doing the chasing . hey have any of you acute faciatist suffering crackers ever seen jesus in HIS hoodie?

          33. Lamnooone – Do you know you’ve just made the most racist comment that I have ever heard – whatever causes you to be a racist – just get over it for your own sake

          34.  Don’t you know skittles are FULL of sugar? That’s a weapon in any kid’s hands!

          35. Diana Keaton must be George Zimmerman himself or one of his delusional friends trying to defend him. So I guess a bag of skittles and an iced tea are weapons now.  

          36. You see, you have to been cunning. First amply hand to bag. Tear open skittles. Second pour skittles into hand. Third throw skittles into opponent’s eyes as to cause a distraction. Fourth once opponent is dismayed charge with Ice Tea Can (un-opened) in hand and bash with all force. Fifth Get shot because Ice Tea can was ineffective. must have been how he had a blooding head and nose. Just wasn’t enough to kill him, but life threatening enough to pull a gun. 


          38. When Diana?  How much longer do we have to wait?  When is ballistics going to deploy a metal detector to find it?  Is it possible it doesn’t exist? Is it possible that if it did, which most people believe it didn’t, that Zimmerman is going to take it???

          39. ok diana..why do you believe he had a weapon..that for some reason no one can find!!?? why..would he take a weapon..out to buy candy and ice tea?? explain it to us..?

          40. Diana is right with the bag of skittles open..the safety is off, plus the pull tab of the can? those are deadly wepons, (u stupid b^t!h)

          41. diane when i thought everyone misunderstood you, i was wrong…idid’t see this idiot comment you made.please everyone forgive, i can’t say it  enough. this woman is an idiot.

          42. And so what if he did have a weapon!!! he was the one being chase ,, dont you think he would of used it on zimmerson!!! you are one STUPID woman


          44. Not on a bet.  He was talking to his girlfriend.  He had peaceful things on his mind. 

          45. i agree their was no gun
            but you dont need one when your on top of someone beating the hell out of him
            his fists become weapons

          46. YEAH black teenage boys always have a weapon, you believe that , your and insult to a great actress

          47. Have you ever seen someone on drugs?  Someone CRAZY on drugs and especially with his size and muscular build is weapon enough!  I was once a prison guard and know this for a fact.  Believe me, George Z. did what he had to do to defend himself.

          48. diana u are retarded, cause he didnt have to defend himself, he caused it on himself, Tell me would you comfront someone on the street who was crazy on drugs and who was also buff and although you didnt say it black?? a big crazy black guy minding his own damn business.. stop making excuses he took it way to far.

          49. Tha bitch diana is really retarded,, she dont make since,, Im telling you that zimmerson step mom,,, BITCH straght STUPID

          50. Trayvon was not drunk.  Trayvon was not on drugs.  He was just a kid talking to his girlfriend, minding his own business – on public domain sidewalk.

          51.  Are you on drugs is the question? Trayvon was not on drugs! Please be quiet if you don’t know what you’re talking about! Smh! Sad people in this world. God help us all!

          52. One of the few things we know for sure is that Trayvon wasn’t on drugs, because the police tested him. They didn’t test Zimmerman, though, so it’s possible Trayvon was fighting someone who was high. 

            We also know Zimmerman had his gun out, because in his own words Trayvon was trying to get it away for him. Well, no duh. You can’t outrun bullets. Of course he’s going to “attack” the strange unidentified man who follows him with a gun.

          53. so to you it makes more sense to charge at someone pointing a gun at you than trying to get away? like you’re telling that’s exactly what you would do in that situation? lol

          54. have you heard the phrase, 21 feet? if you don’t know what I mean by that you should probably have a seat while you look up unarmed combat tactics against a firearm. the great thing about google is that everyone on the internet has it!

          55.  well I consider myself logical enough to know that covering 21 feet would take around at least 2 seconds, which is plenty of time for someone holding a gun to unload a couple rounds into your face as you charge them.
            the sad thing about common sense is that not everyone has it!

          56. too bad you didn’t actually use google, but I didn’t really think you would try verifying anything. If you’re within 21 feet, you’re better off trying to disarm than running, and if george zimmerman had a bloody nose, they were definitely well within 21 feet. Next time, try verifying, it’ll probably go better for you.

          57. I don’t need to google anything to verify what I know about how fast humans can cover ground. I’ve been a runner since grade school, I know a bit about that. not to mention if I were outweighed by a 100 pounds, I’m not gonna try to disarm him who can easily pounce on me and subdue me.

            so a bloody nose is reason enough for you to shoot someone?

          58. No, that’s ridiculous. But that’s whatGeorge Zimmerman is claiming, and  people are trying to make stuff up in orderto make his murderingtrayvon martin justifiable,and the crap they’re coming up with is ridiculous. He had a weapon? He was on drugs? that’s all completely absurd.

          59. Its true Diego. Cops, bouncers have told me if someone is pointing a gun at you your supposed to charge to raise your chances of living. Think how easy it is to get shot in the back while running away.Thats what they train troops to do.

          60.  So whats your point? The kid should have run?

            He didn’t react the optimal way when being stalked by an angry lunatic with a gun?

            Please tell us what the fuck your point is

          61. Yes, Zimmerman had to have had his gun out, loaded, and ready to fire.   To shoot a kid who was just walking down public domain sidewalk.  George is a serial killer in the making.  Bad news.

          62. pot isn’t a drug and if he smoked pot he was on other drugs if he had the money to get it.

          63.  drugs don’t make anyone crazy. a crazy person is still crazy when they take drugs just as much as a sane and calm person remains so when they take drugs. you seriously believe that drugs can dictate your thoughts for you? if you do, I assume you know absolutely nothing on the subject.

          64. Technically the use of marijuana has been found to cause psychotic disorders, but it is very very rare and the age of onset for many of these disorders are early to mid 20’s.

            Furthermore, substance abuse can also cause psychosis similar to lesser psychotic disorders because of the damage to the brain cells. However, these types of affects are from prolonged use and are most commonly found in individuals who abuse hard drugs and alcohol.

            While it is technically possible, it does not fit this case. Individuals with these types of disorders are socially withdrawn as well as demonstrating rapid weight loss. It simply doesn’t fit Martin; who was clearly socially active as well as active in sports.

            The (mostly) conservative media has been trying to push a false image of Martin as a troubled child because he, like every other teenager in the universe, has gotten in to some kind of trouble. This is not considered to be an abnormal behavior.

            Ms. Keaton clearly thinks in stereotypes and has trouble differentiating between fact and fallacy due to ignorance, under-education, and likely authoritarian parenting (50 bucks says she was either home schooled or attended a private religious school), It would probably be best to ignore any further comments she posts. 

          65.  those are mental issue not brought on by the drug itself. addiction is not drug related, people can be addicted to anything, shopping, video games, sex, or even the most mundane activities.
            I’ve heard that marijuana use amongst people with a genetic predisposition for schizophrenia can trigger a full blown condition, but even that’s not a guarantee.
            it’d be nice if more people got educated about drugs, that’d be a much better way to handle the war on drugs and simply prohibition and prosecution.

          66. You must be on drugs a 140 skinny bean pole with skittles and tea doesn’t make for a drug user. And now you’ve created a gun. The lying shooter didn’t even claim that fish tail.

          67. you know if they added some dialogue they could try selling fiction to magazines. it wouldn’t be good fiction, but…

          68. diane i tried to give you the upper hand. i really thought everyone miunderstood your first comment..i am so ashame that i was wrong about you and i must learn how to detect idiots like you.

          69. I’ve seen tons of people on drugs. I’ve talked a kid down who was in the middle of a panic attack while on a dose of LSD like he’d never knew existed. If trayvon martin had any drugs at all in his toxin screening tests we would have heard about it already. But all we have is some ridiculous nonsense about him carrying a plastic sandwich bag. 

            Because what would you do with a sandwich bag in a high school? certainly not put sandwiches in it, that’s ridiculous.

            also, muscular? on what planet is a BMI of 18 muscular? Fashion models have a BMI of 18. would you consider runway models regular? You have enough brains between your ears to spell words correctly, why don’t you try thinking with it?

          70.  When they say he was muscular, athletic, and intimidating, they just mean he was a young black man.

            I’ve seen all the recent pics, not the ones they complain are him when he was younger. I haven’t seen one pic that would make me think this kid would be physically intimidating to an average sized man, much less a big guy like zimmerman.

            Not to mention, its all irrelevant. I don’t care if the kid was 7’5 400lbs. Stalking him then shooting him still wouldn’t be right.

          71. The only thing racist a** Zimmerman had to do was make the call to 911 (which would make that call 47 to 911) and stay put like the dispatcher asked of him.. But nooooo, that was to much to ask from super cop/ hunter that was after his prey (a young black male) chasing him down, b’cos like he said on the 911 call  “He wasnt letting him get away” Especially when he packing his 9mm.. So you see, the only helpless one was Trayvon and the judge son wasnt expecting on getting his a** kicked, so being the heartless soul that he his, he played God and took a human beings life! I only can hope and pray this never happen to you are your love ones.. “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!

          72. Knowing now that his father is a retired judge explains so many things.  Here’s a guy who probably spent his whole life trying to impress his daddy.  George has mental probelms and Daddy can’t get him out of it this time.

          73. Two wrongs don’t make a right polock. I love how this tragedy is getting all this news coverage,but a equaly racist act has not had one bit of coverage-the facts seem to suggest Zimmerman killed a innocent teen. He needs to be put to death. March 4th two black teens set a white boy on fire with gasoline and said that’s what you get white boy. It made British news but not ours,why. Because our government likes racial tent ion. Keeps us divided and causes the racisim to continue.but really its more than that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities…..racisim is wrong from anyone.


          75. You are laughable!!! Saying that Diana is a retard is an understatement. How could u say this young man was on drugs when the autopsy proved he wasn’t high or intoxicated? Zimmerman on the other hand, was never tested for neither and released immediately after the incident. Yea, he did what he had to do, kill an “effin coon.” I’m sure thats the criteria to be a law enforcer or prison guard like Diana.

          76. diane has no shame just a small brain…and no i don,t feel sorry for her,i feel sorry for all the trayvons past present and future.

          77.  I heard someone who sounded an awful lot like he was on drugs. His name was George Zimmerman. The tape was recorded minuted before he shot a young boy in the chest.

            What evidence do you have to believe Trayvon was on drugs?

            So now you are backing off you weapon claim and saying a crazy drugged black man is a weapon in and of itself and should be met with the force of a semi automatic handgun?

            But law enforcement expert Rod Wheeler who listened to the tapes tells
            ABC News that Zimmerman, not Martin, sounded intoxicated in the police
            recordings of the 911 calls.

            “When I listened to the 911 tape the first thing that came to my mind is
            this guy sounds intoxicated. Notice how he’s slurring his words. We as
            trained law enforcement officers, we know how to listen for that right
            away and I think that’s going to be an important element of this entire
            investigation,” Wheeler said.

            But Zimmerman was not tested.


          79. @diana you are on drugs most def,where did you get the allegation that he was on drugs? where did you read that he was a drug addict? You need to have your head checked.

          80. It’s almost as if you were there!  And damnit you even know Trayvon was on drugs!  Wow!  Shallow minded people don’t see the truth even when it is in front of their faces!  Well Diana guess what?  Even if he was on drugs, Zimemrman had no right to follow that kid…copy?  NO RIGHT whatsoever.  He called the cops but he’s not the cops.  If Zimmerman was not such a hot head playing cop, the kid would still be alive.

          81.  Hey genius, they DRUG TESTED Trayvon Martin after he was killed and found no drugs in his system. and since when is 6ft 140lbs muscular? I was that size in HS and I DEFINITELY wasnt considered muscular.

          82. So because they found traces of Marijuana in Trayvon’s backpack that makes him a drugged out crazy person?? You should do some research on MARIJUANA before you make ignorant statements! 

          83. “muscular build”….right…..cuz the boy was maybe…MAYBE 150 soaking wet. on someone who is 6 feet…its not going to amount to much serious muscle. especially since Zimmerman was 5’9” and WELL over 200 pounds. Yeah, I’m sure George Zimmerman, with his fairy like frame, could not possibly fight off a wiry young man. Dream big, Diana.

          84. i am still ashame that i gave diane the benifit …please forgive me . have to read more careful what is being said.

          85. If he was on drugs at all, it was marijuana. Have YOU ever seen someone on marijuana? They are peaceful people, enjoy delicious food, and leave others alone. You are an absolute idiot.

          86. Marijuana stays in your system for weeks. Trayvon was suspended for 5 days and killed during this suspension. When they tested him, the drug tests came up negative. Ergo, 1) he wasn’t on drugs and 2) people are straight murdering this poor boy’s character as well. Because, you know, it isn’t bad enough that he was stalked and killed in his own neighborhood.

          87. I just hope Trayvon kicked Zimmerman’s ass real good before he died. Trayvon was getting the best of him so he had to shoot him in order to stop him…. 
            What a cowardly way out!! No matter what happened the kid did not deserve to lose his life…

          88. Well after reading your posts Diana it sounds has though you could use a change of medication and a chain to yank your head out of your ass! You just can’t imagine how stupid you sound right at this moment. I mean I would love to see your point of view but it’s not worth putting my head up my ass to understand you!

          89. oh and Zimmerman’s MUG SHOT, the only one we have of him. He doesn’t look high? I agree w/ Vhawkeye, if he felt so threatened which he shouldn’t since he had a gun with rounds, go ahead, call the police, but don’t try to be a curbside cop. So if I see Zimmerman on the road, should I be allowed to kill him because I feel threatened by him? Because he’s a 250 lb white peruvian man? 


          91. Diana,
            why would you assume that Trayvon was on drugs and had a gun?  Just because he was black?  That is the only reason  that I can think of for you to make those claims.  The autopsy found no drugs or alcohol in his system.  How do you explain that one?  I am as white as white can be, but where I live, the majority of us consider the facts when forming opinions.  You don’t consider facts – you just decide black = drugs and guns, and guy who shoots black kid = justified.  You are really an embarrassment to the U.S.  People like you are why we still have such serious race problems. 

          92. Diana, I think you were watching too much of the Fox News Channel for people who cannot think for themselves; in other words, people with no common sense.

          93. Diana, you don’t know it yet, but you are sick or either slowwwwwww.   Please seek help.


          95. What G.Zimmerman shoulda did was mine his own business. Neighborhood watch? Treyvonne wasnt carrying a tv or running out of breathe with someone’s house alarm going off in the background SO other than the color of his skin, what made you think to just start following him (stalking) and then approach him! Sounds like Zimmerman persued him and trust me Ive read “Oh Treyvonne was 6’6 and 140pds, old man earlier said 180pds. If he was so huge why would Zimmerman go looking for trouble so to speak…I pic 6’6 probably being tall and skinny…140 possibly from his height. Smh! wrong is wrong…and oh yeah Im pretty sure whatever he reported to 911 as “something” in his pocket…umm yes the cell phone he was talking to his girlfriend on as you STALKED him…uhhhhhhh

          96. Except Trayvon had no drugs in his system according to autopsy.  You think if there was evidence against Trayvon it wouldn’t come out? 

            There really should be an IQ test before people are allowed to post on the internet.

          97. He saw that this teen, who was on nothing, not drunk at all – was all messed up, up to no good, that BS.  That would mean he was initially driving toward Trayvon,  who wouldn’t have yet noticed him as anyone who might cause him harm.  So then what?  George drove around the block to be behind this poor teen he was stalking?  And to defame this teen’s name to 911 – saying that a drunken drugged kid was walking on public domain sidewalk, that lie.  to lie over that to  justify what George?

          98. I believe you have seen someone on drugs–probably George.  Question, how many prison inmates have you seen on drugs?  What prison did you work at where they allowed inmates to use drugs, that you saw personally?

          99. autopsy report Marin  measured at 5’8″ and 158 lbs…dead with a bullet in his heart and both lungs the report..Zim that night was 5’9″ 200lbs….lost weight after all this mess.. at bond hearing he  obviously weigh much less now..the mug shot in orange 5 years ago,,,he was 240lbs then.

          100. Just another moronic comment from a Zimmerman supporter.
            Crazy on drugs??? he had traces of pot found in his system, “TRACES” of a drug that if mellows you out doesn’t make you the least bit violent. and BTW the one with the drug problem is your boy Zimmerman who DOES take mind altering prescription medication and most likely was on it the night of the shooting and OMG Martins “size” and “muscular build”, do you mean all 5’11 158 lbs of him?? what a bruiser! Get real!

          101. he had a gun? did you fall out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down? why, because he’s black he must have been strapped? it’s people like you that let crooks get away with being crooks.

          102.  So even though the facts of the case point in one direction, you just KNOW that the REAL facts, the ones that don’t exist, are going to point to what you want them to point to?

            And, based on that, you’ve chosen to condone the murder of a 17 year old?

          103. what a stupid comment zimmerman adimited he shot him n if a person no mater what color or race was folloing me with a gun i would defend myself too. listen to the the facts before u make such a stupid remark i am a white female n have white ,black n hispanic in my family murder has no color we all bleed the same n there is a god up there that will judge zimmerman n all the racist people in the world when we die we dont go by color but by our actions n thoughts in life because a bad thought is as bad as its action !!! god help all the ignorant fools thats why the world is the way it is!!!!!

          104. gun!!?? yeah zimmermen had the gun..he admitted to shooting him!! and please…if martian had the gun..they would have found it..who was going to hide it..zimmerman..what for?? use your brain! there were only 2 ppl there zimmerman and martian..thank god your not working on this case.

          105. dianne as i   read down i see everyone is thinking you  are saying  the victim had a gun…please tell me i,m wrong .by the way trayvon is the  victim.

          106. Diana, please watch the intelligent news ( MSNBC & CNN)  and stop forming your ignorant comments; maybe you might leaqrn something.  I hope none of your future sons or grandsons are ever murdered by someone like Zimmerman.  Remember the saying, ” when you dig a hole for someone, be sure to dig one for yourself also.”   I hope you are not putting a curse of this happening to your own children.

          107. exactually when and where did the law say that Trevon did not have the right to defend himself against a/the stalker Zimmerman. Who presued him. Scarred him. took him out of his comfort zone. Why was Trevon not able to defending himself from this prediotor. As Zimmerman was doing. 

          108. Vanessa…learn to spell and write the english language…it might be more effective in getting your point across. I take it you graduated an inner city high school?…..Zimmerman will get a manslaughter charge, be out in a year. Case closed.

          109. Sir, I work at a suburban school and the children there don’t spell well either. I graduated from an inner city school and I command a vast arsenal of the english language, so I take it that you attended and graduated from the suburban school system? With all due respect I am not impressed.

          110. @POOT: 

            Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who IS privy to the facts of the Trayvon Martin murder case, has gone on record stating GZ can not use the SYG law because it is not applicable in this case. I guess he should know since he signed it into legislation.

            And former Rep. Dennis Baxley, the law’s author, says the problem is not with the law, but with how it’s being applied. Heck, even GZ’s lawyer said he knows he can’t use it.
            Baxley says George Zimmerman “is on very thin ice” using Stand Your Ground as a defense in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. “There was nothing in this statute ever intended to protect somebody who was pursuing or confronting other people.”

          1. Dianne, please revist the contents of your own heart and I’m sure you’ll find nothing there but ignorance and racism in the place where your heart should be.  Then check your head where your brain is supposed to be because whatever is up there is making no sense what so ever.  Are you high?

          2. Dianne your comments do not surprise me, what does surprise me is that (we meaning black people are shocked) at your comments. The shocking thing is that for some we thought the struggle was over but why did we assume this, Dianne and people like her have not and will not leave the building. They are raising little Dianne’s it is their job to keep this racist crap going it is our job to stay informed teach our children about them and always keep your guard up don’t forget about the past. What can you do LOVE them anyway. PRAY for them anyway. AND YES I KNOW IT IS A STRUGGLE. Because some things and some people you just can’t understand, and it gives you a headache trying.
            and if some of my spelling is wrong who cares.

        2. Jeff180, exactly but if you have your Supreme Court Judge dad covering things up for you, I guess you can do whatever you damn well please and walk.

        3. my question is why did he have the gun in his hand to begin with? he was looking for an altercation with the poor lad, and planned to shoot him. i see pre meditated murder. if he was only planning to follow him to where he was going to let the police know where he went, he wouldnt have needed the gun.

        4. The other thing is when he made the call to 911 to report this “suspicious person he wasn’t in a car.  He was following him on foot.  That is another thing that doesn’t make sense.  You go from following him on foot to running after him to getting in your car and following?  Oh come on.  None of his story even makes any logical sense.  

        5.  Martin made it home, but didn’t go inside, as testified by his girlfriend.  He went back out to look for the short, chubby guy and whoop him.  Zimmerman knew that the cops had been on the way for almost 10 minutes, why would he start something?  Zimmerman had been on the watch for three years, he’d also had the gun for three years, and nothing remotely like this had happened.  What, or who, was different that night?  You all are claiming Zimmerman chose THAT NIGHT, when he KNEW the cops would be there soon, to do something t