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Zimmerman Lied! Video Evidence From the Night He Killed Trayvon Martin

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

  1. You claimed he lied by showing these pictures which really don’t prove anything.  How about getting off your lazy butt and doing some real reporting.  Find those people who treated him at the scene and ask them.  No I understand that would be too hard and doesn’t fit your narrative.  Where is your reporting on those people who ransacked the Whalgreens?  It is too bad the owner didn’t have a gun.  I would have been in fear of my life but of course I’m sure you would have called that racist and profiling.

    1. Is it possible to get your nose broken without it bleeding?  Is it possible to get your head repeatedly slammed against concrete without developing a mark?  Just curious….

      1. Please make it known to everyone else out there how someone who was supposedly beaten, had a broken nose and head wounds would clean up so easily and nicely for this video footage?  How about the fact that if you have a head wound you need medical attention to be sure that there is no swelling or other damage that could cause death?

        If the site is bias, it’s bias towards the truth.  This video proves that Zimmerman’s “injuries” were grossly overstated.

    2. @USArmy yes those pictures prove his nose was not broken there were no blood and no swelling that night. You see, you can’t get your nose broken without it bleeding.

  2. Okay I have seen this video several times and no one has noticed that when he gets out of the car he spits blood on the ground…..I think this guy should sue all the rappers, and the black panthers, politicians, and the president for putting him at risk. The black panthers have a $10,000.00 bounty out on this man. Can you imagine if a white man or group did this? Oh, and before the bashers get on here I am not white….

    1. I watched and rewatched the video, he SO DID NOT spit blood on the ground, if you watch the very very beginning, that spot was on the ground before he got out of the car, and he’s looking down at it, not spitting anything out… So I call B.S. on your post!

    2. I can imagine it cause it’s happened. OJ. also Michael Jackson had a bounty on their heads by racist groups and  this use to be the norm back  in the day.  plus He didn’t spit anything out.he just  got out. Look at pics of him in  court, his  nose isn’t broken, no  busted lip, nothing. 

  3. All the black rappers make songs about killing police and other people and that’s okay right?
    They all call each other N’s and it’s okay but, don’t anyone else use the term. That make songs about it, use it, and even greet each other with it.  Even though the dictionary says the word has nothing to do with race no one else is allowed to use it. Wrong, I will still use it when I see a person it applies to. A word that caused numerous school districts to ban the great American novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. (Teacher:
    I’d love for you guys to read Huck Finn, but because uneducated people
    don’t understand the context of the so-called N-word, I can’t let you.) Also a
    Term of racist abuse for a black person. Originates from the United
    States, a country where it is perfectly acceptable to be racist if you
    are black, but not if you are white.

    1.  Thats because for blacks racism is a defense mechanism as opposed to white racism which is the product of hundreds of years of slavery. Thus the N word has been deemed a term of endearment from one black person to another, but a term of hatred from the proginy of those who enslaved the ancestors of the modern black.

      1. dude no black person calls another black person the N word. It’s kinda like how the racist whites are saying he  said “Punks, goons, goof”  on the 911 call. Oh and though this video is grainy. He doesn’t spit any blood out. you have to get outta  squad car like that if you’re near 6 ft. tall. also look at recent pics of him in court. His nose isn’t broken or bruised so who’s lying.

    2. dude get over yourself. You know why black people are showing more and more hatred towards white people? it’s cause we’re tired of your bullshit when you’re a racist. You’ve killed ,beaten, raped, verbally abused, evicted  due to race, fired,not hired, terrorized, divided our families, and taken away our rich history and  culture and  though not all white people do this. enough continue to do this and teach it to their children that truly doesn’t shit change but the day. Learn  from other’s lessons. eventually guys like you will be on the other side of that hatred and then, maybe then you’ll understand to be nicer to people.

  4. smh.  sad. sad  as hell but too say this if the poilce say too stay home n you dont then you want too kill…………………… what about that             NOW  WHAT.

  5. I Don`t understand why people still discuss and fight about the guilt of this guy! He  should be in jail!  he of provoke this and should be charged for that anyways. he was told to not follow the boy and he did! he was following Martin.

    Now, if you are a 17 year old walking at night and a man, with NO identification starts chasing you. you would probably run or fight back cz you are not talking to the police or a security gard or whatever law enforcement, it was a dude. that could be there to attack you. 
    And this tragedy should serve to change the law in florida. it`s  criminal!

  6. Ok, the headline that says he “Lied” is messed up. (And also I had no idea what it was referring to until I read the comments and someone said this is supposed to refer to the injuries he claimed he sustained…could you freaking have some STORY to this, not just a headline and a video? The “story” is NOT obvious.) This video isn’t evidence that he lied. It’s horrible quality, so it’s more than possible there are injuries that we can’t see. And even if it were better quality, it’s also possible that his injuries, if there, just aren’t visible on a camera that’s so far away. You CAN have a broken nose and no blood. You CAN have a broken nose with blood but the blood is going down the back of your nose into your throat instead of it streaming down your face. You CAN have bruises and swelling that are still in the process of developing at the stage he was at when this was filmed. It’s POSSIBLE. I don’t KNOW if he had those things any more than anyone else does, but the video above and his story are not inconsistent. 

    The video isn’t evidence he’s telling the truth either. There are quite a few holes in this guy’s story, and of course there’s the unavoidable fact that the unarmed teenager he was specifically told NOT to pursue is dead, and he, the guy with the gun, is not dead. But the real story here is that this man SHOULD be going to trial and facing the justice system. There is absolutely no reason why a case of someone shooting and killing someone else, ANYONE else, shouldn’t go to court…at least START the process. If you can’t get past the grand jury, then you can’t. If you go through the trial and he is found not guilty by a jury of his peers, then that’s the verdict. The real source of the outrage is the complete (so far) lack of accountability Zimmerman has been held to, the failure to hold him responsible. Even in the (imo) unlikely case that it turns out it was just a series of unfortunate events and misunderstandings…those events and misunderstandings left an unarmed teenager DEAD. He should be wrung through the wringer for that, accident or no. You can’t undo dead. As a society we need to make [email protected] sure that such accidents don’t happen. Ever.

    And that’s doubly true if this WASN’T an accident — which is where my read of the evidence points — and quadruply true if this is a result of racism.

    1. This is the only comment on this page so far that makes an attempt to weigh both sides of the case  and to mention how important it is that this matter me brought to a fair trial. There are 3 sides to every story, but one side is dead. Lets stop drawing conclusions based on partial, biased, and media sensationalized evidence.

      No matter how it’s spun, this case boils down to an unarmed pedestrian being killed by an armed individual who left his vehicle to pursue the suspicious pedestrian on foot. 

      This has nothing to do with Walgreens, the N-word, black rappers, etc. 

      A life was taken, justified or not, it warrants a trial. Period.

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