Touré and Piers Morgan Battle on Twitter Over Robert Zimmerman Interview


A famed music journalist and a CNN correspondent had a war of words this morning over a Robert Zimmerman interview that aired Thursday, March 29.

Touré, the host of FUSE TV’s HipHop Shop, criticized Piers Morgan on Twitter for being too soft in an interview with Robert Zimmerman, the brother of George Zimmerman.

According to Touré, Morgan was wrong for letting his guest off easy and did a disservice to America.

Morgan, who is also celebrating his birthday, took a break from responding to well wishes from his fans to lay Touré out for his remarks.


In one harsh tweet in particular, Morgan called the journalist a “bull dodging rodeo clown,” a reference to a reality show where Touré tries his hand at different odd jobs that has yet to air.

He later invited him to his show to offer him a “master class” on journalism.

Although their exchange gave their Twitter followers a morning laugh, is Touré right?

In one part of his interview, Zimmerman made the ridiculous claim that his brother was on the way to Target when he was “attacked” by the 17-year-old, a claim Morgan did not challenge.


Check out the interview for yourself after the jump.


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