Why Octomom Getting Death Threats

Octomom is learning that folks take paying for someone else’s kids very, very personally.

Octomom, aka Nadya Suleman, spent years promising that she would never go on welfare. We now have learned that Suleman has flipped her stance and is now going on public assistance to take her of basketball squad, er, kids. And the public outrage is palpable and scary.

Hours after it was revealed that Octomom went back on her word and will get a nice sum every month from the state of California, she was deluged with a torrent of hate messages and even death threats, the media reports.

Somehow, people obtained Suleman’s personal phone number and dumped some bone-chilling messages:

“You’re going to get yours.”

“I’m not working to f—— pay for (your kids).”

“F— you, you don’t deserve (it).”

Not all was bad, however. Octomom also got a few messages of support, particularly from single-parent households who lauded her decision to swallow her pride and get on public assistance in order to feed her kids.

Reportedly, Octomom has not enlisted the help of the police in this volatile matter. Stay tuned.

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