Beyoncé Tweets Her ‘Beyhive’; 5 Other Celebs With Unique Fan Clubs



After releasing a series of pictures on Tumblr, Beyoncé is delving further into the world of social networking and hopping on Twitter. The singer who recently celebrated her fourth wedding anniversary with Jay-Z, sent out her very first tweet today from her verified @Beyonce account.

Fans of the songstress were elated by the very simple tweet that invited them to check out her website: “Hey World, It’s B! I’m so excited to invite you to my new — we’ve been working hard, and it’s finally ready for you XO.”

Beyoncé’s newly relaunched site features a Beyhive forum where her fans or ‘Beys’ can catch up on their fan club lingo. The singer’s Bey’s consist of HoneyBeys, Bumble Beys and Digger Beys, who all work in honor of the Queen Bey, Beyoncé.

The forum also notes that Bey haters are to be called “wasps and critters.”

Fans can tweet directly from the hive with Beyoncé inspired hashtags including #BeySingles, #BeyVideos and #BeyNewsSite. While Beyoncé has her Beys, a number of other celebs have unique fan clubs as well. Check them out below.

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