Is Chris Brown warning Ashton Kutcher to stay away from his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna? According to the the rumor mill, he is.

As previously reported, Rihanna, 24, was said to be dating the 34-year-old Kutcher after being spotted leaving his Los Angeles home last month at 4 a.m. Following that, there were reports that Kutcher dumped Rihanna because he believed she tipped off the paparazzi to prove that she was over Chris Brown.

Now Brown has reportedly jumped in the mix and is warning the “Two And Half Men” star to stay away from the songstress.

According to Star Magazine Chris sent a message to Ashton through Diddy warning him to keep his distance from her.

Initially, Kutcher took it as a joke, but The Bad Boy mogul reportedly told him that Brown was serious.

The mag adds that Rihanna has asked Brown to back off because “She’s not going to let anyone spoil this for her.”

Do you believe Star‘s report or is the tabloid just trying to drum up controversy?