10 Beauty Trends Black Men Hate

10. Razor Thin Eyebrows. Men overwhelmingly hated the thin eyebrow. However, Meagan Good wears it well.

When it comes to beauty trends for Sisters, there are two basic schools of style: Fantasy land and the real world. In fantasy land, feather eyelashes and bold lip colors reign supreme. In the real world, the man in your life would prefer that you tone it down just a bit, according to our fans on Facebook.

“To me, my girl is sexier at the end of the day, after she washes her face and comes to bed,” Mark Johnson, a Detroit-area barber says. “But she likes to dress up and wear all that *ish on her face, because her girls do it. She doesn’t have to wear that for me.”

In New York, Martin Pratt, a brand strategist, is disturbed by the trend of women wearing several colors on their eyelids at one time.  “Why do Sisters do that?” he laughs.

And in Chicago, Tony, a police officer, avoids hugging his girlfriend after work because she’s a little too generous with the makeup brush. “You can’t get that face paint out of the uniform,” he says. “Or out of the pillows. Not a good look.”

Here then, are ten other looks that aren’t so good according to a few of our male Facebook friends.

10. Razor thin eyebrows. Meagan Good is perhaps the only celebrity who can make the look work. In general, men don’t like it when you shave your eyebrows off, only to draw them on again. Grow your brows and get them professionally arched.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

  1. This is the most offensive ish I have ever read, Women have the right to do whatever they want with their appearance. Black women wear bright colours because they suit a darker skintone, if you can get away with it why not? And I can cut and style my hair any way I damn well choose. If a man wants to date a certain type of girl who looks exactly how he wants her to, go find her, and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

  2. “Touchable skin,” are you serious?!
    Oh my god you’re serious!

    Guys. Spoiler alert, she is wearing sooo much makeup. (And that’s perfectly fine, and she looks fabulous. I’m just saying: that is NOT “end of the day, just washed your face and going to bed”! Like, I’m cracking up thinking about the pillowcases. SMH. Too funny, OMG.)

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