Naomi Campbell says her daughter was ‘not adopted’

The 51-year-old supermodel welcomed a baby girl back in May 2021 and — without disclosing who the father is — insisted that the child is “not adopted,” and admitted that only a small amount of people knew about the pregnancy in the first place. She said: “She wasn’t adopted — she’s my child. I can […]

Naomi Campbell joins new agency in hopes of changing fashion

Naomi Campbell has signed to a new modeling agency. The 51-year-old supermodel has joined Women Management, an arm of Elite World Group network, and her mission is to “change the game for fashion as we know it” and support emerging talent globally. In a statement issued to WWD, she said: “I am absolutely thrilled to […]

A$AP Rocky ‘truly blessed’ to have Rihanna

A$AP Rocky feels “truly blessed” to have the support of Rihanna. The 32-year-old rapper — whose real name is Rakim Mayers — admitted it is “amazing” to have his girlfriend by his side because it’s so “important” to have people around who want the best for him. Asked how important it is for him to […]

Supermodel Naomi Campbell becomes a mother for the 1st time at 50 (photo)

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has announced to the world that she has become a new mother for the first time at the age of 50. The British-born Campbell, who is of Jamaican heritage, was elated to share the news with her 10 million Instagram and 750K Twitter followers on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. A beautiful little […]

Naomi Campbell ‘sick and saddened’ by racism

Naomi Campbell is “sick and saddened” by racism across the world. The supermodel has resurrected her “No Filter With Naomi” series to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement, as she admitted she “wanted to just disappear” when she heard about the murder of George Floyd. She said: “I always knew ‘No Filter with Naomi’ […]

Makeup maven Pat McGrath hosts master class to benefit the NAACP

Makeup Mogul Pat McGrath is hosting her first-ever master class and you don’t want to miss it. McGrath, also known as Mother, is one of the most iconic and innovative makeup artists in fashion and beauty. Before becoming the CEO of her multi-billion dollar global beauty brand Pat McGrath Labs, she conceptualized makeup looks for […]

Naomi Campbell snaps photo for milestone ‘Essence’ magazine cover at home

Naomi Campbell has shot her own cover image for Essence magazine during self-isolation. The 49-year-old supermodel — who is set to celebrate her 50th birthday later this month — snapped a series of shots from her home on her iPhone to grace the cover of the longest-running Black media platform for its 50th anniversary, marking history […]

Diddy creates new family business

Diddy has launched a “family business” for his kids. The 50-year-old rapper admitted his “thinking had to change” when former partner Kim Porter passed away from pneumonia-related compilations in November 2018, and now he’s focusing on the future for their kids Quincy, 28, Christian, 22, and twin girls D’Lila Star and Jessie James, 13. Diddy […]

Naomi Campbell says she can’t leave house before doing 2 things

Naomi Campbell can’t leave the house without doing two things. The 49-year-old supermodel has opened up about her daily routine and insisted she has to say her prayers when she wakes up before she does anything else. Speaking to fashion booking agent Camilla Lowther on an Instagram Live chat, she said: “That’s just an automatic. […]

Naomi Campbell admits she only eats 1 meal per day

Naomi Campbell only eats one meal a day. The supermodel has confessed she only has one proper meal every day, which she eats in the middle of the day, but reserves Sunday for her favorite sweet treats. She told the Wall Street Journal: “I eat my lunch. Lunch is my dinner because I really only eat […]

Why Megan Thee Stallion praises Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell

Megan Thee Stallion has always been proud of her height. The 25-year-old rapper told British Vogue: “I’m 5ft 10in, probably 6ft 2in in heels. Honestly, nobody in my family told me that being tall was a bad thing. My family made me feel like I was so beautiful and I looked at a lot of […]

Naomi Campbell shares how she’s surviving self-isolation (video)

Naomi Campbell says she has a soothing bath routine. The 49-year-old model, who takes her health and well-being very seriously, makes sure she jumps in the tub for 30 minutes at a time because it calms her down. The brunette beauty is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: “I do a bath with Epsom salts […]

Naomi Campbell sports ‘next level’ look as coronavirus threat grows (photo)

Naomi Campbell isn’t sacrificing her health for fashion. The 49-year-old model wore a hazmat suit, goggles, a facial mask and rubber gloves through LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal on Tuesday, March 10, 2020. Campbell was determined to protect herself from catching the deadly Coronavirus — which has already infected 460 people in the UK and […]

Why Diddy canceled his 50th birthday celebration twice

Diddy canceled his 50th birthday celebration twice this year before having a big bash because he wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. The “I’ll Be Missing You” rapper — whose real name is Sean Combs — celebrated his milestone birthday with a star-studded bash at his Beverly Hills mansion over the weekend but has now […]

Naomi Campbell describes her days as fashion industry’s ‘token’ Black model

Naomi Campbell has slammed some fashion shows for making her “the token” Black model. The 49-year-old supermodel didn’t name the shows in question but said she felt “uncomfortable” in the past when she was the only Black model in a “show of 70 girls,” as she felt she couldn’t turn the down the show because then “there’d […]

Naomi Campbell recounts a racist experience at a French hotel

Naomi Campbell has claimed she was barred from a hotel because of the color of her skin. The 49-year-old supermodel has alleged that she wasn’t let into the hotel in the south of France, which she chose not to name, as a guard said it was full but she later saw others being allowed in. Speaking […]

Tyra Banks sets record straight about ‘rivalry’ with Naomi Campbell

Tyra Banks says her past feud with Naomi Campbell was not a rivalry because they were never equals. The 45-year-old entrepreneur was pitted against the 49-year-old supermodel early in her modeling career, and Banks believes that Campbell was wary of her because there were not many opportunities for Black women at the time. She explained […]

Supermodel Naomi Campbell says this phobia keeps her healthy

Naomi Campbell disinfects her seat and wears a mask when she flies. The 49-year-old supermodel carries a pair of rubber medical gloves and a pack of Dettol wipes in her handbag when she travels on an airplane because it’s become her ritual to clean the seat, tray table, television remote, window shutter and armrests around […]

Naomi Campbell shares a challenge she’s dealing with as she gets older

Naomi Campbell admits it is a “challenge” to work in the industry as she ages. The 48-year-old beauty has been working in the fashion industry for over 30 years and has admitted it isn’t easy to be as in-demand as she was when there are so many young catwalk stars breaking into the business. In […]

Is Naomi Campbell rocking the cradle and getting her groove back?

Naomi Campbell refused to talk about her rumored romance with Liam Payne during an appearance on “The Jonathan Ross Show.” The 48-year-old supermodel has been reported to have been dating the 25-year-old singer for several weeks, however, she would not reveal anything about the apparent coupling when quizzed about it, telling the host she “never” discusses […]