20 Horrible Black Films That Should Have Been ‘B’ Movies

My IQ seemed to go down after patronizing some of these intelligence-sapping, gag-inducing films that killed more brain cells in black people than malt liquor beer and cognac combined.

In a previous story, I listed the best “B-list” movies that have ever been made, some of which should have gotten wider theatrical releases based upon the cultural impact they had and how long they have resided in our souls. In a reversal, rolling out is listing some of the most awful pieces of trash to ever hit the big screen and be called entertainment, the movies that should have been “B” movies instead of the spectacular wide-release mistakes they wound up being. I’m all for supporting black films, but not the kind listed here.

Here are the 20 of the very worst black movies that should have gone straight to DVD — or skipped straight to the trash heap.

terry shropshire

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  • Arnold Jenson
    July 19, 2012

    ‘minds me o da thymes ol Arnie be pinchin some air at tha local picta show. Gettin all comfy in dem seats…usin’ some class crappers. Been collectin all da left overs fer food. Don’t matter none if da floor be sticky or not. Jus get kciked out when Donnie leave a present.

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