Rihanna’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sexy Song, Boring Performance ‘Battleship’ Next

Rihanna took Saturday by surprise by being super sexy. Rihanna was Looking and sounding like she was going to call Chris right after the show.  Sexual lyrics dominate the urban radio waves to a silent FCC. Rihanna patted her private parts so close the camera did not dare do a close up.

While we might not want a rising HIV rate, this song late night on broadcast television will not help our youth. Who wants to lick her anyway? Young black girls are watching their favorite artist suggest their attire and mind set. What should we do about such suggestive movement?

Worst part was sexy song and a boring performance. Rumors followed about missing dress rehearsal and diva behavior. Saturday Night Live has seen better but she brings a youthful audience to an older viewership program. While older viewers watch their Saturday night, the youth live their Saturday night.

Next time Rihanna, who stars in the Battleship movie, should do a skit on how love can be dangerous or life after bad love. Rihanna is growing up in front of us. We need to know that millions of young girls are looking for a sign of smart and sexy from Rihanna.

Strip club songs do not suggest future graduation from college if you love yourself.

Rihanna ‘SNL’ Performance

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Munson Steed
Munson Steed

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