You’d never expect such glamorous, famous and beautiful women to be hauling around hooves for feet. It’s actually shocking which celebrities have feet that would frighten away Stevie Wonder. But years of dancing, wearing high-heels that are too small, abuse and neglect have created a community of hammer time toes in Hollywood.
Check out, if you can, the feet of some of the most famous female celebrities in the world and what has happened to their feet over the years.
terry shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  • zobop republic

    This is horrible… LOL!  OMG!  And I’m not even religious!  Good grief!

  • TJMaxx

    Actually half of these pics have relatively normal feet like Britney Spears,Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton, and Serena Williams. Some might have big feet (I know I do) but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. Now Oprah and Keri?? Those dawgs were terrible

  • elora

    With feet this bad looking, why oh why would anyone wear open toe shoes??? There are so many great looking shoes today that would cover the bad-looking feet. Horrible.

  • jozseffrd

    Spears and Hilton actually not that bad Not the best but they both have ok feet compared to Oprah Iman and Naomi those are scary! But I would massage Brittney’s and Paris’ Feet any fucking Day 1

  • Bob

    Where in hell has she been with those feet…walking barefoot to etna volcano and back ?…please hide them thank you…

  • wargamer1969

    The hideousness of those toes will haunt me forever, could never be with a woman with feet that tore up no matter how the rest of them looks.