Laz Alonso and Meagan Good Cast in Lead Roles on NBC’s ‘Infamous’

Laz Alonso and Meagan Good are sure to bring the heat to NBC this season.

The NBC drama “Infamous” (formerly “Notorious”) is even hotter with the dazzling duo portraying former lovers on the set.

“Infamous” follows detective Joanna Locasto (portrayed by Meagan Good) as she goes undercover to work for the wealthy Lawson family, to solve the murder of her childhood friend, Vivian.

Locasto knows the ins and outs of the Lawson clan because she’s their housekeeper’s daughter.

Laz Alonso portrays NYPD detective Will Sacovitch, Locasto’s former lover, who recruits her to search for evidence of Vivian’s murder by infiltrating the Lawson family.

“Infamous” has been gaining momentum from the moment NBC picked it up, and is widely predicted to be a hit.
Alonso’s recently portrayed Charlie Duchamp, on AMC’s “Breakout Kings”; Good can be seen in the hit comedy, Think Like a Man.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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