‘Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Deletes Her Twitter, Complains of Online Bullying


Roman Deletes Her Twitter Account

In a classic case of the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ one of the ‘Basketball Wives’ couldn’t take the heat this week after being bullied by her reality show fans. Tami Roman deleted her Twitter account after Monday’s “B-Ball Wives” episode aired, showing her bullying and robbing castmate Keshia Nichols of her purse.

Now playing the victim, Roman has released a statement explaining that the disparaging comments she received were too much to bare. Roman also revealed that a new television opportunity was in the works, one she didn’t want tarnished by the drama. “I deactivated my Twitter for the time being, because I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to work with phenomenal actors on a new television show,” said Roman. “I didn’t want to wake up to the continual negativity from a mistake made over four months ago, which I have openly acknowledged and apologized for to overshadow the blessing of this moment. I plan to reactivate my Twitter when a formal announcement has been made about this new opportunity with the hopes of putting “BasketBall Wives” behind me.”

Similarly, Roman released a statement via Facebook asking the online bullies to spare her daughters who were receiving backlash over their mother’s behavior.

“I just landed in NYC, but I did catch 2nites episode on the plane. As I said earlier, this was BAD, wrong and immature — I apologize,” she wrote. “’ I’m not proud of my behavior, but I own up to it and face it. […] I simply ask that U b respectful 2my kids- they R NOT BBW and do not control my actions on the show.”

Obviously at her wit’s end over being bullied, is Roman leaving the show? That could very well be discussed at the “Basketball Wives” reunion that airs on VH1 next month.

Note to Roman, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. -danielle canada



  • mmmmmmmmm
    May 21, 2012

    this show and the cast of golddiggers is a dang joke, a bunch of sorry women leaching off the careers of their x husbands.  I aint saying she’s a gold digger, but they sho aint messing w/ a broke …… 

  • JRoc85
    July 17, 2012

    problem with Tami was that lame ass apology she issued to Kesha @ the reunion,
    it was like Tami was doing Kesha a favor by apologizing!!!!!! The nerve of Tami
    for preaching to Jennifer about bullying, when she was sitting there being a
    hypocrite (Tami just read Kesha’s blog and memorized everything Kesha had
    posted about the definition of a “bully”, that’s it)!!!!!!!!!! Tami,
    being a mother alone should have been  motivation enough for you not to act an ASS on
    national television. This is just a publicity stunt, she waits until the media
    rips her into shreds for her deplorable before 
    she apologized!!!!!!!! Also, in the beginning of the season, Tami tried
    to go in on Kesha and the BBW editors for making her look bad. NEWS FLASH:
    Tami, you’re doing a good enough job making yourself look bad ALL BY YOUR DAMN

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