6 So-Called ‘Bad’ Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

The following message from blackdoctors.org totally flips the script on conventional wisdom about foods to avoid in order to lose weight. It’s so jarring that initially it’s hard to wrap your brain around the concept.

Some of the foods that you enjoy, the ones you were told to avoid like a virus during diets, are actually good for you, the website attests. It admonishes the readers that keeping yourself from certain “forbidden” foods can backfire on you in that you are depriving yourself, and we all know how the brain reacts when it feels deprives: it rebels, and then you often gain back the weight that you lost, plus much more, as if the brain is teaching you a lesson to not try that again.

“Thanks to fad diets that aren’t based in solid science, people avoid foods that would help them control overeating or fight belly fat and ultimately lose weight,” the site says. “Worse still, having an off-limits list is like stuffing your cravings into a plastic bag. Eventually it’s going to burst open, unleashing all your food urges at once, which leads to bingeing. The real key to weight loss is to watch portions and choose quality, nutrient-rich foods.”

OK, well, you’ve gotten my attention and probably the attention of the readers as well. So here are the six so-called “bad” foods that will help you lose weight. Best of all, the site explains why.

Read on.

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