BET’s ‘The Game’ Reportedly Replacing ‘Derwin’ and ‘Melanie’

The Game

‘The Game’ Introducing 2 New Characters  

With two of its biggest stars not returning to the show, producers for BET’s “The Game” are said to be looking for new talent to replace them. As previously reported Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall confirmed that they will not return to “The Game” citing failed contract negotiations. Both Mowry and Hall claimed the split was amicable however, with Mowry even telling a popular radio host, “It’s all good. It really is. I’ve been on the show five years. I had a great time on the show. I’m very happy with what I did.”

Now with the lead characters “Derwin” and “Melanie” nixed, producers are looking to introduce two new characters. According to reports, viewers will be introduced to Kiera and Bryce to fill the void left by the football star and his budding doctor wife. Kiera is a said to be a 20-year-old former child star while Bryce is described as an Ivy League grad turned No. 1 draft pick. A Heisman Trophy winner nicknamed “The Blueprint,” Bryce will make his teammates uncomfortable with his smarts and quick wit. Rumors about the two new characters are more than likely accurate considering that several auditions for the roles have been published online in recent weeks.

Are two new characters enough to save “The Game?” Or should BET call a permanent time-out for the program? –danielle canada

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