Drake and Chris Brown Fight in NYC Nightclub, Brown Posts Pictures of Injury



Drake and Chris Brown Feud Publicly At Party 

Reports that Drake and Chris Brown got into a public altercation last night are not just baseless rumors. Drake, 25, was at New York’s WIP nightclub on June 13 to celebrate singer Teyana Taylor’s signing to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. music record label. Also on hand was Chris Brown, 22, who Drake seemingly dissed on Twitter just a few weeks ago. As previously reported, Drake fired off a series of tweets seemingly about Brown’s ex, Rihanna, who caused an online beef between Brown and rapper Meek Mill over. “Oh that’s your ho? That’s our ho too,” wrote Drake. “We get gyal easy.” Coincidentally, Mill was also on hand at last night’s party with the OVOXO rapper and his entourage right before things went awry.

According to the eyewitnesses who flooded Twitter and Instagram, Brown sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table as a peace offering for their reported feud. Unfortunately, the rapper didn’t take too well to the gift and sent it back to Brown, reportedly with a scathing note about his trysts with Brown’s ex. A scuffle then ensued between the pair, with Drake reportedly throwing a punch before being interrupted by his security detail but not before Brown was struck in the face with a bottle. The bottle wasn’t tossed by Drake, however, several people reported that it was a member of his entourage.

After the fight and obviously before he was contacted by his publicists and handlers concerned about his career, Brown posted a series of angry tweets online and a picture of his injury. “How you party with a rich n—– that hate,” wrote Brown. “N—-s is p—-. N—-s throwing bottles! N—-z is weak!” He then posted a picture of a large gash on his chin with the caption, “Bottles? It’s nothing. lol” He later added, “And I’m the singer?”



Rapper Meek Mill, who obviously witnessed the entire altercation also chimed in on the social network and wrote jokingly, “It wasn’t me! (Shaggy voice) lol” The owners of the NYC nightclub and witnesses weren’t laughing in the slightest, however, and posted pictures of the melee with the caption, “Yo @ChrisBrown and @Drake thanks a lot. We’ll send over the bill.” Innocent bystanders were also reportedly injured by the broken glass.

BrownThe most shocking picture is of Chris Brown’s bodyguard, “Big Pat” who was taken to the hospital following the incident. A picture of Pat has been released showing him bloody and wrapped in bandages, lying in a hospital bed.

This is not the first reported incident between the two entertainers, in 2010 there were reports that Chris Brown elbowed Drake in the chin over his ex. With that in mind, last night’s altercation could’ve been payback.

Click continue to see the bloody pictures of who took the fall for Brown during last night’s incident. –danielle canada

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