Chris Brown will not face charges for allegedly smacking woman’s weave off

Chris Brown won’t be charged for allegedly smacking a woman’s weave off her head. The singer was accused of lashing out at the unnamed female at his Los Angeles home in June, but the LA City Attorney’s Office declined to bring charges against him due to insufficient evidence, reports. The woman had claimed at […]

Chris Brown probation revoked, faces possible prison time

The Los Angeles judge who presided over the Rihanna beating case has just revoked Chris Brown’s probation and he may be staring at serious prison time, according to reports. The L.A. County Probation Department had launched an investigation stemming from Brown’s arrest in October for allegedly assaulting a fan in Washington, D.C. They forwarded their […]

Chris Brown’s mother blames deadbeat friends for making him a junkie thug

Says New Friends Made Him A Disrespectful Thug Chris Brown’s is certain that his friends are a bunch of disrespectful scumbags who got him hooked on drugs and turned him into a thug. Breezy and his mom have had a turbulent relationship that goes back many years and came to light when he threw a rock […]

Chris Brown’s mother speaks about son’s explosive temper

As most of you know by now, infamous malcontent Chris Brown was booted from an anger management rehabilitation facility this month after hurling a rock through his own mother’s car window during a family session, his probation officer reported Wednesday. This came after Breezy’s mom tried to persuade the talented but immensely troubled singer to remain […]

Most interesting responses to Chris Brown’s felony arrest

The strong breeze you just felt was the collective sigh from a legion of Chris Brown disciples over his latest felony arrest. Even the most ardent supporters have a breaking point. When word reached the streets (or rather social media) that Chris Brown was arrested for — take a wild guess — fighting at a […]

Chris Brown fights with Valet over $10 charge

Would you pay valet $10 for 30 minutes?  Well Chris Brown doesn’t think it’s worth it.  Check out Brown as he gets into it with the Valet at PINZ bowling alley in Studio City after his appearance at a charity event.

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