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Most interesting responses to Chris Brown’s felony arrest

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The strong breeze you just felt was the collective sigh from a legion of Chris Brown disciples over his latest felony arrest. Even the most ardent supporters have a breaking point.

When word reached the streets (or rather social media) that Chris Brown was arrested for — take a wild guess — fighting at a bar in downtown Washington, D.C., you could almost see the shoulders sag, the eyes roll and the heads shaking back and forth, as if to say, “not again!”

Brown is still on probation stemming from beating up ex-girlfriend Rihanna just prior to the 2009 Grammy Awards. He has had several altercations in the years since, but has managed to avoid hard prison time. If found guilty of felony assault on this occasion, it would be much more likely that a Los Angeles judge would revoke his probation and send him to serve out the balance of his sentence behind bars.

Twitter and other social media platforms began buzzing right away, bewildered that an ultra-talented singer and dancer continues to erode the remaining vestiges of goodwill among his fan base. These are some of the most interesting responses.

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