Screenwriter Khafra Amenhotep Yields to a Higher Power and Is Watching His Dreams Come True

Full given name: Khafra Omowale Amenhotep
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Current Project: The Promise

What drew you to this project?
I wanted to seize the opportunity to follow my childhood vision by becoming a Hollywood screenwriter and actor. I’m attending American InterContinental University to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Media Production for Screenwriting. My expected graduation date is December 2013. I commend Sharon Tomlinson, owner of Blueprint Acting Theatre in Atlanta, and actors Tommy Ford and Mel Jackson for encouraging me to follow through my childhood [dream].

Where were you born and where were you raised:
The Astoria-Long Island City section of the New York City Borough of Queens in Ravenswood public housing projects. I’m the eldest of three sons. I’m the father of an adult daughter and teenage daughter.

What do you hope viewers walk away with after seeing this project?
The message that I want to convey is that despite the harsh realities of the urban streets, you can overcome adversity to follow through on promises.

Who are your personal idols in the industry?
Sidney Poitier, Sean Connery, Bill Duke and Denzel Washington

Pop culture guilty pleasure:
Old School R & B club music scene.

What’s on your music playlist?
African traditional and pop music, Latin/Jazz, Muslim music, Old School R&B and House music.

MAC or PC?

Previous work?
A college class project movie short called DA BOMB

Three things you can’t live without:
My spirituality, which is communicating with Allah Almighty five times a day. The love bond that I have for my family, friends and Masonic brotherhood and sisterhood. I enjoy my domestic cat and Yorkie dog. The love bond with my acting theatre family (Blueprint Acting Theatre / Studio 11 Films, and AMR Agency). Attending African centric cultural and Islamic religious activities.

“I’ll never understand why …”
Terrorists kill in the name of their religious “viewpoints?”

Favorite screen or commercial opportunities:
Studio 11 Films, 11Eleven11 Project, which will allow 33 upcoming filmmakers the opportunity to be SAG eligible to tell our stories. Wow! OMG! This is an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. So, here I am, a disabled Desert Storm U.S. Army Reservist veteran pursuing a childhood vision. All Praises Due to the Most High Power.

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