Why do women cheat with celebrities? (Posed by models).

Why do women cheat with celebrities? (Posed with models).

Why Do Women Cheat with Celebrities? Meet the Groupies

A groupie is a woman who jockeys for attention, sex, fame, monetary gain and/or, a long-term affiliation with a celebrity. Groupies come in all shapes and statuses, and are clearly focused on getting “their” celebrity, regardless of his relationship status.

Actors, athletes, pastors, politicians, and even high-profile criminals have their own league of groupies. The deeper a woman’s obsession, the more likely she will parlay her affection into groupie action, and, if given the opportunity, she will cheat.

So why do women cheat with celebrities? What would lure a woman into an affair and/or groupie lifestyle?

Keys to adultery and/or groupie behavior begin with the kind of celebrity the woman wants.

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out