The LeBron James Hate Continues on Twitter

Despite finally winning an NBA championship, LeBron James remains, by far, the most polarizing athletic personality on the planet. And he provided ample fuel to light the fire of the legion of haters nationwide with the disastrous and ill-timed “The Decision” on ESPN and the arrogance the Big Three (including Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh) displayed during the infamous pep rally in Miami prior to the 2010-11 season.

Many sports fans took an almost sick and perverse pleasure in LBJ’s failures and missteps, particularly when he seemed to get “punked” down by the Dallas Mavericks and shrunk from the pressure of crucial moments. Even legendary sportscaster Marv Albert took a cheap swipe at “The Chosen One” because of the manner in which James procured his championship trophy.

But now that he has a title, the hate laughably continues, particularly in the Northeast corner of Ohio, the place where James was born and bred, where he birthed his legend and where he entered the league straight from his Akron, Ohio high school.

Take a look at the twitter hate flowing through cyberspace, including from Marv Albert, beginning with this nice dig at James below:

— terry shropshire

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Will Lebron celebrate by going to Disney World, or will he betray the people of Florida & go to Disney Land? ESPN to broadcast his decision?

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  • Slraccess
    June 22, 2012

    I really don’t understand the hate.  Everyone is entitled to seek excellence.  LeBron deided to leave Cleveland just like many other Clevelanders ,including myself ,decided to leave Cleveland to find a better opportunity.  I found it elsewhere and so did LeBron!!!. CONGRATS LeBron!!!   STOP THE HATE PEOPLE!!!

    • Brian_settles22
      June 25, 2012

      Shut up you fake just like Lebron!!!!!

      • Vandellish
        June 26, 2012

        What are you 9?
        Grow a pair and stop typing insults to people you don’t know.

  • Vandellish
    June 26, 2012

    ‘LBJ will never be better than MJ’
    Ok Captain obvious. Neither will anyone else. You must’ve taken up basketball at No Shyt State University.
    ‘Will his hairline grow back?’
    Hahahahaaha. Good one.
    ‘Lebron…needed collusion, biased refs and an injured Eastern Conf. to win.’
    Collusion? Prove it. Biased refs? Predictable go-to phrase for a person who’s rooting against a team. Injured Eastern Conf.? LBJ had no control over that but the Heat did indeed take apart the exact same team a year before. They also dealt with some injuries in the playoffs as did everyone. I believe they would’ve beaten the Bulls again. Now go put on a skirt and wig and bite somebody Marv!
    ‘Do I think LeBron is better than Kobe, that would be a nossir.’
    Give the man time since he’s only halfway through his career 9th. It’s kind of like saying that you’re better than DJ Premiere…another nossir.
    ‘Less loveable Dennis Rodman?’
    That was actually pretty funny but I’d rather hang out with LBJ any day unless I’m at the playboy mansion.
    ‘LBJ won’t be celebrated like MJ or Kobe because he sought help for his ring’
    Hey young buck! Jordan unsuccessfully sought Bird in the 80s and didn’t win a thing until future HOF forward Pippen came into his own. World Champion gold medalist Pau Gasol was fresh off of whipping team USA’s butt right before he joined the Lakers and became a title winner. NO ONE wins a title without an all star or two playing beside them. No one said this about Garnett and Ray Allen when they ‘sought help’ in Boston.
    ‘He was surrounded by superstars, he was supposed to win’
    Heat have considerably less talent than Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers, Jordan’s Bulls, Bird’s Celtics and Magic’s Lakers of the 80s. An argument can be made that the Heat had even less than OKC this year.
    ‘…he’s still the villain’
    If LBJ is an Ohio villain then John Boehner is frickin Galactus or Dr. Doom.
    Priorities People!!! LBJ bounces a ball for a living. He cannot affect our lives all that much.

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