Jennifer Williams’ Estranged Husband Accused of Fathering Love Child, 3 Other Famous Men with Secret Kids


Eric Williams Accused of Fathering Love Child

Men fathering children outside of their marriage is nothing new, and the celebrity circuit is proving to be no different. Today various sites are reporting that former NBA star Eric Williams, not only cheated on his estranged wife Jennifer Williams of ‘Basketball Wife’ fame, but conceived a child. A woman named Tavia Serena Cannon has emerged from the shadows, and filed a child support complaint against Williams asking him to help pay for their son.

According to Cannon, a Pennsylvania resident, she and Williams conceived a son in early 2011, and as a babysitter who makes only $300 a week, she’s entitled to support for the child’s medical care. Further details on their alleged tryst are unavailable, but there are reports that Jennifer Williams whose been in headlines for the repo’ing of her Bentley, had no idea. Jennifer and Eric have yet to respond to the allegations. Jennifer Williams filed for divorce from Eric Williams in June of 2011.

Neither Williams has responded publicly to the ‘love child’ claims. If the claims against Eric Williams prove true, he will become one of several celebrity men who stepped out sloppily on their wives and created a child in the process. Check out three of the most memorable men with secret children scandals below. -danielle canada

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