Most of these celebrities are absolute masters of their artistic domains, but they don’t suffer fools and stupid questions lightly. Some cannot truly express themselves except when they are on stage. Others are grizzled from years or decades of dealing with Hollywood hijinks. A few celebrities’ personalities were sculpted and molded from the concrete jungles of America and are always on guard. Others are just prima donnas who put on a face with the public but are downright rude when the TV cameras go off.

Just be aware that the idol you may admire, or even worship, may not be the humanitarian or darling you envisioned. This will prevent you from getting your feelings and ego trampled on or getting in the cross-hairs of a celeb who doesn’t like people in their space.

Here are the celebrities who are not nice.

terry shropshire


1. Spike Lee (below):

We are pretty much aware by now of what Spike Lee’s views are about “buffoonery” and “coonery,” which fellow director’s work he abhors intensely, how he feels about Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy, Samuel L. Jackson’s gratuitous use of the N-word in Pulp Fiction, Hollywood’s dastardly behavior, etc., etc. He is the embodiment of a cranky genius. Then again, I’ve listened to many of the questions that fellow “reporters” spit at him and half the time I don’t blame him for repelling the inquirer with a stream of verbal fire.

Terry Shropshire

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