Surgically Enhanced Reality Stars

Celebrities love to visit their nearest doctor for a nip, tuck and an upgrade, and reality TV stars are no different. No matter the network, no matter the program, people who put their real life on the small screen are often self conscious about their looks or simply looking to enhance their God-given features. While their surgeries vary from rhinoplasty to breast and butt augmentations, one thing remains the same — it’s plastic surgery.

Check out 10 popular reality stars who’ve gone under the knife below. –danielle canada 

  • Mother_Peal

    JimmyJam, Mother Pearl find any o her offsspring wit’ plastic yim-jams, and she gonna take ’em ova he’r knee.  Ya not please wit’ what God gave ya?  Too bad.  Mother Pearl nursed he’r youngin’s ’till they was 14.  Much betta d’en that department store milk.  Ma kids be nice and fattened, but d’ey be healthier d’en a pack o young oxen. 

    Speakin’ of youngins, if anyone sees d’at hobo Arnie tell him I want ma pantyhose back.  He took ’em to rob a 711.  Pigs caught up to him real fast, but latea booted ‘e, outta da squad car cause he stunk worse d’en a Chinese locker room.

    Lordie!  ’nuff from Mother Pearl.  Gotta bail ma son Ned-Roy from jail.  He be caught t’eefin, but I know whitie’s a lyin’ again, ’cause my boy is a good boy