For years now, conspiracy theorists and suspicious fans have been clamoring over rumors that music’s biggest superstars are part of an influential secret society called the Illuminati. Now thanks to Chris Brown’s new tattoo, all suspicion is being cast on the young singer as the latest star to join the Illuminati.

Last week, Brown decided to celebrate the success of his latest No. 1 album, Fortune, by getting a tattoo of a torn snake with a triangle and eye on its tail where the rattle should be.

“The impossible triangle: year of the snake!!!!!!” Brown tweeted about the tat, which sits next to a Ron English-inspired smiley face tattoo.

Though Brown’s new tat was inspired by the Chinese Zodiac, weary fans and conspiracy theorists are claiming that the Penrose triangle, with an eye of providence inside, which is commonly associated with Freemasonry, is Brown’s way of honoring his enlistment in the Illuminati.

Well, we’re going to leave it to fans to decide what they believe on the matter, but Brown certainly isn’t the only star to wear the Illuminati label. Check out some other alleged Illuminati stars below. –nicholas robinson


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