Dez Bryant Arrested for Assaulting His Mother


NFLer Accused of Assaulting Mother

Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys is in hot water today after he was arrested for domestic violence. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Bryant hit his mother in the face with his baseball cap and grabbed her by the shirt so forcefully that he ripped her bra. Police were dispatched to Bryant’s DeSoto, Texas, home July 14 after his mother, Angela Bryant, called 911 around 1:47 p.m.

“He picked up a ball and tried to hit me with it. […] He tore my shirt off and pulled my hair,” said Bryant’s mother to the 911 operator about the incident.

She later explained that she and her son were arguing and he demanded that she leave. When she refused, her 23-year-old son got physical. “I can’t keep letting him do this. I can’t keep letting him do me like this,” said Angela Bryant in the recorded 911 call. “I’m putting an end to it today, I’m sorry.”

Ms. Bryant did not request paramedics at the time of the incident. Two days later, however, she reportedly complained of pain in her wrists, hands and arms. She also said her chest was sore where her son pushed her. Dez turned himself into police Monday and was charged with family violence, a misdemeanor.

In January, Bryant was detained and questioned by Miami police after a fight at a South Beach nightclub. He was not arrested or charged but the incident reportedly involved Lil Wayne and his entourage.

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