Faith-Based Youth Awards Event Recognizes Up-and-Coming Gospel Artists

Nina Haskins, standing, sixth from left

Nina Haskins, president of Bold Right Life Chicago, says her gospel peers represent the new image of gospel. BRL recently held its First Annual Touching the Generation Awards, at Victory Apostolic Church, in Matteson, Ill. The inaugural event was hosted by Jacinda Lockett and Chris Stearcy. Honored were some of gospel music’s most prestigious pioneers and new artists, including Tye Tribbett, Walt Whitman, Keno Greer, J Drew Sheard II,  and Pastor Charles Jenkins, among others. The brainchild of Kierra “KiKi” Sheard of Detroit, the youth organization is definitely making a heavenly noise for all to hear. –tony binns

Tell us about the first annual Touching the Generation Awards.
We honored people who have been influential in the gospel industry; mainly in radio, producing, pastors, singers, artists — anyone who has been influential in changing the atmosphere and dynamics of the gospel world.

What do you hope this awards ceremony will accomplish?
We want to show the artists who are being honored that we do recognize them and their life changing work.  Many times people give accolades to such people when they pass away. But we want to show them now that there are those who admire and appreciate them for what they are doing and the lives they are helping to change.

Talk more about BRL’s mission.
BRL stands for Bold Right Life. Kierra Sheard founded BRL Chicago about two years ago, and it was founded originally as a choir. We have since expanded to include a drama and dance team, so we can include others that can minister the gospel through additional gifts and talents. [Not] everybody can sing; [not] everybody can dance; [not] everybody can act, but we wanted to incorporate all of those into our ministry at BRL Chicago to offer variety.

What is your specific role and involvement?
I originally auditioned and started as a choir member. Through favor, other skill sets were highlighted and I soon became chapter president [for] BRL Chicago. My goal is to make sure we stay focused on the ministry [and] telling the world about who God is.

For more information about BRL, contact Delisa Johnson at [email protected]

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