Paris Jackson Confirms Prince Michael’s Twitter Was Hacked

The Jackson family feud reached new heights a few days ago, when Michael Jackson’s son, Prince Michael Jackson, tweeted a terse text message exchange between himself and his aunt, Janet Jackson. However, the tweets were later mysteriously removed and replaced with a cryptic message, denying the original tweets. Now, Prince’s sister, Paris, has spoken out, saying that her brother’s Twitter was hacked and that his original tweets were indeed real.

“The thing my brother tweeted last night was the last true thing he tweeted.. he was hacked saying what we tweeted was false …,” tweeted Paris, adding, “Prince will repost the image of the text.”

Paris then quoted her brother, tweeting, “‘If you continue with your lies, i will continue with the truth.’ Prince wanted me to tell you guys that okay . please know its US tweeting.’”

And, as promised, Prince then reposted his original text message exchange between he and Janet.

“This is enough so I am texting you for the simple fact that WE DEMAND TO SPEAK TO MY GRANDMA NOW!” Prince wrote to both Janet and Rebbie Jackson, as well as another relative, Austin Jackson.

Janet then replied, “Don’t let them pls.”

The tweets were later deleted from Prince’s profile and replaced with “these tweets are not our own.” However, the replacement tweet was posted from a computer and not an iPhone, which Prince typically uses.

RadarOnline has reportedly verified Prince’s text messages and a source close to the situation claims that someone deleted Prince’s tweets from his phone after he fell asleep.

“There is cause for concern because Prince and Janet did exchange those text messages that were shown on his Twitter account early this morning,” said the source. “Prince was up very late last night and was in possession of his cellphone. Prince fell asleep very, very late last night, so there’s a level of speculation that he wasn’t the person to remove the tweets — that someone else did, and then posted the new bizarre message in place.

“The children are absolutely safe, though. Remember, TJ is their legal guardian right now, not Katherine. Even though she is home, the kids’ regular security team are with them and haven’t been replaced,” said the source.

Well, Prince isn’t the only star who’s had his Twitter hacked. Check out some other famous Twitter hacks below. –nicholas robinson


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  1. I be tappin’ da Paris and not be worryin’ ’bout the jail time.  And wazzup wit’ the sour face on the youngin’?  Gimme sum yo cash rich orphan!  We all knows the boy be waitin’ for his turn to go all queer as folk.

    Gran’ma Jackson was gettin’ a siffy up he’r black ass by none otha than ma Gran-pappy.  He says her chocolate highway make even Hershey jealous.

    Back when Leonard Nimoy was eatin’ Tostitos w’it Chewbacka on the old Millenium Falcon, they says gran’pa Jackson was wearin’ his Battlestar Gallatica uniform.  Love d’em comedy shows!

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