K. Michelle Claims to Have Proof of MeMpHiTz’s Abuse

K. Michelle’s abuse allegations against MeMpHitZ have divided both fans and celebs alike, but for those who doubt her story, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star says that she has proof that MeMpHiTz attacked her.

For months, MeMpHiTz has denied K. Michelle’s claims that he once attacked her, though he admitted that he restrained her during an argument. And, during Monday’s episode of “LAHHA,” K. Michelle’s co-star even confronted her about the claims, saying that she didn’t believe her.

But despite MeMpHiTz denial, K. Michelle claims that her ex did beat her and even told his colleagues at Jive Records about it.

“He admitted it to people at the label,” said K. Michelle in an interview with JustTheFab.com.

The unabashed singer has claimed that aside from the abuse, MeMpHiTz also used her $2 Million advance on himself. But, despite having lost all of the money, K. Michelle says that she doesn’t owe the label because she had proof of MeMpHiTz thievery and abuse.

“I got out of my record [deal]—I owed $2 million. Labels don’t let you go with that over your head. You’re still going to have a tag on you when you go to the next label,” said the singer. “I own everything. I got my publishing back and everything because I went through that.”

K. Michelle also claimed that she and MeMpHiTz had text message conversations about his abuse.

“I had text messages of everything—all the abuse, everything. And I would forward them over,” K.Michelle explained. “And what could they say other than ‘we gotta let her go? She’s going to sue. We gotta get her out of here.’”

However, K. Michelle says that she never intended on taking legal action against Jive. But, many wonder why she didn’t take legal action against MeMpHiTz, and to that K. Michelle responds with a simple answer: she was still in love with him.

“It was my fault. I should have went to the police when it happened. I was in love. That was my best friend,” she said. “And the label? I never thought about, ‘Hey, I’m going to sue them.’ You don’t want to get blackballed in the music industry.”

On Monday night’s episode of “LAHHA,” K. Michelle claimed that she still had evidence of MeMpHiTz abuse and will release it to blogs if he continues messing with her.

But he’s not the only one K. Michelle has beef with. Check out some of her other major beefs below. – nicholas robinson


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Nicholas Robinson

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  1. If K. has proof, she needs to just put it out or shut the hell up already! “Don’t shake, if you aren’t ready to get shook!” Isn’t that what she said? I mean seriously, its obvious people don’t believe her story (which is sad cause she might be telling the truth) so if she really wants closure, she needs to produce the proof that will set her free. Or else leave Toya and “her” husband alone man!
    If it takes tainting someone else’s character to stay in the spotlight longer, you can keep the piss the in the hallway, I want the Picasso. I am worth more than negative media attention that pegs me as crazy. And, if she truly believed one monkey don’t stop no show, she would cease and desist with her dignity, some mental peace, 15 minutes of fame and a few dollars.
    Domestic Violence is never cool, but there are some people who sadly believe that if a man beats them, they love them. And their are also women who will antagonize and provoke a man to lay hands on’em. And then there are women who will abuse themselves and blame the man for just to get back at him. Needless to say, other than self-defense, no man should put his hands on a woman. So I hope that if what she says is true, Memphitz can find it in his heart accept his role in her claims, apologize and let this chick gone on about his business somewhere. CLOSURE IS NEEDED HERE! For K., Toya and Reginae.

    1. I concur, and also add to that that no woman has the right to lay hands on a man.

      I think she needs to realize that this is whats defining her right now. People who may not know who she is from jump street will recognize her for this situation before they know that she does music. It’s sad. And you’re right, she needs to go ahead out out this proof, because Memphitz said in his response to it that he did have his lawyers call up Mona Scott-Young and tell her that if she doesn’t show proof then she can’t say his name on the show.

  2. I believer K. Michelle. She was not bothering MemHitz or Toya. She is not the one who put his name out there. She was speaking on something terrible that happened to her in her career. It did not take long for people to figure out who she was talking about. How can Toya defend something that she does not know about? She wan’t there. All she can do is hope he’s not like that so she won’t get the same thing done to her. ,Abusers are often very charming, in the beginning..

    1. I believe if K. Michelle had proof, she’d put Memphitz on blast just to spite Toya! And no she didn’t tell the world who she was talking about because legally she couldn’t. However, once the cat was out of the bag, she could’ve just walked on by. Instead she took it and ran with it in an effort to increase her fanbase and boost her popularity on the show. Sadly now, her credibility is tainted, her character is questionable, her skeptics aren’t scared to challenge her and the naysayers are plentiful.
      Put up or shut up and that’s all there’s left to do!

    2. She didn’t say his name but she gave enough information about him that the next day I googled it! She said he was record exec that she had a relationship with who was from her town. I was shock to found Memphitz at the end of my search. All had I had to do is search who she was in a relationship with.

  3. He did that shit fuck what all you haters are saying, I was in a abusive relationship for years. I never told anyone because I loved him, and I didn’t want people to look at him like that. I was scared of him a little bit because if I said the wrong thing he would go into a rage and choke me, slam me against the wall and punch me. But like a stupid women in love I just took it because he over powered me.

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