K. Michelle’s abuse allegations against MeMpHitZ have divided both fans and celebs alike, but for those who doubt her story, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star says that she has proof that MeMpHiTz attacked her.

For months, MeMpHiTz has denied K. Michelle’s claims that he once attacked her, though he admitted that he restrained her during an argument. And, during Monday’s episode of “LAHHA,” K. Michelle’s co-star even confronted her about the claims, saying that she didn’t believe her.

But despite MeMpHiTz denial, K. Michelle claims that her ex did beat her and even told his colleagues at Jive Records about it.

“He admitted it to people at the label,” said K. Michelle in an interview with JustTheFab.com.

The unabashed singer has claimed that aside from the abuse, MeMpHiTz also used her $2 Million advance on himself. But, despite having lost all of the money, K. Michelle says that she doesn’t owe the label because she had proof of MeMpHiTz thievery and abuse.

“I got out of my record [deal]—I owed $2 million. Labels don’t let you go with that over your head. You’re still going to have a tag on you when you go to the next label,” said the singer. “I own everything. I got my publishing back and everything because I went through that.”

K. Michelle also claimed that she and MeMpHiTz had text message conversations about his abuse.

“I had text messages of everything—all the abuse, everything. And I would forward them over,” K.Michelle explained. “And what could they say other than ‘we gotta let her go? She’s going to sue. We gotta get her out of here.’”

However, K. Michelle says that she never intended on taking legal action against Jive. But, many wonder why she didn’t take legal action against MeMpHiTz, and to that K. Michelle responds with a simple answer: she was still in love with him.

“It was my fault. I should have went to the police when it happened. I was in love. That was my best friend,” she said. “And the label? I never thought about, ‘Hey, I’m going to sue them.’ You don’t want to get blackballed in the music industry.”

On Monday night’s episode of “LAHHA,” K. Michelle claimed that she still had evidence of MeMpHiTz abuse and will release it to blogs if he continues messing with her.

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