Lil Wayne Hired Bodyguards to Protect Toya From MeMpHiTz?

For months, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star K. Michelle has been alleging that her former boyfriend and mentor, MeMpHiTz, physically assaulted her. And K. Michelle’s accusations have drawn both support from fans and ire from critics, including cast mate Rasheeda, MeMpHiTz and his wife, Toya Wright. But apparently, Wright’s famous ex-husband, Lil Wayne, isn’t taking K. Michelle’s accusations lightly and he’s reportedly taken action to protect her.

According to Gossip Extra, Wayne is shelling out $10,000 a month for bodyguards to protect Wright, just in case K. Michelle’s abuse accusations were indeed true.

“You bet that Lil Wayne is concerned,” said a source in Wright’s camp. “He mostly wants to make sure their daughter never gets caught in the middle of anything.”

However, he’s been refuting K. Michelle’s claims for weeks and was even threatened by the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star during a Twitter feud. And MeMpHiTz admits that he once restrained K during an altercation, but denies hitting her, saying that he has proof that he’s innocent.

However, it should be noted that K. Michelle claims to have proof that MeMpHitZ abused her.

The world may never know what happened until either side reveals some substantial evidence, but if the rumor is true, though, it does sound far-fetched, it looks like Wayne isn’t taking any chances on his family’s safety.

But he’s not alone. Check out some other protective celebrity spouses below. –nicholas robinson


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