I was minding my business when I came across these tiny pint sized models drawing a huge crowd  at Lincoln Center posed up looking very mature for their age.Their lip gloss was popping and their wigs,weaves were laid! The first thing I thought of was “Toddlers & Tiaras” remixed with a dash of lime! Chile, what has this world come to! I asked the “manager” of these so-called “America’s Next Top Models in training heels” why do you have them out here like this? His response was that he had a modeling agency and these were his muses and they model for kid fashion shows or whatever people want to book them for. I was taken back and in awe as other on-lookers stopped and stared and made faces in disbelief. People snapped pictures with their cell phones to let their friends and followers on social media see all the foolery going on. I’m all for little girls modeling and having aspirations to become supermodels like the greats Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Chanel and Iman, but has this gone too far? Where were their moms? Check out the pics shot during New York Fashion Week on the steps of Lincoln Center. What do you guys think?

pics by Tami Reed