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    First White society has been doing this, now Black people pick up on this weird creepy vice too! A portion of Black America say it never wants to “Act White” but when White culture has some wierd creepy societal vice, Black people are so quick to “act” on it!
    When are Black people going to wake the F**k up?

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  • nikki watikins

    First, this is America and all people have freedom of speech and expression and this includes fashion. Each child that is dressed “grown” as you call it is not exposing excessive skin or inappropriate body parts. Allow these children to participate and enjoy fashion week as lovely little ladies representing the vision of their designer. No one protested when a 14 year old Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks graced the runways of fashion week in Haute Couture. Remember you are criticizing someone’s child and even if you disagree with this form of expression, it is the decision of the parents to decide whether or not to participate.

  • Resourcequeenp

    Let me help you out a little This young modeling troupe is called Mini Me and thier director Antione Anderson understands the benfit of catching young girls early and establishing self confidence and self esteem before they encounter the critics who will attempt to tell them because of thier dark skin that they are not good enough, smart enough, petite enough, hair is not straight enough to fit into what the status quo says what beauty is. Also for you to suggest that thier parents were not present is also facetious. These young ladies have the most supportive moms, dads, family, and communities that many. It is sad to see an adult call a child a hot mess.

  • mi

    I need A number for who ever post this!!! First of all they are KIDS no one i mean no one should ever want to kill childrens dreams…

  • RythmicTheModel

    First an foremost it is utter disrespect for a “Grown Adult” To bash and be-little and child’s hopes and dreams, & shows how much character that person has. These young girls are pursuing their dreams early and there’s nothing wrong with that. People can critique and judge and are entitled to their own opinions but when dealing with children you need to be cautious of what you say and do. These girls come from a very well put established Modeling Organization giving not only teens/young adults the chance to chase and accomplish dreams and but even younger girls and boys as well. First hand being very familiar with the C.E.O of the organization Antoine Anderson These Girls along with his whole company are taught to be leaders, trend setters, manor-able people, ambitious goal setters, and positive people. For you to turn what is such a positive thing & venture for these young ladies into a negative because you don’t agree and for this to have been my very first time even hearing about and reading a “Story” i’m assuming this is puts a bad taste in my mouth about the person behind this and what this is all about. This is very tasteless and tacky at the least. I comment Mini M.E and Their Parents as well for engaging in what is to become a very well known and established Modeling Agency.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2SPEKPPLAG5CJCDSCXMDSH2AOM Likewaterforchocolate

    I am grown and wouldn’t wear any of this. Each piece looks like it costs $6.99 each, which is $6 too much!