BrightOcular permanently changes the color of your eyes.

If you are in the market for a new look, your options in eye color have come a long way. Contact lenses are, well, pretty easy to spot when you’re in close conversation with a loved one or in a high-resolution photo, like our dearest blue-eyed Lil’ Kim.

For about $4,500, you can permanently change your eye color to a hunter green like Rihanna’s, or a clear blue like Vanessa L. Williams. The black woman featured in the video says that her eyes were “brown and too common,” well, her friends can’t say that now.

Would you permanently change your eye color?

  • Tyrone

    This is so sweeet !

  • Laura

    definitely would do it !!!! And I will have brightocular in the next months to come.

  • ken

    Heres another article about the artificial iris brightocular

  • jen
  • Henry

    What would be really cool is to get that limbal ring implant called ophthoglow with brightocular so the new color stands out more with a thicker limbal ring implant. I wonder if both procedures can be done together.

  • Monica

    I wonder if eye drops can permanently change your eye color. Check out this forum

  • Maria

    I wish I was born with blue or green eyes :(

  • juan

    Aquí está otro artículo sobre cirugía de cambio de color de los ojos permanente.

  • jake

    you can also enhance your natural eye color permanently with

  • james

    that link ornament eyes doesnt enhance your eye color. Its like a implant tattoo design on the white part of your eye

  • Brian

    There is actually a artificial limbus implant that does enhance your natural eye color or maybe even enhance these implants. It makes your limbal ring thicker. That would be cool to do both procedures.

  • wall

    i wouldnt wana fuck with eyez thats way too sever …i mean nose job tit all this is aright but eye is just too way far

  • Anita

    Do you know people die every year from going under anestesia like a boob job surgery ? No one dies from eye surgery. Both surgeries alter appearance, one is not supperior than the other. If there was no such thing as breast implants people would still be padded braws. Just like why people wear color contacts because there was no permanent natural alternative.

  • Shobinder

    Brightocular was named by Forbes the number one procedure for 2012. Check out the link

  • Steward.F

    I had this surgery in 2010 but to cover the coloboma I was born with in my right eye. Best thing I ever did in my life. Thanks brightocular !!

    • disqus_6sinns1216

      how have you recovered ? and are there issues with the implants years after ? (light sensitivity, photo sensitivity, bluring etc)

  • robert

    I had the surgery 3 years ago also. Wish I waited since they improved the implants features which look more natural.

    • disqus_6sinns1216

      how’s the implants doing so far? years afterwards ?

  • julio wong

    Too many Black people are ashamed of their hair,lips,noses & eye color..They want light blue or green eyes…Blonde hair that is long and straight.,and more narrow nose.They even are racist against other blacks about being dark skinned.
    I don’t understand why they,Or all people just can’t be happy with what God gave them..

    • disqus_6sinns1216

      you’re black ?

  • Sanjana

    Both are different persons. Eye shape especially nose are different. Show the truth

  • Toni Gerlardi

    This is a dream come true. I think I just got goose bumps lol

    • disqus_6sinns1216


  • John

    The eyes don’t look very natural. Personally having blonde hair and blue eyes naturally, blue eyes don’t look like that. They’re too clear and lack the actual texture of a blue eye.

  • Erin

    This is sick. Who knows what the consequences are? Be happy with the eye color you’re born with!

    • Raquel

      TOTALLY!! You could wind up blind or something! VERY scary & not worth it!! Be happy with what you have, people!