‘AARP’s’ Finest: The Sexiest Men Over 50

Sexy Men Over 50

Making it to 50 is a milestone for any man, but for a gentleman in the spotlight it could mean a decrease in appeal to his female fan base. For a few lucky fellas, however, the “fine wine” mentality comes into play and even as they inch closer to retirement, they can still make the ladies melt. Earlier this year, AARP The Magazine compiled a list of 21 men they considered the “Sexiest Over 50.” We combed through the list,found a number of them just weren’t cutting it, and selected a few we could easily agree with. Also included was an honorable mention that probably should have topped the list considering his swoon-worthy factor to a number of female voters nationwide. Check out a few of the sexiest men over 50 below. –danielle canada


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