This writer knows what you are thinking: “Reggie Bush has a baby on the way and again, he’s not dating a sister.” You’re also thinking “poor Kim.” Bush’s baby mama is an Armenian ballroom dancer named Lilit Avagyan who is a Kim Kardashian look alike, and the answer is no she isn’t the one who the reality star tried suing a couple of years ago.

Believe me! I am not taking this opportunity to bash the Miami Dolphins star tailback for his preference in women. He’s obviously in love, because clearly he wouldn’t just go around impregnating just anyone. Besides, Bush is a standup guy. But, this is an opportunity for me to play matchmaker so I’ve plucked 10 black women with fabulous careers and lives who would be a perfect match for the baller. –yvette caslin

Yvette Caslin

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