Brad Pitt and Other White Stars Who Have Rocked Black Hairstyles

For years, Brad Pitt has been one of Hollywood’s most sought after chameleon’s, transforming himself into various characters, like a vampire in Interview With A Vampire, a Greek demi-god in Troy and a suburban-bound assassin in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. But, Pitt is turning more than a few heads now, thanks to his transformation into a dreadlocked Rastafarian in Interview magazine.

In the cover feature, Pitt shifts through a number of different characters, including that of a casual patch-wearing pirate, a gun-toting gangster, and a refined gentleman. But, the most striking look is that of a Rasta man, which has Pitt rocking a bleached beard, a ripped sweater and long, blonde dreadlocks.

It’s quite the shocking look for Pitt, though we admit he kind of pulls it off well. But he’s not the only white star appropriated historically black hair styles. Check out some other white celebs rocking black hairdos below. – nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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  1. Black hairstyle?
    I think we’ve gotten far enough away from the age of slavory that we can define hairstyles as racially indifferent; like a majority of the US population. Pointing out these alleged racially bound hairstyles is, in itself harmful to the entire race rights movement.

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